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Bill 10 has not Died, it’s Alive and will be Debated by MPs-Inonge Wina

Headlines Bill 10 has not Died, it's Alive and will be Debated by...

Vice President Inonge Wina says Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 has not died a natural death as insinuated by the opposition UPND.

Mrs Wina says the Bill 10 is alive and will be debated during this same sitting of Parliament as agreed by Members of Parliament from both the opposition and the ruling party.

She assured that the Bill is alive and will be debated accordingly despite it lapsing on 4th June 2020.

Mrs Wina was responding to Lufwanyama Member of Parliament Leonard Fungulwe who wanted to know whether government will consider taking Bill 10 back to the stakeholders particularly the three Church Mother Bodies now that it is dead.

She has advised the opposition to desist from politicizing important matters such as the Constitution amendment process.

Minister of Justice Given Lubinda on Thursday deferred the tabling of Bill 10 of 2019 in parliament for second reading to a later date to accommodate the views of the opposition.

The Bill will however be considered on a later date during this meeting of the house, the Minister said conceding to a suggestion by Leader of the opposition Jack Mwiimbu in a meeting convened by the House Business Committee to hive off Bill 10 from the order paper until there is some semblance of normalcy in the system.

Presenting a Ministerial statement in Parliament, Mr Lubinda said he has been persuaded not to give the opposition another reason for them to claim that their concerns were not heard.

He expressed hope that all MPs will acclimatize themselves to the new normal parliament environment before they engage in debating bill 10 to avoid any room for speculation and suspicion arising from handling the document.

Mr Lubinda said Government wants to avoid a situation where people claim they did not understand what was happening when they were debating or voting for Bill 10.

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  1. Enemies of progress.
    Why don’t upndead MPs want to debate this bill?
    Whether you like a bill or not, the noble thing is to debate it. When brought to the floor for a vote, well, vote for or against. That’s when people will judge whether it was a bad bill or good.
    Walk outs are a worst kind of precedence being championed by this hades party of the devious.
    Good luck mama winna. These vampires are out to make it fail like they made the referendum on the bill of rights flopped.
    They don’t give a damn.
    Move on, it passes so be it. It flops, so be it but debate and put it to vote.

    • The current parliamentary sitting should concentrate on restructuring the budget so that it conforms with the current covid crisis , alas our PF – Political Foes have daggers drawn only to fight for bill 10 , like its their only hope to avoid their Waterloo in 2021.

  2. This is what I said yesterday when the upnd diasporans started celebrating. Why are they scared to debate? It is because of either they have not read the document or they clearly know that there is nothing bad about the bill. These f.u.ckers are paid by tax payers money to represent their constituents and debate bills in parliament and yet choose to walk away from parliament but still draw a salary. Disgusting disrespectful swines. Sorry to my followers for my language. However it angers me a lot when people do not do what they are paid to do. So I mean what I have said and will not be apologising to any of them until they man up and debate the bill.

    • Someone said when you see a minister of defense insisting on peace talks just know that they have already readed their war machine.


  3. Thanks for that clarification madam. But what we know is that it is going into a grave very soon. So what you are saying is that it will be burried alive? To be honest I dont care one wit if its burried alive, because there is no coming back from the grave. It will die while in the grave.
    Ba pf, the people of zambia have rejected bill 10. Every well meaning zambian is against it. I say again your desperation to pass this bill is clear testament to your evil motives.
    Sorry to say this but just look at the people championing this cause….its only pf and their sponsored “Civil Society Organisations”. I mean who can take people like Ntewewe, Tutwa Ngulube, bowman lusambo etc seriously. And I know several pf member, evem in government, who are secretly opposed to the bill, if ever voting…

  4. It’s like the survival of PF in Govt now relies on Bill 10. Don’t put all eggs in one basket. That Bill can even fail

  5. The Bill 10 died 23 days ago and it’s PF officials who want to wash their shameful faces in front of the public.

    Their arrogance is everywhere.

    PF must go!

  6. Lesa nimalyotela. Many are human plans but God has His own. In life, things or rather human plans do evil. The best response is acceptance of failed strategy, replan and try again with adjustments. Bill 10 has failed with its good and bad articles. What next? General election without bill 10. Are you afraid? If so, why? Good day bane

  7. If you see someone insisting on any anything just know that there is evil intention and has nothing to do with national interest. That’s the case with Bill 10.

    We have pressing issues in our country and why spend such amount of resources on something which is being rejected by majority citizens?

    PF must go!

  8. Failure of Bill 10 knocks PF off the Elections field next year by 40%. Trust me,without bill 10 ,they are gone! They are truely fools as you can clearly see that they put all their eggs in one basket. After bill 10 fails they start fighting each other, and start jumping ship. One by one.

  9. If bill 10 fails its upnnd to lose because tayali will challenge hh’s nominations if the judges pronouse hh ineligeble ,the police will be deployed to deal with unruly violent upnnd cadres ask bfrow or pilata who wanted to dare the police but found themselves protestin in a bush. Next the bully hh will be cryin on international medea.

  10. Eeeeshhhh ……..PF , PF

    why so desperate to change the constitution. ????

    The other day we saw lungu begging for debt cancelling from the international community, the debt approaching 90% of GDP , Zambians are suffering,

    Is this change in the constitution PF are desperate for any benefit to the economic mess. ???

  11. Concourt in 2016 dismissed the HH Presidential Petition on the basis that 14 days for hearing the Petition had expired. The PF Chief Whip has conceded that Bill 10 having been deferred for 6 months expired on June 4, 2020. Bill 10 has been killed thru the expiry of the 6 months. PF were sloppy when they forgot to defer the Bill on or b4 June 4, 2020. That Bill cannot be resurrected after dying for 20 days. Bill 10 is dead and buried. Next year the Bill 10 Tombstone will be unveiled at Ngwerere Cemetery. May Bill 10’s Soul Rest in Peace.

  12. The desperation by these PF criminals to have this deceptive document passed proves that they’re up to no good at all. Why have they invested all their energy into passing this document, when there are more pressing issues in the country that need urgent attention? That alone is suspicion, given the fact that this untrustworthy group of bandits have not meant anything good for the people of Zambia, except for their own bottom line. Obviously they know they can’t win the election next year, as they’re so unpopular that the opposition will not even need to campaign much to have this corrupt regime removed from office. Their only hope is to have this BILL 10 passed so they can use it to control parliament and thus stay in office indefinitely. But they’ll not succeed. PF must go!!!

  13. This grandma is also dead just look at her photo…I mean for someone who is retiring net year you would think she would want to leave the country peaceful and corrupt free but they are a selfish bunch.

  14. Kaisar Joseph Goebbels Zulu, stop with the propaganda already. Not everyone in the diaspora is UPND, you id1ot. You don’t need to belong to a political party to voice your opinion on what’s happening in our country. To you anybody opposed to these PF criminals is UPND. Don’t be so narrow minded.

  15. Lie detector then tell me, If you think PF have failed then who do you think should win the election? Secondly who, if you were able to, would you vote for ? Answer those questions truthfully and I will rest my case

    • Vote for UPND, the reasons u know them very well your self, unless if your head is not with you, and don’t try to play monkey tricks on the votes 2021.

  16. Never have we heard such nonsense in the history of our country. Even if parliament makes its own rules, that cannot include resurrecting on 24th June a bill that died on 4th June. If that was the case there would be chaotic application and interpretation of the law. Why do we make laws if the makers can bend or break them?

    Unless you tell us that the new normal under PAf means that Zambia is no longer governed by the rule of law as we have heard countless times from His Excellency Chagwa Edgar Lungu.

  17. “GOVERNMENT Chief Whip Brian Mundubile has admitted that Bill 10 had lapsed on June 4, 2020 but says the parliamentary Standing Orders Committee decided to extend it because it has powers to change its own rules. Speaking at a press briefing at Parliament Building in Lusaka, … Thursday, Mundubile said the parliamentary practice and procedure provided that if a bill was deferred for six months, it died or lapsed. “The Standing Orders Committee is the highest decision making body in the National Assembly …”

    Diggers News

    The PF Circus

  18. Come on Opposition debate, filibuster if you must but walk outs are unacceptable.

    This is oppositions’ chance to raise their concerns……..fear not!

  19. Per The Constitution we want cabinet to be disolved 90 days before elections and instruments of power handed over to the speaker.
    Then we do the Malawi on you. Also endure jails are remolded now

  20. With or without bill10. POTROZ ECL will stop h² from occupying red on the ballot.
    PF 100%
    ECL 100%
    Zambian Patriots 100%.
    We don’t need nincompoops in plot 1.

  21. Why can’t they introduce it after elections next year. It is not urgent. Budget and COVID-19 issues are urgent. Included is the compromised servant in charge of health. They need to move him out if the area were everyone is focusing.

  22. This Ambuya Gogo Inonge, is the sole reason Zambia is in reverse gear & such a violent messy Kleptocracy.
    She spearheaded the “crusade” to get a visionless work shy thieving drunken Ghetto Shebeen owner into Plot No1, thereby handing over the keys to the National treasury into ba J0nathans hands. The rest is history now, where Kitotela & Kitalu Kilufya & likes have their snouts perpetually in the treasury trough.
    Now Agogo wants to punish us further launching the “Bill 10 Crusade”??

  23. Unless Inonge is Jesus, there is not any number if times she can shout “Talitha koum!” (which means “Little girl, I say to you, get up!”) that would arise Bill 10 from the dead, it’s gone, kufelile ka kayonge ka kasiyale. So Lungu must not even waste his time lodging nomination papers for the 2021 polls because being sowrn in twice means just that, sworn in twice. Whoever brings two terms is wasting their time.


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