Repeal of the Public Order Act is Not dependant on the passage of Bill 10-Chipenzi

Gears Executive Director Macdonald Chipenzi
Gears Executive Director Macdonald Chipenzi

GEARS Initiative Zambia Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi says it is a lie, cheat and deceit for anyone to purport that the repeal of the Public Order Act is dependant on the passage of Bill 10.

Mr Chipenzi says the Public Order Act is an operationalisation of Articles 20 and 21 of the Constitution in the Bill of Rights which talks about the freedom of expression, assembly and association.

He says the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 does not amend the Bill of Rights but other sections of the Constitution.

He said to amend the Bill of Rights, the country must go to a referendum to alter or amend and or change the constitution.

Mr Chipenzi says Bill 10 does not touch on these two articles but other parts adding that there is no relationship between Bill 10 and the repeal and replacement of the of Public Order Act.

He says the relationship is very remote and does not exist at all therefore, associating the Act to Bill 10 is deceitful, insincerity, dishonest and fake.

Mr Chipenzi said the reason the government is delaying the repeal is limited political will and also to use it to hoodwink citizens in supporting the bogus Bill 10.


  1. Oh STFU mistele. No one has insinuated what you are alleging. Bill 10 is not going anywhere. Better get used to it. Upnd are scared of bill 10 because undemocratic parties such as theirs with their demigod will be obliterated. How do you have one person standing for president for over 20 years and then you make noise over EC for finishing off a term for our late president

  2. KZ

    So Mweetwa exposed your desperation to pass bill 10 ….it is so no one can challenge lungus 3rd term bid ……

    If you are so confident about lungus 3rd term being legal according to the constitution, why all the desperation to try to change the constitution ???

  3. Spaka the construction court ruled on that. If you not happy with the ruling then appeal the decision of the court. Until then EC is eligible to stand. How many terms has hh stood for ? Can you give me some history on that ? Does it mean in upnd only hh has the capacity to lead ? Are you all that dull

  4. When the debate about lungus 3rd term kicked off , the PF rats were so confident about the wording of the current constitution allowing lungu to stand again …….it was all fake brevado

    The slimy PF Sewer rats knew lungu is exposed then made moves to change the constitution, throwing in baits like deputy ministers and creation of provinces and people being on payroll ,

    All along it was lungus 3rd term bid they want covered.

    To weaponise bill 10 and use it as black mail against certain party , they want limits On party presidency , even if the party members are happy with the leadership

  5. Indeed just STFU Chimpenzi. You sound so silly with those tantrums.
    Just listen to this $!11y 1d10+.
    Unbelievable naivity.
    Debate bill 10 we move on you losers.

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