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Face mask makers given ultimatum

General News Face mask makers given ultimatum

The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit-DMMU has given a four-day ultimatum to suppliers who have not delivered face masks to do so or risk having their contracts cancelled. DMMU National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe said government has contractual obligations it follows when awarding contracts with a specific timeline.

Mr Kabwe said out of the three million masks that DMMU was tasked to procure, 2.9m have been delivered and distributed to all parts of the country.He said the delays in the supply of the remaining masks is because of some companies that were awarded contracts but have not yet delivered the items to date.

He said government does not have time to start waiting for those who have failed to deliver because school going children especially in rural areas are in need of these masks.

Mr.Kabwe further said he is impressed with the number of youths who have since responded and participated in the supply of the re-usable masks.He said the move simply shows that youths are slowly taking up their role meant to improve their lives and also contribute participate in national affairs.He further disclosed that government has met its target of delivering COVID-19 prevention material to almost all the provinces.

Mr Kabwe said with the timely delivery of the materials by those contracted, all the schools will be able to receive the masks by next week.He also expressed concern on some social media fraudsters who have now started sending people text messages asking them to pay for contracts to supply face masks to DMMU.He said his office has since raised the concern with ZICTA and urged people to report any such incidents.

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  1. The problem is contracts are not awarded on merit. Briefcase businessmen and women without knowhow or capacity were awarded contracts but now they have failed to deliver.

    People have died during the period that masks have not been delivered. Who is to blame for their deaths?

  2. Chanda – if 2.9 million masks out of 3 million have been delivered so, where is the news. If you paid those contactors in advance as per usual PF practice do not expect delivery that is the end according to PF. Do not give us drivel to show that you are concerned when contracts were given to your mates and conies

  3. These tu PF, ultimatum ultimatum game… Anyone kulaifyonono fye over nothing.
    This ka Chanda Kabwe will cost more votes to PF compared to Sunday Chanda and ka Nathan Chanda combined.
    What’s wrong with people named Chanda ??

  4. Those contracts we’re given to PF cadre to deliver donated masks. As usual with PF that money has been embezzled and no one will be arrested. Same way that money for fire tenders and ambulances was embezzled. So stop wasting our our time talking about the obvious.

  5. Chanda Kabwe’s spoken English is very bad. Just like Bowman and Mwakalombe. Spoken English is a measure of aptitude in our environment, so one should ignore or down play that. Of course even those speaking good English from PF have failed especially on the economy but I am just raising this issue because the kids listening to these three guys English might think its normal.

  6. There is Nenah Cherry typing away from Germany…do away with masks s/he says. Can you surely compare Austria to Zambia where they have not even tested 100,000 to date?

  7. You wonder how some of these contracts are awarded ….I dont think he is being truthful.
    Plus IDC subsidiary company should have been making these products by now instead of giving money away.


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