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Sunday Chanda backs President Lungu’s stance on Dr Chitalu Chilufya

Feature Politics Sunday Chanda backs President Lungu’s stance on Dr Chitalu Chilufya

Patriotic Front (PF) Media Director Sunday Chanda has backed President Edgar Lungu’s stance not to interfere with the justice system and uphold the right of any person to be presumed innocent until proved guilty by the due process of the law.

Mr Chanda says President Lungu as a lawyer and leader, who respects human rights in the country, is saying the fight against Corruption is crucial and must be energized but that it must be done within the confines of the law.

He says the Head of State is saying the fight against corruption must be fought within the provisions of the law, without political considerations because they only create political witchhunts.

Mr. Chanda says President Lungu has placed on record that any senior government official can be investigated, arrested but must be done without any prejudice and upholding Article 18 -two that states that everybody is innocent until proven guilty.

He has told ZNBC News in an interview that the country is moving away from a regime where senior government officials or those that are connected to the corridors of power are shielded from facing the due process of the law.

Mr. Chanda said President Lungu reserves the right to fire or suspend any official under investigation when they try to temper with investigations.

He said in the past there have been, individuals that had been accused and suffered so much damage by the so called court of public opinion and in the end, got acquitted.

Mr. Chanda said it is unfortunate that sometimes those that are supposed to uphold and promote human rights are not rising to defend the right of accused persons.


  1. Excellent wise words. I also agree with you brother. Just because an angry ex girlfriend makes allegations which are not proven , does not mean it should affect anyone’s job or source of income.

  2. Seems the only one who was unlucky was Emerine kabanshi or is the president simply playing double standards?

  3. President Lungu does not need your backing because the sort thieves PF is moving away from shielding like KZ are not that foolish to steal directly or epenly. Even kickbacks from all contractors and suppliers do not deposit corrupt cash directly into thieves accounts, except if account is held outside Zambia. However, there is overwhelming evidence in the manner, conduct and style of processing purchases and awarding contracts devoid of laid down policy. That forms the basis of corruption and any meaningful audit trail will lead to cash or assets corruptly acquired. Its for that reason that most PF ministers and cadres can not survive in the absence of PF regime. The wind is blowing in Zambia.

  4. Nanga Chishimba Kambwili? Is it Animal Farm?

    The truth is Lungu and Chitalu stole money together especially on the Hospital they built in Luwingu they overpriced 5 times the cost.

  5. Nothing to worry 2021 is just around the corner this nonsense will come to an end. Malawi has shown us a very good example we will do just the same. Kambashi was chased but it is so special with Chilu? Corruption is supported by the head KIkikikikiki Zambian politics. Animal farm, “ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME OTHER ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS”

  6. These are thieves remember his brother is former Post Master General who helped himself to social cash transfer meant for the poor he is no different to those thieving Zampost staff who temper with international post at the sorting office.

  7. Tarino do you still want dr chilufyas job ? Are you still jealous and envious? Work hard iwe

  8. “The leader cares about human rights” .is this a freaking joke…you people are crazy…you are going to jail. The so called president has failed to lead the country, how do you let someone still get paid with the tax payers money while on corruption charges. You can send this garbage to the street kids and the PF caders. I’m educated and I understand law very well. You are embarrassing your self by sending out a stupid statement like this.
    We all know why Chitalu is untouchable, have you ever heard of a pyramid case…one person goes down everyone goes down. It’s as simple as that.
    PF must go.

  9. We need to observe the rule of law…
    Firing Dr. Chilufya would be an infringement on his rights..and could potentially harm his presumption to innocent until proven guilty.
    It also goes to show the Independence of the investigative wings and the separation of powers. .
    The case is being investigated by ACC am not by the Ministry he heads

  10. Every person is innocent until the courts prove such a person guilty beyond any reasonable doubt .

  11. Let the competent courts of law Judge Dr Chilufya,not the court of Public opinion. He is a good worker, we can’t lose a hard working Minister in COVID times due to allegations.

  12. Its not about explaining many words but bukabolala nibukabolala. I dont know why you people ba ntolelefye you always defend ubupupu.
    If you are a thief and have stolen, your concience will tell you and keep on your head and your children’s children.

  13. A person is innocent until proven guilty.
    For the ACC to arrest him it means they did their investigations whilst he was in office, so why fire or suspend him, let the courts work on the case. If he will be found guilty then he will be replaced.

  14. Even companies place workers on leave while serious charges are investigated,

    looks like this is just a black mail stant on chilufya by lungu…..lungu now has him by the balls

  15. I saved up money when I was a laboratory assistant. It is not like I was poor before politics. It just that now I have a lot.

    Jealousy will kill you.

  16. ECL has even defiled the cliche” there is no honour among theives” .He has in actual sense honoured his fellow thief by not firing him.

  17. Immagin going to check out a potential school for your children and meeting the headmaster who is on bail for sexually abusing children ???

    That is how potential donner aid countries must feel looking at Zambia to donate aid to the health care system……

  18. Denial is not a strategy..I don’t think the PF administration understands the level of anger a lot of people are going through.
    People are pissed good luck trying to change the narrative.
    PF must Go.

  19. flag corruption scandals: 48 houses social security cash luxury presidential jet ambulances fire trucks mukula trees ndola-lusaka rd malawi maizegate fuelgate swaziland landgate zesco loans

    Rubbish! It is a world wide known convention (even in real, genuine democracies) that once you are suspected of serious crimes, especially those of corruption, let alone arrested, you step down in order to pave way for independent investigations. The ACC investigators who need access to information this guy is holding under his custody are likely his juniors; the potential witnesses are his employees and juniors, don’t you really see the problem here? This isn’t about infringement of his rights but an opportunity for him to clear his name without any suspicions of bias or interference. People need to have confidence in the justice system and this undermines that.
    By all means if you want him to continue getting his salary, you can suspend him with full pay. In fact he should step down…

  20. flag corruption scandals: 48 houses social security cash luxury presidential jet ambulances fire trucks mukula trees ndola-lusaka rd malawi maizegate fuelgate swaziland landgate zesco loans

    …In fact he should step down on his own.
    What a failed project this Zambia is! And these not so clever and corrupt to the core Chanda and his Kaizar Zulu friend above are apparently the leaders who call the shots on national governance… no wonder we are a failed sh!th0le!

  21. Zampost once had a monopoly moving parcels within Zambia. Due to thieving by their staff, competitors saw a chance. The rest is history. That’s just one example of hw crime harms society. And yet one of the competitors DHL is owned by the German post office.

  22. When the arrest is done by government wings, it is assumed that it has substance. It’s a big big dent that no one can remove. The courts don’t remove corruption dents but inflate them when peoples expectations are not met. PF has just given the opposition another life line. The arrest should have not just taken place in the absence of a possible and eminent prison sentence a year before elections

  23. Neutral Comment – If Chilufya stole then the PS, Senior Civil Servants should be arrested as well a minister can not just steal alone…all this charges will be dropped and come 2021 you will not chase these thieves for bigger cases.


  25. When I heard that stupidity and idiocy are common and cheap commodities readily found at every fool’s market, I did not believe until I read this article.

    Can the same corrupt stinking mouths declaring Chilufya innocent explain how Emmerine Kabanshi is different from everyone who is innocent until proven guilty?

    It is better to use the brain before speaking than using the belly.

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