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UPND accuse PF of traversing the Country to look for UPND Councillors to Buy

Feature Politics UPND accuse PF of traversing the Country to look for UPND Councillors...

The UPND on the Copperbelt says it is aware that the PF mob that traverses the Republic to look for UPND Councillors to buy, is currently in the province with a mission to buy its Lambaland Councillors.

UPND Copperbelt Province Chairman Elias Matambo says the PF mob is offering huge sums of money to buy off local government elected representatives in order to create an impression that UPND is in a crisis.

Mr Matambo said this is aimed at cause expensive and unnecessary by elections, that they will heavily rig in order to massage an ego that their popularity on the Copperbelt is surging.

He said nothing can be further from the truth.

Mr Matambo says the Lambaland is a UPND stronghold with four constituencies namely, Mpongwe, Masaiti, Lufwanyama and Kafulafuta and have a total of 51 Councillors in the entire Copperbelt.

“The PF are aware of our strength on the Copperbelt Rural, and are therefore intent on destabilizing our structures with stolen money from civil servants’ unremitted dues to various banks, which they are converting for these corrupt expedition”, he said.

Mr Matambo said the UPND mission in Lambaland and the rest of the Copperbelt is clear, solid, complete and compelling and that is to liberate Zambia from the injustices, corruption, mediocrity and incompetence of the PF administration.

He said Lambaland is therefore not for sale to the highest bidder and UPND Councillors there must choose patriotism above self interest and PF patronage that only seeks temporary economic relief.

“Like our Malawian brothers and sisters, let us resist temptation and look at the bigger picture of social and economic justice and emancipation of our people, from the shackles of the PF corruption, tribalism, violence and incompetence”, he has advised.

Mr Matambo said this is not the time to surrender conscience and sell their birthright and democratic values to the plunderers and thieves of the economic and mineral wealth which they have sold to foreigners for a song.

He urged UPND Councilors to refuse and reject to be part of this filthy legacy, for the sake of their children and future generations.

“Zambia is our heritage and we have nowhere else to go but Zambia. We must therefore protect our great nation by ensuring that the PF’s corrupt machinations are halted because it’s darkest before dawn and our final victory beckons”, he added in a statement.


  1. I think these UPND councilors are as corrupt as the PF. If they are as ethical as they want us to believe, all these ward and parliamentary bye elections wouldn’t have arisen in the past.
    It takes two to tangle.
    Catch two committing adultery; punish them both and not just the woman!

  2. As we get closer to election we will see this from upnd. They always cry wolf even before the election has happened. Ask them to provide evidence and they will start mumbling away. They know what awaits them in 2021. Look I am not a upnd supporter but even I can tell you as a party that your biggest huddle is your leadership. As long as hh continues to force himself as leader and so long as no non Tonga is ever given a chance to rule, you will never form government. That is free advice. You can choose to use it or disregard it. Choice is yours

  3. I don’t like this Malawi thing. But off course we are all admiring their New sober President.
    Zambia is adavanced, UPND can win elections single handedly, and they will allow better opposition to thrive.

  4. Don’t look like you have fallen victims when you are perpetrators. Why do ward leaders allow to be bribed? Are they leaders of integrity? If as allegations say, some opposition big fishes are busy phoning the president in the darkness of the night for favours, what is more at grassroot level?

  5. Useless chairman, this party what’s wrong with it. Everyday it’s complaining they think they will win ballot out of people being sorry for them.

  6. Don’t see why not…….

    If the fruit orchard is ripe for picking, it’d be foolish not to……

  7. This not a complaint baba but a reality. PF kuya bebele. Councillors can not change the minds of us Zambians. We all know that they are paid little money now to find huge sum in exchange of thier positions when what remains cannot meet the rest of what they can earn for the remaining months, kupoka no kileka. Its a Jackpot gotten.

  8. This shows how corrupt upnd is . If they can sell their councillors for a few Kwachas now what more if we put them in power…..Nichalo kugulisa.

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