UZI Zambia Limited formally withdraws from the Mobile Market


UZI Zambia Limited has formally written to the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) informing them that they will not be entering the market following the expiry of their extension.

In May 2020, Uzi requested for further extension for a period of 120 days which was rejected by ZICTA.

Following the issuance of Licenses in September 2018, Uzi was required to commence operations by March 2019 but in February 2019 requested ZICTA for an extension of the commencement date which extension was granted up to November 2019.

However, in November 2019, Uzi requested for a further extension on grounds that it preferred to roll out 5G as opposed to 4G for which the spectrum was allocated.

Uzi added that the roll out was dependent on confirmation of availability of spectrum in order to allow the manufacture the necessary 5G equipment.

ZICTA granted Uzi’s request for the extension up to May 2020 on condition that UZI submits monthly progress reports to ZICTA to include among others implementation of the roll out plan, update on contacts with vendors and update of acquisition of equipment.

Announcing the development in a statement, Minister of Transport and Communications Mutotwe Kafwaya assured the nation that government remains committed and open to ensuring that there is enough competition in the telecommunications sector.

Mr Kafwaya said it is still Government’s policy to enhance completion in the ICT sector for the benefit of the Zambian people.

He directed ZICTA to go back to the market following the laid down procedures and identify a player who is willing to invest in the country as a 4th mobile operator.

Mr Kafwaya said government will support the process to enhance competition and promote improved quality of service and lower the tariff for the benefit of the Zambian people.


  1. That is the problem with business empires that are dependent on political patronage for survival. Isabel unakana manifesto yanga wawona manje?

  2. Edwardo do santos thought he would never leave power when he and his chidren where busy stealing. Now, Isabel his daughter, has had to flee angola. His son is being prosecuted. ba pf learn lessons

  3. Shady business. Goodbye!

  4. This is to do with her political stance in her country, when her father left Office things went sour…she accumulated alot of wealthy when her father was in power…Like i have always reminded my brothers in PF, time is your greatest enemy oneday you will leave that office and all your evil deeds will follow you…this is the primary law of LIFE. We always pay in future for what we do today.

  5. All her assets which were illegally acquired have been frozen by the courts so now there is no access to money to go ahead with opening a mobile phone company in zambia. This should be a lesson to all politicians who are busy stealing and investing in businesses.

  6. They are too advanced for the Zambia’s choked telecom market.
    5G sent Brian and sydney hallucinating. Whooops! What a timely sigh of relief to my niggaz in Zamtel.
    Mtn and Airtel were saying damn! Another upgrade to 5g?
    I support the nigga suggesting a zambian investment portfolio in the sector.

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