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Japanese government happy with the transparent manner in which Zambia is managing COVID-19 information.

Health Japanese government happy with the transparent manner in which Zambia is managing...

The Japanese government says it is impressed with the transparent manner in which Zambia is managing COVID-19 information.

Japanese Ambassador to Zambia, Ryuta Mizuuchi, says Zambia has been outstanding in providing COVID-19 information to the public compared to other countries.

Mr. Mizuuchi, however, requested government to consider holding COVID-19 media updates more frequently.

He says the embassy relies on the accurate information from the COVID-19 briefings to update the Japanese government and its citizens, who were repatriated to Japan when COVID-19 started.

Mr. Mizuuchi said this when he paid a courtesy call on Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya.

And Ms. Siliya, said Government appreciates the sentiments from the Japanese Government.

Ms. Siliya said Government is working hard to ensure that no Zambian is left behind in accessing accurate COVID-19 information.

She said the council of Ministers headed by the Vice President, constituted to advise President Edgar Lungu on COVID-19, will be carrying out an assessment to ascertain the status of the pandemic.

Ms Siliya said part of the assessment will be aimed at understanding science findings that suggest that the novel Coronavirus spreads more rapidly in the cold season.

And Ms. Siliya revealed that Government already has a plan which will guide on how to escalate or de-escalate interventions in response to the prevailing situation.

The Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services also said she is proud of the media for their role in sharing COVID-19 information to the public.

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  1. Hahahahaha.

    Siliya, did you ask him to donate “more” bicycles?

    You thieves have no shame at all.

  2. And yet the angry opposition and diaspora are still going on about the error in disclosing the bicycle donation. They are hoping that the Japanese will be upset and yet the Japanese have accepted apology and moved on . Iye uluse kiki. 2021 basop you will cry again ba chimbwi imwe

  3. After refuting the allegations of bicycle donations and tell us that they happy about how you handle covid-19.

    What a shame from this PF government. If you’re normal and upright people the one who uttered such remarks of bicycle donations would have tendered the resignation.

    Knowing thieves and liars they have no moral Fibre at all.

    PF must go!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA! Yaba, when you want entertainment, just watch government antics in Zambia, terrible statements, and comical damage control. I bet you they wrote to the Japanese Ambassador, got ZNBCto listen to the man talk about government’s response to covid 19.
    If anyone wants to become a comedian in Zambia, they dont have to think too much! imagine this, hey, we have 48 houses that built themselves, the police asked the owner, he said it wasn’t his house, police said we believe you. Cased closed.

  5. These idyots… Leave the clean Japanese alone, stop licking their crackless feet. You are over trying to clean up goat intestines of corruption you wrapped them in.
    Just tell the nation why you bought bicycles for $700 each.

  6. Just a diplomatic move to appease the wounded egos of the lying pf government In their hearts, they are utterly disgusted at the lack of morality.
    This is why I keep saying, we black people are to blame for the way we are treated and looked down on. I mean look at the kind of leaders we have. They have not even a shred of morality. And they are not even ashamed.

  7. $700 for a $100 bicycle ? Times 1000 ?

    Lungu and PF , have mercy for your country , show some compassion for the next generations who will be in debt for years to come……

  8. The Japanese ambassador went to Ministry of Information to discuss Covid-19 dissemination in the interest of their exparts.He didn’t go to Home Affairs to discuss erroneous donors

  9. Good to hear this opinon from non-Zambians. Japanese are very honest people and not known to be flatterers or bootlickers. An excursion I did in Anthropology and Sociology revealed some similarities between Japanese and African cultures. Not only do they have a number of names in common but they also share similar concepts of an extended family and clan.

  10. Maybe even this is another lie. Tomorrow the Japanese ambassador will refute this. I will wait for a few days before accepting.

  11. So what???
    I dont understand why anyone who is not from a propaganda publication would want to publish this story. Mwebantu even the Lesotho government should be asked if they are impressed. The South Sudan government too. Yaba!

  12. These are shameless thieves with zero integrity….no wonder they are requesting extension for debt repayment because they are incapable of paying back anything.

  13. Nine Chale – what have written and of what importance is it given that you swallowed this lie?Really laughable…Any way you lack back bone…pass my Regards to that silly chap Anthony Mwitwa at the embassy tomorrow.

  14. On the path to self destruction, led by PAf itself. According to Lusambo everybody else is wrong except hamble, we must eat hamble, drink hamble, dream hamble, breathe hamble ewu tupela umweo ati Lesa alundapofye, mwalichimonapo mu christian nation?

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