Government’s decision to operationalize and to re-open schools gets support from EU


The European Union says it stands in solidarity with the government’s decision to come back gradually to the new normal to operationalize and to re-open schools.

European Union and Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Ambassador to Zambia Jacek Jokowsky says the union has projected its focus on supporting the activities that government is implementing to curtail the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

Ambassador Jokowsky was speaking when he handed over the donation of 5,400 reusable face masks to Bauleni Secondary school in Lusaka today.

Mr. Jokowsky explained that the unavoidable closure of schools provided limited access to education to over four million (4 million) school going children in Zambia.

“We stand in solidarity with the government’s decision to come back gradually to the new normal and reopen the schools. At the same time we realize the importance of preventive and health measures that have to be put in place,

“With the unavoidable closure of schools, over 4 million Zambian children especially those living in remote and rural areas have had limited access to education regardless of all the efforts put in place to ensure learning continuity,” he said.

He underscored that the European Union was donating the Five Thousand Four Hundred (5400) face masks to Bauleni Secondary school with a notion of assuring children’s safe return to schools and to continue their education.

Mr. Jokowsky pointed out that the EU was also making a donation of Four Thousand Five Hundred (4500) reusable face masks to Grade 7 pupils and school staff in three districts of North-Western province of Zambezi, Ikelenge and Mushindamo Districts, respectively.

“We are handing over 4,500 masks for Grade 7 pupils and school staff in three districts of the North Western Province, notably: Zambezi, Ikelenge and Mushindamo.

“ Children from those areas have been identified by the Ministry of education to be among the most in need,” stressed Ambassador Jokowsky.

And Ministry of Health Director of Health and Promotions Able Kabalo hailed the EU for complimenting government’s efforts in curbing the spread of Covid-19.

Dr Kabalo explained that with One Thousand Four Hundred (1400) cases recorded and Eleven Deaths of Covid-19, government continue to collaborate with stakeholders in fighting the pandemic.

He affirmed that measures are in place that will guide learners in all the schools on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Both Ministry of Education Director of Health and Nutrition Malalu Machengwa and Bauleni Secondary School Head teacher Wambingi Sikubele expressed optimism that the donation of reusable face masks was the step in the right direction towards Covid-19 fight.


  1. Excellent development. We need get back to normal life. I am tired of my crazy kids. They need to go back to school.

  2. Stop handing out face masks. EU. We can produce them on our own. If you have to hand out anything to our school children, let it be laptops and other digital learning devices as you are doing in European schools. Coronavirus is overrated and education underrated in Zambia.

  3. Just open schools especially universities. These online exams are producing a lot of cheaters. Other pipo writing on behalf of other pipo.

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