PF Government Accused of Holding on to 2019 FIC Report to Hide Criminal Activities

FIC Report
FIC Report

By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

As the 2021 general election draws near, there is panic, while frantic efforts are being made by the PF regime to silence the 2019 Financial Intelligence Center Report to protect active criminal elements within government.

While the 2018 FIC report revealed that over $600m was stolen by PF politicians through a combination of fraud, money laundering, corruption and pure theft; leaked data now suggests that the plunder in the 2019 report has spiked to $1.4bn.

This rapid rise has been precipitated by mass corruption in the health sector, as well as infrastructure projects which have since stalled.

Zambians may also recall, that in 2018, there was a terrorism financing linked transaction which was flagged on Zambian soil; except the individuals involved are now said to be close associates and sponsors of the party in power and this is precisely why this dirty transaction was never investigated.

The regime is also rumoured to have extracted $650m in an upfront payment for the surrender of gold rights to foreigners in strategic places around the country using a paltry $2.5m payment as a Joint Venture facade.

This is why the regime has been reluctant to recall the JV to pave way for a wholely Zambian controlled precious metals Enterprise.

Recently, the health Minister has been in and out of Anti Corruption Commission offices for questioning on charges of criminal possession, the latest being a $5m paid out as a front in the irregular award of a contract to a non existent company.

But the truth is, this money did not go anywhere except into the pockets of high ranking government officials as there was never a company to pay and no kits were ever to be supplied.

The latest scam being the over $400m COVID19 bond scam. No one in the world will issue debt money to the regime, especially not via capital market operations. This is why the regime were kin to run down the monetary policy supervisory powers of the Bank of Zambia using Bill 10, so that they can be in charge of printing money. The continued delay of Bill 10 means they are running out of time to print this money, purely intended to go to fantom suppliers and party operatives.

The strategy for the regime is to cause the non publication of the 2019 FIC to cover their criminal activities, while the best case scenario is a watered down report which is may be expected to cover the tracks of grave criminal activities of high ranking government officials.

We need to be careful.


  1. Under 5!
    The opposition in Malawi has won an election and here you are still playing the same old failed tactics.
    UPND no strategy.

  2. @Mr Kudos says: SH Hole Opposition Parties (SHOPS) go and seek help Chinama hospital is not far from your home.
    Is it true Kalyati claimed that former Minister of Finance, Dr. Katele Kalumba, former intelligence chief, Xavier Chungu and former State House Special Assistant for Politics, Kaizer Zulu were spotted in Malawi and were brought to allegedly rig elections in favour of incumbent Peter Mutharika.

  3. Look around Lusaka. Where do u think money to develop expensive commercial real estate is coming from whn banks aren’t lending money to real estate developers?

  4. @Nemwine well spotted! Its criminals trying to clean stolen money. We have seen it in many african countries.

  5. Journeyman, I’m a miserable soul at heart. Zambians are even unable to ask simple questions about their country.

  6. Anthony go and lick a live wire and while you do that hold hh hands and all the members of upnd. Do us a favour and go to hell. You quote what the FIC report allegedly says and then again you claim that we are hiding it. You are a pathetic cadre who deserves to be whipped. I wonder what type of home you grew up in. Your parents must be so depressed knowing they brought such a misfit in world.

  7. KZ. It is you and the PF goons who are misfits in this country. Malawi has paved the way the zambian people have seen .

  8. Bill 10 seeks to reduce the independence of the FIC by moving it under ACC, a puppet of the PF so that such reports do not give them sleepless nights and endless headaches. The same Bill 10 talks about mixed member representation BUT does not specify the constitution and number of the MPs, leaveing this to simple majority votes by MPs, meaning we don’t know how many women, youths and disabled MPs shall be decided by the PF controlled. What stops the PF MPs from passing a vote that states the president nominates 30 MPs from the current 8? The composition and number of MPs should be clearly stipulated in the constitution and not decided by simple majority Act of Parliament. And some people say that Bill 10 is progressive?!! Only the corrupt, naive or ignorant still support this…

  9. The problem with Anthony Bwalya,in most cases he comes with unverified information.Now he is saying that $1.2bn was misplaced by government officials,please categorize it for more clarity for ordinary citizens to understand.Much as UPND dwell on false propaganda, political platforms should be factual and verifiable.Too much fake propaganda propaganda is dangerous.

  10. Mr P

    “….Much as UPND dwell on false propaganda, political platforms should be factual and verifiable.Too much fake propaganda propaganda is dangerous….”

    Much is left to the imagination when even lungu does not bother denying that he is a corrupt thief…..

  11. @Kaizar ZuIu ©
    Is that Christian of you to insult a person like that? Imagine if the same words you have uttered were applied to you. What would you say? Should we refer you to the Ministers of Information and Religious and National Guidance for ‘guidance?’
    President Lungu is not a god, he is a mere man, but I bet if these same words were applied to him, you members of his cult church would be foaming at the mouth.

  12. PF are criminals? Worse than that. I fear they secretly hate our own country. There is no other explanation how they can steal so much money and leave us all in the worst conditions we have seen for more than 20 years. It’s like they are all puppets of the Chinese now, secretly working to weaken us so that the Chinese can come in and buy up cheap anything left of any value. They will drown us in national debt while leaving families to starve, schools to shut and hospitals to crumble. Holy water boils at their touch.

  13. Mr [email protected]: The opposition won an election because the Malawian Constitutional Court stopped the first election being stolen. In Zambia the Constitutional Court passes judgements that clarify nothing.

  14. @Nemwine: Malawian opposition presented bona fide evidence to their ConCourt. Zambian opposition presented preliminaries and speculation. Just like this Anthony donkey above, he wants to talk about things of the past that are false instead of convincing us with policies that tge upnd will implement that are better than PFs.

  15. I can hardly wait for PF to be in the archives. September next year seems a long long way off. I hope the commencement of the English premier league will make my long wait appear shorter.

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