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Mbala Chamber of Commerce Hails President Lungu for Spearheading Key Developmental Projects

Rural News Mbala Chamber of Commerce Hails President Lungu for Spearheading Key Developmental Projects

The Mbala Chamber of Commerce has hailed President Edgar Lungu for spearheading developmental projects that are key to the country’s economic growth.

Chamber District President Mengo Siame cited the flagging off of works to upgrade the Mbala – Zombe boarder road, which leads to Tanzania’s Rukwa Region, as one of the developments that will boost economic activities.

Mr. Siame added that increased cross boarder trade between Zambia and neighboring Tanzania will also contribute favorably to the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

And residents of Mbala are elated with President Lungu’s visit to the district and the province at large, saying the move will help the Head of State to appreciate challenges and find solutions.

One of the residents, Annie Chanda said the Head of State should be commended for making efforts to improve the welfare of the common Zambian.

Another resident Felix Mulwanda expressed confidence that challenges affecting the local people will receive due attention.

The President is in Northern Province on a three day working visit.

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  1. There are roads that remain incomplete in some parts of Zambia. They were started and then works just stopped. But here’s a completely new road being started. So wht’s going on? I know that for merely saying the above, it amounts to insulting the ppwers that be. We’re dealing with fragile egos in Zambia.

  2. “……The Mbala Chamber of Commerce has hailed President Edgar Lungu for spearheading developmental projects that are key to the country’s economic growth…”

    For a moment I thought he was reopening a battery making factory ……..

    Waiste of presidential space…….

  3. This guy is a total loser. Is this what you call development? When your government is failing to pay civil servants salaries, no medicine in hospitals, no jobs, no infrastructure, poverty, no freedom, no clean water, no electricity, no roads, no food, housing, no education, no leadership, only PF jokers busy stealing day and night? Vote them out 2021. We need to fund a campaign to get these thieves out of office.

  4. And yet the opposition and ineligible diasporan voters would want you to believe that we are not doing much. Come 2021 people will make the responsible decision of voting us back in. Only a useless clown can vote for a joker who refers to himself as bally

  5. This lazy man is busy campaigning yet he is restricting others to do so under the guise of covid-19…look at him on that bulldozer he is not ashamed to even have a Chink as a driver I mean how can someone be calling himself President even when all jobs are given to Chinaman and all money is externalized. Where is the social distancing in these photo? Nowhere have I seen him wear a face mask….this is not a serious man to continue another 5 years. I remember RB with his deep pockets commissioning every project in his last days.

  6. Live with positive thinking people and you will see positive development. Remember the devil, Mdyelekezi is always seeing negatives in what God has done and makes people, ‘his own’ to interpret anything that people of God will undertake.

  7. Mbala Chamber Commerce must very dull chaps you are thanking someone for inflated developmental projects his govt has no capacity to payback and all this debt will be passed on to your children and grandchildren. Have you not seen AG’s reports on rehabilitation and developmental projects in your area over the years…the waste highlighted? Lungu is so useless that he had to hire some foreigners to advise him on debt from France by paying them $5 million for their services. Do you know how many text books or computers that money can buy for our secondary school?

  8. Tarino the only dull one is you who claims to be educated and yet seeks asylum in a country where you are considered inferior and face systemic racism. At least our brothers in mbala are proud of their heritage and have some integrity unlike some blogging from countries where they are considered inferior and wipe old racists racist peoples backsides. Wow congrats you are very intelligent

  9. What a sorrowful atmosphere in PF.
    It is sad to see a handful attending to presidential functions. No women dancing, no military matching.
    Look at audience with folded hands.

  10. I am very sorry I dont respond to silly sick impostors especially ones based in UK who shamelessly pretends to be in Zambia and claim to use special VPN which is stuck in one locality for past 5 years even when one flies to Malawi it still shows UK.



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