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Calls for the Government to subject Bill 10 to a referendum are baseless-Makebi Zulu

Feature Politics Calls for the Government to subject Bill 10 to a referendum...

Lawyer Makebi Zulu says calls by Constitutional Lawyer John Sangwa for the government to subject Bill 10 to a referendum are baseless.

Mr Zulu says only part 3 of the Zambian Constitution can be subjected to a referendum and not the entire Republican Constitution.

He says Parliament can amend any part of the constitution except for part 3 which is the Bill of Rights which can be amended through a referendum.

Mr Zulu who is Eastern Province Minister is saddened that Lawyers like Mr Sangwa have taken a lead in misleading the masses over Bill 10.

The Malambo PF Law Maker has challenged Mr Sangwa and those opposed to Bill 10 to state which clauses they are opposed to instead of opposing the whole document.

He says it is regrettable that the street debates about Bill 10 have also been adopted by learned people who are supposed to provide guidance to the people.

Meanwhile, Mr Zulu has also challenged Mr Sangwa to bring forward his petition against President Edgar Lungu’s candidature in next year’s elections.

He said the insistence by Mr Sangwa that President Lungu is not eligible to stand next year raises a lot of questions than answers because the constitutional court has already ruled in the matter.

Constitutional lawyer John Sangwa has challenged the PF government to subject the constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 to a referendum to ascertain its popularity among Zambians.


  1. Referendum on Bill 10 was conducted at same ballot as presidential.elections.I’m 2016. Zambian rejected it.
    Only that Zambian lawyers suffer from thinking deficiency, maybe is because of reading Bill 10 full of mispellings.

  2. This exchange between these two lawyers is now becoming childish! Why doesn’t LAZ arrange a debate so we can have them on one platform.

  3. This corrupt chap Mat*vi Zulu is just a crazy PF cadre without brains. Who would give them Bill 10 in their right minds?
    I cant imagine PF deciding when to print money; or When to create more constituencies or even appointing our Traditional Chiefs their 4 Politically appointed PF Cadres! That would be madness!
    Mr Zulu will be history very soon; he is one term MP who will be banished to the dustbin where he belongs next year!!

  4. Makebi Zulu is desperate. Why doesn’t he leave the Speaker of Parliament and the PF Chief Whip to decide on the matter?Should the Speaker retable Bill on the Order Paper then the Opposition will have the option to challenge the legality of this action. The Courts will then interpret whether or not the Standing Committee of Parliament has the power/mandate to resurrect a bill which has expired. It is the Court’s duty to interpret the law and the Constitution. Makebi Zulu should urge Dr Matibini to urgently restore this Bill on the Order Paper so that this Bill can be concluded during the current sitting of Parliament.


  6. Last time I listened to Zulu it was so cringeworthy I feel traumatized to imagine I should waste my time again. Iwe Zulu, we will now use ECZ to cokomona. That is one of the regulations you desperately want to kill with your Bill 10. We kapuba we…

  7. The Bill of Rights request for changes was tossed to Zambians and the public rejected that in the 2016 plebiscite.
    Currently, another request to alter the same constitution is in parliament awaiting a legislative vote for it to either break through or break apart. The opposition political parties and their sympathisers want to embarrass and shame the government by flogging Bill10 on the buttocks.

  8. Mr Zulu your comment; “The street debates about Bill 10 have also been adopted by learned people who are supposed to provide guidance to the people”. Your classification of Zambians into “street people and you the learned” is arrogance of the highest heavens to come from a so called ‘learned’ person. You who call yourselves learned person is responsible of the mess Zambia finds herself today politically. Because of lack of leadership by a so called learned person Zambia is a laughing stock in the world today. You who call your selves learned can hardly interpret laws of the land, even our judicial system appear dysfunctional with so called learned people wearing corruption coats. Your discourse among the so called learned people over Bill 10 is evidence enough that people like…

  9. Make B Zulu are the most arrogant individuals that are misleading Zambians today with ulterior motives.
    Your arrogance is an affront to the majority ordinary Zambians who have objected to Bill 10 and you continue to put it in their faces, it stinks.

  10. Thank you learned counsel. Please keep teaching these dull boys the law. Too many angry biased political lawyers. We need to overhaul the legal fraternity and shake it up to get rid of rogues

  11. Sangwa is very right, why PF you have taken all your weight on Bill 10? What is in Bill 10 which you have not told the pipo of Zambia all about? Something is fishy here. It is time to tell the pipo of Zambia about who is behind the market fires, 49 houses, Gassers, etc, etc not bill 10. This bill 10 PF I tell it will bring you down you don’t know. Wait and see. My advise forget about bill 10 now and concentrate on the coming Party convention its July mind you, tackle one issue at a time you are overloading yourselves. That is my take.

    • You should also tell your opposition parties UPND, NDC to go for the conventions, but we know they can not do that because they are run by dictators period.

  12. Bill 10 is a parachute for PF in 2021. Without passing Bill 10 into law PF sees no future. PF knows that it cannot win elections in 2021 without rigging. Bill 10 if passed into law will give ECL absolute powers to rig the 2021 Elections as he pleases. That is why Bill 10 seeks to remove a clause that can be used to block the Petitioning of ECL’s eligibility during Nominations next year. Bill 10 is ECL’s knee on neck of Zambians that will be used to suffocate them. With Bill 10 law Zambians will not be able to “breath”. Bill 10 has expired and its resurrection must be resisted at all costs.

  13. Learned Counsel Makebi Zulu you are on point, Sangwa is issuing statements emotionally instead of referring to the law, this what we call misdirecting in fact and law.

  14. What is so special about BILL 10?Please us (uneducated) people for granted bwana. Referendum for what?Concentrate on things that will unity all Zambians as one family not for your selfish gain.Anyway 2021 is coming wake up bwana MZ.

  15. Bill 10 is ECL’s knee on the necks of Opposition Parties and Zambians in general. If ECL’s knee is not removed from our necks then we will choke and die away. So the matter is very serious and should be fought in Parliament as well as in Courts. Clause 52 of the Constitution is being removed in Bill 10 to grant ECL a Third Term. They don’t want Lungu’s eligibility to be challenged after Nomination. This must be resisted at all costs.

  16. Zambians reading culture and the interpretation of what they read is regrettable to say the least. Dr. Matibini has already made a ruling on the deferment of BILL 10 DEBATE to a later date and that, its debate must be concluded within this sitting of Parliament, and so the ruling went. How on earth then can someone say BILL 10 is dead.
    Thanks to ECL for the wonderful freedom of speech we are enjoying through social media save for the Insults and lack of respect for the leaders and the elderly. There is need for the Law Association Zambia to be neutral for once. Not always being against the government of the day. ECL is one of you, just because he dismantled the so called CARTEL of opposition inclined lawyers who wanted to be more powerful than the LEGISLATURE then you hate him. Come on…

  17. Why are you scared of taking the bill to the people? Is it because you know that majority of the people don’t want it and so it will fail and all your MPs including those that you have bought from the opposition and who are busy boasting that they are speaking on behalf of their constituents will be exposed because the same constituents will publicly denounce the bill.

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