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Manifesto Launch By Fred M’membe’s Socialist Party

Videos and Audios Manifesto Launch By Fred M'membe's Socialist Party


  1. He fully supported the people who are currently in office with unquenchable thirst for corruption. He massively campaigned for them using his paper.

    His agenda has always been personal and not the people of Zambia

  2. When your favourite topic was Political History…. Socialist like are you serious!! i think the times are different Mumembe is been watching too match history channel…

  3. I think HH should incorporate Mmembe as one of the directors in the Ministry of Information in the new government. We want food not ideologies please. We have felt and smelt failure by the PF government, we want a serious government next, if opposition fails when they come in government we kick them out as well

  4. We need these men with intergret, not tu Tayali, Cosmo Mumba and other cartoons.
    This Socialist Party is indeed a political party. It is solid, serious, and sorrowful party. They never laugh or dance.I
    These are leaders who can sit down with President HH and give him serious opposition advise.

  5. Amazing news. It is only in Africa where a die-hard capitalist galvanizes courage to form a socialist political party as a conduit to amass more personal wealth. Mmembe was part of a consortium of greedy people who engaged on a Zambian version of the Guptas-style State Capture during the reigns of Presidents Mwanawasa & Sata. He hired a fleet of Lawyers to defend his non-payment of tax to ZRA. His “marriage” to Mazoka’s daughter was also a calculated ploy to blind-fold some feeble-minded Bantu-Bo-Tatwe sympathizers. Mmembe is hoping to clinch a political fortune in a limited constituency which is a shared hunting ground for HH, Kambwili & Nevers Mumba. Weird politics indeed.

  6. Nostrudamas, leave tayali out of this remember hh broke the sabbath just to go and report tayali pa woodlands police. Eco amitukila mumutendekafye

  7. M’membe fred you have zero chance in the Zambian political space. Your past psychopathic model of approach to politiks in the interest your stomach is worse, anyway God bless you! What is worst you called Luapula people Katangese thieves. That was utter rubbish you along with sulfur-Centa riddled amos malupenga unleashed on Luapula people.

    PF again and again!

  8. I’m certainly not voting for Fred M’membe in 2021. But I want to encourage him to run for office so that it dawns on him that zambian society is not wht he thinks it is. I hope he’s in it for the long run. His party may capture a few seats here and there but I don’t expect them to be a factor so soon. If Fred wants to be a good politician, he must be ready to tangle with people who don’t agree with him also. Already he has made a mistake by not allowing journalists from the Daily Nation and Zambia Daily Mail newspapers to cover his party’s election manifesto launch.

  9. I would like to advise my brother M’membe and his supporters—and all my fellow Zambian citizens, as a matter of fact—to skim through the following article: Kyambalesa, Henry, “A Critique of Socialism and Marxism” (October 2, 2019). ****

  10. My family will vote for Fred M’membe and socialist party. Democracy and multiparty is mainly due to a few citizens who stood firm in 1990

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