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President Edgar Lungu values the youths and will prioritize their welfare, Sports Minister


Youths, Sport and Child Development Minister Hon Emmanuel Mulenga have assured youths in the country that President Edgar Lungu values them and will prioritize their welfare.

The Minister said this in Lusaka on Friday afternoon when he engaged the youths from four provinces to discuss how to enhance youth participation in available economic opportunities in mining, construction, agriculture/aquaculture, and manufacturing.

The meeting was organized by the Ministry of Youth, Sport, and Child Development in partnership with the National Youth Development Council.

Hon Mulenga disagreed that the meeting has been hurried according to social media reports and said the government has instead responded to the cry by the youths to be heard.

“We heeded your call to dialogue. I want to ensure that these meetings are held every two months,” he said.

He directed the National Youth Development Council Secretary David Musonda to ensure that such meetings are spread to all the provinces of the country.

He said even those that have shunned the meeting are welcome and find amicable ways to engage the government on issues affecting them.

He reaffirmed President Edgar Lungu’s commitments to the concerns, challenges, and recommendations of the youth.

“His Excellency President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia is growing our youth population into responsible and productive citizens. Therefore, the government is providing a conducive environment for the youths to full actualize their full potential,” said Hon Mulenga.

“I wish to inform this gathering that the government of His Excellency President Lungu is aware of the challenges faced by the youths which include; youth unemployment, limited access to affordable loans, user-friendly business financing, limited participation in governance among others.”

Speaking earlier, Ministry of Youth, Sport, and Child Development Permanent Secretary Joe Kapembwa said the government has provided a platform for youths to engage with the state on issues affecting them.

Mr. Kapembwa said the meeting was called to hear from youths as they called on the government to listen to them through different platforms such as social media, print and electronic media.


  1. They wanted to do a B Flow on the disgruntled youths, lights, camera ,action, I think it did not go as planned, the meeting was like a fufu veve imbobo injojo in the wield, teti infilondolole bwino.

  2. Iyoo ba youth mulabepwa, since whn did Edgar C. Lungu values the youth ad prioritized your welfare? How many years hs he bn in power ad now thts whn a minister come ad relay the message, this is a total lie. He he never do so, now tht his day are numbered tht whn his crowns start singing, all these years, they were just feasting.
    My youth wake u ad don’t fall prey to these liers. The time to show them is now, your vote is the power to uproot them. Vote wisely.

  3. All this is lip service, where is Lungu if he cares for the youth. He will find time to attend other peoples’ inaugurations or galavant the world and yet not spare a minute to meet and talk to the youth. It’s high time the youth wake up and smell the coffee. These guys are Kelenkas they will lie to you like they care and not do anything

  4. All this is lip service, where is Lungu if he cares for the youth. He will find time to attend other peoples’ inaugurations or galavant the world and yet not spare a minute to meet and talk to the youth. It’s high time the youth wake up and smell the coffee. These guys are Kelenkas they will lie to you like they care and not do anything

  5. I encourage the youth to press on for their rights, its their future which is being messed up by fossils who won’t be there when things start crumbling. these fossils are living for today without looking at tomorrow, just look at how their roads are already crumbling and the youth of today will for a long time to come pay for those inefficiencies of PF impotence in leadership, fight on real people are with you fake ones are apologizing. AMWAPEALING

  6. Be careful and focused ba hungry youths! You have Judases among you to help PF achieve their divide and rule! Divided we fail! PF has to show first what they have done for the youths since 2011, that is the 10 years they have been in power. Past performance is the best predictor for future performance. It’s clear as day that PF has nothing to offer apart from misery! Trust them at your own risk!

  7. Well done for engaging the youths, Minister. You should put together more of such platforms. Social media gymnastics will never work.

  8. Empty message bwana munster of sport. You can’t have a country where everything revolves around president Edgar Chagwa Lungu, not even in burundi. Please tell me another country. Are you saying that all of us youths should que up at his residence to be be given jobs? Surely by now these munsters must know that its a broken record.


  10. This was a flopped youth meeting and i wonder whether these guys in PF government think upright.

    You insulted tge youth and expect a revolt simple as that.

    PF must go!

  11. That nigga bflow does not represent the interest of the youths.
    He is on chokehold from the dead camp.
    The nigga ain’t a youth for all I care.
    Who said beefolo is a youth and represents y’all youths.
    Next ma inonge will claim to be youthful.
    I don’t like lazy youths or old chaps pretending to be youths.
    We shall not spoon feed youths. Work hard please. Government provide a conducive environment for them. No handouts please, that’s corruption. He who wants free things is in effect corrupt.

  12. Since when did KING EDGAR care for the youths and when did he say this. The participants to this meeting could be your children, children of ministers, PS and Directors. PF has cracked and MUST GO

  13. Nothing and nothing tangible will come out of these so called youth engagements. PF is buying time and the engagements will drag up to Aug 2021

  14. Good thing B-Flow did not attend this, he would have been the centerpiece with those pictures. What a terrible reactionary government, the youths begin to rise and you try to appease them with meetings, ati we shall be doing this every two months.

  15. I think Kaizar must go back to his old position as political advisor. That Chinese-dressed guy is just making bad things worse. Why should it appear as though the President is using monarchical overtures to rule the country? The youth DO NOT NEED to complain to get what is constitutionally their entitlement mwa wantu shuwa!? Awe mwe inee cifundo amama!!!!

  16. Kalok I don’t need to go back to being advisor, that would be retrogressive for my career after my promotion. In addition zumani is doing a fantastic job and is seeking counsel where needed. As for the article, I am proud that the youth are showing maturity and putting to shame opposition and diaspora prayers for violence.

  17. “Mr. Kapembwa said the meeting was called to hear from youths as they called on the government to listen to them through different platforms such as social media, print and electronic media.”-LT

    “Awakening the Sleeping Giant: The Birth of the Greatest Generation.” JERABOS.

    ‘ Current PF administration’

    “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

    Jerabos, sleeping giant, one that has great but unrealized or newly emerging power.

    PF you have used all your time-out.

  18. The youth are not asking to be paraded in posh buildings which are ventilated but to be given hope of how they will survive in this harsh economic environment which has been created largely by PF’s flowed economic decisions. This is not the time to give lectures but to provide sustainable solutions to the economical challenges. It is time to walk the talk and not doing political aggrandizement.

  19. Kudos to the well meaning youths that were in attendance. Dialogue is beneficial compared to creating careless and meaningless videos that go viral in hope of 2 minutes of fame that doesn’t even take people anywhere. Am sure we have some future leaders in that photograph. Keep up the good behaviour, you have bright futures ahead of you!!

  20. Was watching chipolopolo girls donating goods in Bauleni, that’s where that dull minister Mulenga should be, than donating money to those youths.

  21. Who ever attended this meeting must be very fooolish …nothing tangible its them same lame brain ideas by PF about forming cooperatives and tapping into CEEC. This meeting lacked the addressing f key issues addressed by youth today like corruption, gold looting, poor economy, foreigner taking over etc

  22. This is drama, what kind of protest is that where the government tells you what to do after that they even tell you to take photos with them to create a picture that U have reached an agreement. These guys think we are stupid, they invite PF youths to a meeting to go and take photos and pass a silly message of fake assurance to the public. Real youths are suffering they can’t look like those in the photos who only came to be told to spread fake news of fake promises, did have to take covid 19 or the public to complain in order for you to call a meeting or was it the right thing U should have done when U took power? This is just political strategy because time is up, U are panicking

  23. Demonstrate real democratic values by allowing people who are seriously suffering to protest and tell you the truth and facts don’t call people who are already employed or inherited estates of corruption to come and take photos with you go into the street and start taking those photos wit people who are jobless who can’t afford to buy soap to wash their clothing’s or even buy clothing and let’s see if we won’t see armed cadres because you know U can’t do that people are upset with you

  24. President Edgar Lungu values the youths and will prioritize their welfare. This was your message to the youths before you came into power. You HV now come to the end of your term, you have done nothing and you know it that’s why you are still using the future word will prioritise the welfare. At this time we expected to hear that you prioritised and youths are thankful but the fact that youths are upset is a clear indication that you failed to deliver so why should you be allowed to make the same promise you have failed to keep in the 10years that pF has been in power? U didn’t even try to do anything about it you were focused on your agenda to get richer

  25. Please just leave in Peace. We need to try other people, we have seen what you can and can’t do in the period that you have ruled. Criminals have not been arrested, innocent people have been arrested for standing up for their rights. 48 houses built themselves, 50 people died for nothing bcz those who started the gassing were not arrested, were not tried and judged. God brought the rain but it failed to reach the Kariba dam, so load shedding reduced production and led to high cost of living

  26. Yes Youths are a very valuable asset to any country. But ultimately, the govt does not give out presents to make life easy. Youths must have a will to Win. To Fight to get to the top, not fight the govt but with the choices they can make to get ahead. Govt provides Educational routes. Enterprise provides self direction and success. Govt must work with businesses to provide training intern positions for Youths out of University and colleges. Govt and various charity agencies can loan small funds for entrepreneurs. BUT NOBODY is just going to give you a job. Parents in Zambia should take responsibility for their children and hold in trust funding to help their children get ahead. WORLDWIDE, govts are having difficulties ensuring Youth opportunities, so there is no Rights to Riot…

  27. Ala mwebantu, kanshi uyu month Lungu Ali kwisa iyi myaka yapita? He is now speaking to the empty kral since the Goats have gone! This man is a time waster…only interested in his tummy and his criminals around him. He is so narrow minded that he thinks that we are fools and can be swayed by his talk. Too bad imwe ba kwisa.We are firing you next year with or without Bill 10 or Bill 1000000. Muleya join your fellow convicts in jail. Remember the gassing, fire tenders, ambulances, deaths of other youths , etc. I hope that you live long enough to see your silly mistakes and crimes

  28. Just give the youth cash handouts as per lungus ka saka ka ndalama doctrine and expect them to be PF foot soldiers……

  29. For me this is a good start. The next stage is ” doing what the youths have requested” atleast 50 percent. The biggest challenge that our government faces is information gap with the citizens. I was surprised when one youth was praising the clinical officer at some clinic this morning for providing him with nice breakfast. The young man does not even know clinics receive grants monthly fro government. He even added ” ba Lungu and PF are useless”.

  30. Edgar values GOLD in north west, MUKULA in the north, 48 miracle houses in Lusaka, corruption and, violence ewverywhere. LUNGU, MULENGA and PF MUST GO

  31. MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN (DANIEL 5:4-28) means God has weighed your kingdom and your leadership and finished it; you as a leader has been weighed in the balances and found wanting. Therefore your kingdom has been given to your enemies, i.e (the Medes and Persians). Free prophecy for all concerned. ZAMBIA SHALL RID HERSELF OF PF DICTATORSHIP!!!

  32. “He will prioritize their welfare”. When? On doomsday? They have been saying the same thing for years and done nothing! If anything it’s been the opposite. Disempowered the youth and only used them for their political ends – as tools to fight their perceived enemies for a few cartoons of shake shake.

  33. So, this distribution ceremony of 500,000 jobs for the youths was coincidentally with a farewell ceremony to the youths.

  34. Zambian youth, please don’t believe these crooks. They’ve been in office since 2011, and what have they done for you? They’re just desperate because they realize that they may lose the Youth vote next year. You hold the key to the future of this country. You need to take your country back from these corrupt crooks who don’t really care about you, or anybody else, except themselves. Don’t let them bribe you, to try and buy your votes. If you want your country to be taken over by the Chinese next year, then vote for PF who’ve proven to be Chinese puppets. Zambian youth, you deserve better. No matter what these PF crooks promise you, just remember that they cannot be trusted. You can see for yourselves how much they’ve abused this country, stealing with impunity and trying to stifle…

  35. … the voices of people calling them out for their rampant corruption. What you need to start doing now is start getting ready to campaign against them. Tell your relatives, even those in the villages, that they need to vote against the corrupt PF crooks to save the future of this country. If you let these corrupt crooks fool you into voting for them, you might as well kiss this country’s sovereignty goodbye, as you’ll be enslaved in your own country by the Chinese and other foreigners. You’ve already seen what’s been happening to your friends who are being called foreigners in their own country, and being locked up in Chinese factories like slaves. And these PF criminals have been siding with foreigners over the Zambians who put them in office. If PF remains in office next year,…

  36. Chagwa must be ashamed of himself really, I have never seen someone whose only purpose in life is dwelling in nincompoopery behavior all the time. It’s best sometimes to just shut up than taunt people with lies like these to falsely raise their hopes.

  37. The value of this engagement will only be seen if the resolutions are implemented. Every year during youth week, there is dialogue with with the youth. For this year even the president attended. There are always very good resolutions that come out of these meetings but no implementation at all. The best is to go back to the shelves and dig out the youth dialogue resolutions from 2012 and start implementing them seriously. Then the youth will see the impact and be helped.

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