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Police holding 3 suspects after man dies from beating at HH’s farm in Choma

Rural News Police holding 3 suspects after man dies from beating at HH's farm...

Police in Choma are holding three male suspects for allegedly beating up a 57-year-old man to death who was found red-handed with a caucus  carcass at UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema’s farm in Choma district.

Southern province police commissioner Diamond Likashi confirmed the development to ZANIS in Choma and identified the deceased as Russell Kanoma of Siatembo village.

Mr. Likashi says Mr. Kanoma was allegedly beaten to death by three male workers at Mr. Hichilema’s farm in Choma after they found him red-handed with a caucus and an axe.

He said police rushed the deceased to Choma general hospital where he was pronounced dead and his body has been deposited into the mortuary awaiting postmortem.

Mr. Likashi said despite libeled against the deceased, the law will take its course once the postmortem proves that the deceased died after succumbing to the beating.

Mike Munkombwe of ZANIS who visited the funeral house in harmony area of Choma found the devastated family members disturbed.

Elder brother to the deceased, Rodger Kanoma has since appealed to the Government to assist them to manage the funeral.

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  1. (HH) Kaponya aka Bally Matore is a violent brutal thug. His following are the same.

  2. The instruction to deal ruthlessly with his farm workers came from (HH) and it has his blessings. I think (HH) can help stop corruption in Zambia. He will clobber to death anyone found stealing a “caucus” from government coffers.
    Let’s vote (HH) to bring an end to corruption
    But what the hell is a caucus? Is it supposed to be a carcass?

  3. “Those are undoubtedly going. It is also not a secret that the civil service is not a reflection of the diversity of our country. It must be balanced by various tribes, youth, gender & other groups.
    We won’t fire anyone for political reasons but rather, based on merit. Most good civil servants will stay, even though they were engaged through the PF.”
    Signed by Bally Matore

  4. Look at the PF rats rejoicing at this unfotunste case because it happened at a farm belonging to HH.

    We remember how more than 50 innocent civilians were being burned alive in our towns while lungu watched……

    The gassing masterminds are still in GRZ and lungu knows them.

  5. What do you expect from a greedy whlte collar criminal like hh who made his money at the expense of zambians losing their state assets for peanuts? He pays his workers peanuts and yet claims to bring you heaven on earth if elected. Be wary of such fake prophets

    • A white collar violent loose cannon and street thug criminal calling a noble person ” criminal” but what do expect from a govt that protect and celebrate blood thirsty vampires criminals??????

  6. PF what’s your normal reaction when you find someone stealing? Do not even HH in this, he was not even there . My advise concentrate on saving your bill 10 as it’s on glimpses of failing. What could have happen if the that person was found with caucas at Kaiser’s farm? #insoni ebuntu!

  7. No news here. Just because the farm belongs to HH the cowards are already excited. KZ is even jubilant Hoping this news will damage HH. Cattle rustlers and poachers are killed at white owned farms but nothing is published. Let the courts of Law judge the suspects and if they say that they were instructed to do so by HH, then we have news.

  8. In Hichilema’s businesses there’s no payroll. There’s misery and untold brutality. Most of his relatives don’t have kind words. If he wins elections next year, I feel pity for the PF, bazamuziba Freemason

  9. KZ remove the log in ur eye before attemping to remove a speck in someones eye you have forgotten what happened to the pipo in state lodge on land u claimed is yours wat happened to their houses.

  10. He was found red handed with a caucus? Was he planning to replace the UPND caucus or what? And why the axe? Was he defending rebel members of this caucus with it? Stop holding important meetings at farms. Awe mwe!

  11. Just ignore all the fools here that are dull enough to link HH to this because it’s his farm. It just shows how much they hate him because he is better than thier boss. There is nothing in the article that says he sent anyone to beat anyone to death. There is nothing in the article that says HH is responsible, if your son kills someone it’s your son who will get arrested for murder not you unless there is evidence that u helped. The article clearly says the suspects have been captured, but haters can only talk about HH. I guess these fools pray hard to see HH fall because they are very scared of him, they worry if he wins next year, the world will become too small for them.

  12. When it comes to HH the police is very active to capture and report in seconds. When it comes to burning markets, gassing people, 48 houses, bicycles, fire trucks, mukula etc. They are quiet, does it mean the law in Zambia is only enforced to those who stand up and speak the truth. And does not apply to real criminals and fraudsters? When PF protest there is no covid excuse, when real Zambians protest there is covid excuse, when pf campaign there is nothing wrong when opposition try arrests follow, no bails. When Minister’s get arrested they don’t even reach the cell they are already bailed out and still carrying out their duties. What law is Zambia practicing?

  13. Its a pity a human Life is lost just for a Dirty Political Party to do dirty on its Polical Opponents. M.Y.S.R.I.P Russell Kanoma, and abash and shame to Zambian Politics.
    And shame to you all who are rejoicing and using the opportunity to attack Bally !!!

  14. How many Zambians are going to die so that HH can remain rich and get into State House. Where I come from, if a person is found stealing food, they are given more food and later counselled but not murdered.

  15. Has PF not been killing innocent Zambians? What did Vespers steal? What did Lawrence Banda steal? What did Mapenzi Chibulo steal? What did Obed Kasongo steal? So if you are murderers of innocent Zambians do not dare raise your voice over an unfortunate incident of foolish farm workers who chose to take the law into their own stupid hands, probably knowing how the police has been under capture, but there is no excuse, let the law take its fullest course ,

  16. @Caleb Kikikikikiki! How about this one below:
    Mr. Likashi said despite libeled against the deceased, the law will take its course once the postmortem proves that the deceased died after succumbing to the beating.

  17. Of course HH is implicated because it is his employees that sought to deal with a theft of his property by murdering the intruder. Whst is HHs policy for dealing with theft on his farm? Secondly, the cow and farm was his and his employees, so he is VICARIOUSLY LIABLE for the murder that o viref on his property. The murderers face murder and HH will an accomplice for the policy to murder theirs on his farm. He will have to be tried too. Anything that happens on your property to visitors or Intruders is your responsibility.

  18. It’s been established in UK case law that an employer is vicariously liable even for murder in the case between Sainsbury and z murdered employee murdered by another Sainsbury employee in the course of employment after harassment went unpunished. Check this out:-. Under The Protection from Harassment Act 1997

    Case law has already established that an employer can be vicariously liable for harassment by one of its employees, so long as that employee committed the harassment while “acting in the course of his employment”. It is also well established that an employee is regarded as acting in the course of his employment where the act is “so closely connected with his employment that it would be fair and just to hold the employer vicariously liable”.

  19. The victim’s family commenced proceedings against Sainsbury’s in the civil courts under the Protection from Harassment Act. The basis of their case was that the conduct of stabbing a man to death was an extreme form of harassment for which Sainsbury’s should be vicariously liable. The Scottish court concluded that the harassment had taken place over a lengthy period of time during which the two men had regularly worked together. It acknowledged that the behaviour was frequent, beginning with verbal harassment of various kinds in front of other employees and escalating into physical harassment that included assault, death threats and, eventually, murder. The court also decided that because all this had taken place during working hours and had happened in the two men’s place of work,…

  20. The family of a murdered employee has defeated an employer’s attempt to strike out its claim that his employer was vicariously liable for murder.

    In Vaickuviene v J Sainbury plc, R was stabbed to death by a colleague at work’s family claimed that his employer was vicariously liable for M’s harassment of R contrary to the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (“the PHA”). The employer sought to have the claim struck out, arguing that there was not a sufficiently close connection between M’s actions and his employment duties for liability to arise on its part. It argued that M was not purporting to do anything connected with his duties when the stabbing occurred and was instead involved in an unrelated and independent venture of his own which involved a personal matter.

    The Outer…

  21. Mr Abroad don’t pick pieces of the law you don’t understand. Vicarious liability can’t work on this one, if u are normal just go through the article and compare it with the cases you are trying to sight and u will know that u need medical attention. Is there a part in the article that says the people who killed this man are on HH payroll? Read the law of contract and the law of torts before you come here and talk with your hate. Employers yes be vicariously liable for their employees but only if there is a binding contract between the two of which is not mentioned in the article making it look clear that you are drives by hatred. That’s why even PF is not following the law I think PF cowards don’t even understand the law at all

  22. So quick to find out the culprits in this single murder when you want to gain political mileage but you take soooo long to find the culprits in mass murders…. taking about the gassers who eliminated 55 Zambians, like this country got no police n army….mwana shani kanshi ba pa bufi?

  23. Mr Abroad I don’t know which law you studied but it’s clear that you are dull. I advise you to go back to your books and read properly then come back here and read the article again. Then remember that the law is always about evidence. Then read evidence law, precedence law, torts law and law of contract. Then ask yourself this question what evidence is in the article to prove that HH is vicariously liable? I will tell you facts, not dissolving parliament is an offense against the Constitution, cabinet did that, if a police officer is arrested is told to remove his uniform, if a minister is arrested for criminal activities he or she must not continue to perform his duties, but in pf that has become normal and u can only see indirect wrongs as big cases. I don’t think you are okay. U…

  24. I think these guys beat up this guy but never killed him. The police caders must have killed this guy after he was handed over so that it becomes political. That’s why they are talking about postmortem. We already know the results will say yes he was killed by the beatings. Who doesn’t know that PF is scared of HH, they are trying hard to find something to use against him just to eliminate him from the game

  25. And thus story was posted by a zanis reporter who visited the scene. No wonder it was news in Znbc. The poor fella was caught in the act with an axe and carcass it’s unfortunate the workers took the law into their hands. However, to the serial haters of HH just chill, the malawi opposition victory has brought apprehension from plunderers and thugs that their time of reckoning is soon coming.


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