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President Lungu directs NAPSA and Council to quickly complete Intercity Bus Terminus

Economy President Lungu directs NAPSA and Council to quickly complete Intercity Bus Terminus

President Edgar Lungu has directed the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) and Livingstone City Council to quickly complete the construction of the Livingstone intercity bus terminus.

President Lungu is not happy that the project has delayed due to misunderstandings between the two partners.

He says people want quick completion of the project and that any further delay should not be allowed.

President Lungu said this shortly before Commissioning the NAPSA owned Mosi-Oa-Tunya Livingstone Resort Hotel in Livingstone.
And, NAPSA Director General Yollard Kachinda assured the President that issues that surrounded the delay on the construction works have been resolved.

Mr. Kachinda told President Lungu that the construction of the bus terminus will be completed within 12 months.

Meanwhile, Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale said he is happy that works on the construction of the bus terminus will soon resume adding that it has been expensive to keep the contractor on site.


  1. Should NAPSA really be investing in hotels? Will they operate it also or they will invite a hotelier to lease it from them?

  2. This moron Edgar goes everywhere on his weekend holiday directing people not finding out what the problem is

  3. This kabova president just works on directives. Are there no proper channels of doing things?

    PF must go!

  4. Ati

    “….My hard working president this is timely advice….”

    I told you , the morron lungu makes sure there are no systems in place or no one is held accountable so things never work and he has a chance for a photo opportunity to issue directives to dupe his dull PF rats , ati hard working….

  5. Spaka it is Friday. Why are you always angry Monday to Monday. You must lead a very sad life. Are you divorced? As for me I am spending my evening having a drink whilst listening to my fav music and practising my victory dance for 2021.

  6. What about your butty run from Mandahill to Avondale complex you promised if you lose n it’s most likely?

  7. Kaizar ZuIu © 

    “….Spaka it is Friday. Why are you always angry Monday to Monday. You must lead a very sad life. Are you divorced?….”

    How can I not be angry when the thugs who gassed my people leading to mass murder are being shielded by lungu ????

  8. Why can’t ECL get to the bottom of the problem instead of giving a directive?

    This is poor leadership

  9. we’ve these many problems because lungu isn’t capable of running a country. and then he’s surrounded himself with clueless greedy and unconscionable people like kaiza
    go to bbc Africa and you’ll read that Tanzania has now become a middle-income country, it’s had the fastest growing rate in the world for the last couple of years. look at their new and ambitious electric train system underway. Zambia has no real leaders, it’s a shame really
    kaiza you keep on getting at spaka , what do you expect when all you do is praise lungu even in instances where he has f ucked up. kaiza your comments and praises of lungu are an insult to smart hardworking Zambias. the p f are a selfish and clueless bunch

  10. “I would say that hundreds of people suspected something was amiss with the Madoff operation. If you look at who the victims were not, you’ll notice that the major firms on Wall Street had no money with Mr. Madoff,” Markopolos said.
    “I’m quoting from the letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission, red flag number 20. ‘Madoff is suspected of being a fraud by some of the world’s largest, most sophisticated financial services firms.’ And then you list some of the firms,” Kroft said. “The biggest firms on Wall Street. And conversations with people high up in those firms.”

    “That is correct. And the SEC ignored that,” Markopolos said. “All the SEC had to do was pick up the phone. They never did.”
    “If you had executives at the biggest investment houses on Wall Street…

  11. @chisebwe Wall Street that knew something was wrong, why do you think they didn’t go to the SEC?” Kroft asked.
    “Because people in glass houses don’t throw stones. And self regulation on Wall Street doesn’t work,” Markopolos said.”

  12. Mukolwe indeed you are a kolwe because any sensible person would know that Zambia achieved middle income country status many years ago. Your ignorance is shocking on matters to do with Zambia. I am sure you are a diasporan who has the mentality of anything other than Zambian being the best. I am on the ground and interact with voters and if my people tell me the president is doing a good job who am I to say otherwise.

  13. Authorities tasked with such projects should be diligent and ensure to deliver to the citizenry the benefits of these.

    Dock their pay and give officials involved, an under performance work assessment. Even better sack!!

  14. This bus station was nearly complete in 2012 but a contractor took the money to do the parking lot and never did the work.
    also this photo that LT put up is not the bus station its the new informal market building that was never completed in 2012, all these projects were built for the WTO when Zim and Zam hosted it .

  15. When was the own of the fund ask about this investment? How will the money ever paid back and at what interest rate? Recall bus stations in this country are managed by cadres, how will this benefit the employees…..
    Only quest8

  16. They think they will print their way out of financial and economic trouble. It’s not going to work. And why build the hotel in Livingstone? Does the twn really need another hotel whn those that are there are finding it hard to put heads on pillows? Do NAPSA directors know this? Are they even interested in knowing it? And why should Lungu come into NAPSA investment decision-making? NAPSA themselves should approach the office of president if they need help as they did to acquire the land where Levy Junction stands. They sought help from LPM over the land as it was government-owned but the investment decision was theirs.

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