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President Lungu Explains Delays in Constructing Mini-Hospitals

Health President Lungu Explains Delays in Constructing Mini-Hospitals

President Edgar Lungu says works to construct the 108 mini-hospitals in some selected districts, have delayed because the two contractors building the facilities are still working in other parts of the country.

President Lungu says government has had to wait for the same contractors to work on all the mini- hospitals because they are the best so far.

The President says areas that have been promised the mini hospitals should exercise patience as the contractors will soon move to their areas.

President Lungu said this when he inspected Senga Hill District Hospital in Northern Province.

The President disclosed that Senga Hill will soon have two mini hospitals once the contractor is done with works in Kasama.

President Lungu also instructed that the two hospitals to be built should include houses for medical personnel.

He said this will help to motivate health workers.

And Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya assured President Lungu that the contractor will move on site in Senga Hill in the next two months.

Dr Chilufya said his ministry will also increase capacity of Senga Hill District hospital to enable it handle serious cases.

He also said the two new mini-hospitals will come with modern equipment.

Dr Chilufya further disclosed that works on the mini hospitals in most parts of the country have been completed.

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  1. I commend PF govt for these medical infrastructure development in rural areas. Notwithstanding corruption the intentions are good as long as no funds are lost to some fat cats during these projects. Next step I hope the govt boost medical institutions so as to increase medical personnel capacity to support these medical facilities.

  2. That hospital is bend, look at pillars on right, they are not aligned straight. Maybe they were built by a company with LTD formed after tender was awarded. Under PF no one is doing anything with qualify, they can’t even mix hand sanitizer rightly.

  3. Quest above thank you for your objective view which is clearly lacking on this platform especially from diasporans. We as a party in government will continue to do our best to bring development in very challenging times. We ask you all to support us and work with us since childish people like hh would rather spend time crying and posting on Facebook.

  4. Kaizer hope you will not stop posting comments after 2021 when one of the opposition party take over the government. Only one company is constructing all the hospitals in Zambia.why you gave a tender to one company to construct all the hospitals? I smell Corruption

  5. Very short-sightedness If you want to empower the people encourage other contractors to take up the work to the same standard if needed. If not request the same company to engage other contractors to work to there standards in other parts of the country since they cant be in all places by themselves at once.

  6. Thanks for the update bakateka,but my question is should the entire country wait for the two identified good contractors? When will developmental mini hospitals reach my grandma in chiundaponde village?

  7. Edigar Lungu explains delays in constructing mini-hospitals is because contractors are busy else where – not lack of funds or corruption, neither diverting funds to elsewhere but the good contractors are busy with other jobs. Bizarre!, Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya says almost all mini-hospitals are completed in the country. So, his boss is a LIAR.

  8. You’re overworking you’re contractors silly, engage other contractors n projects will be completed in the same time frame.

  9. “Lungu says works to construct the 108 mini-hospitals in some selected districts, have delayed because the two contractors building the facilities are still working in other parts of the country.”

    This is a white lie…are you telling us the contract stated that they will build one clinic at a time? Why are you not mentioning the contractor? Is it you Chink bosses..

  10. There is no funding to run and maintain those structures.Give them two years and the will be very dirty and smelly depending on small donations


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