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Government Delivers 10,000 Fingerings To Clubs In Monze

Rural News Government Delivers 10,000 Fingerings To Clubs In Monze

Monze Town Council has started handing over the Soft Adaption empowerment projects to clubs and co-operatives who are beneficiaries of the government sponsored Strengthening Climate Resilience in the Kafue Sub-basin (SCRIKA) in Bweengwa Constituency.

The handover had been earmarked for March but only commenced two weeks ago due to some challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic which had put most economic activities on hold globally.

The District implementation team headed by the District Administrative officer Gorret Bbalo together with the heads of economic sectors in the district has so far handed over fish fingerings and vegetable seedlings to the two clubs which chose fishing as their projects.

Speaking in a statement issued to the media Ms. Bbalo called on the beneficiaries to guard the projects jealously and ensure that projects uplifts the lives of those who belong to the two respective clubs.

“Let’s guard these projects jealously. These projects are intended to help uplift the livelihood of communities in your respective wards. Government has seen it fit to give you a bit of a push in the back and it only fares that you make sure that we see the benefits. We have heard many times that government has tried to help people with such economic empowerment but ended up regretting because some selfish individuals have either personalised the projects or people have just failed to run the businesses.

“We want to see a change in these communities. We want you to diversify your farming activities that’s we have co-operatives going into fish farming while others have gone into poultry because we don’t want to see people suffering the way they suffered during the period we had challenges with rains and when we had foot and mouth disease. We don’t need to put our eggs in one basket,” he said.

The two clubs that have received the soft adaption economic empowerment are Moonzwe and Mansangu. The two clubs received 5000 fingerings each and some different types of vegetables which will help them sustain their economic activities. Other clubs that have received some empowerment are Mooya and Mutanzhi who received 70 liters of dipping chemicals for cattle each.

A check by a team from Monze Town Council headed by Socioeconomic planner Jack Deka revealed that Mansangu Cooperative was flourishing while Moonzwe had a few challenges which officials promised to rectify.

The supplier of the poultry farming clubs has been engaged and will finalise the process within a few weeks leading the handover to the 9 clubs.

Fish Farming Projects
Fish Farming Projects

Fish Farming Projects
Fish Farming Projects

Fish Farming Projects
Fish Farming Projects

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  1. This is great development. I as a farmer fully understand the benefits of this gesture. Even in upnd stronghold we will continue to take development there because we govern all Zambia irrespective of party affiliation. I bet ba diaspora didn’t even know that fingering referred to fish farming, dirty minded chaps

  2. Everyone can make a start. Let’s wait and see if there will be staying power in this programme. Will appropriate business records be kept so that it’s easy to work a fair contribution to local taxation in these areas?

  3. You will see more of these so called empowerment projects as we head to the end of the year..even marketeers know the score. Meanwhile the price of fuel is deliberately being kept high so they can misappropriate funds to such schemes

  4. There are no trees or any kind of vegetation near the fish pond. Can u imagine the rate of evaporation during summer months! Is this really the way to do it?

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