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Clamp down on the Theft of Medicines, Dr Chilufya tells Medical Stores

Dr Chilufya with the new Medical Stores Limited board of directors
Dr Chilufya with the new Medical Stores Limited board of directors

Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya has encouraged the new Medical Stores Limited board of directors to clamp down pilferage of medicines.

Dr. Chilufya said if the scourge is allowed it may deny many Zambians from accessing medicine, against the principals of the Patriotic Front Government which believes in Universal Health Care.

“That woman from Shangombo and other areas need to access this medicine, so we need for the medicine to be safeguarded,” he said .

He said sustainable development hinges on health and productive workforce, prompting Government to place more investment in the health of the Zambian population.

He added that this will help attain a healthy workforce to drive the social economic development agenda.

Dr. Chilufya was speaking when he unveiled the new Medical Stores Limited board of directors on Friday in Lusaka.

“Investing in health systems, repositioning to ensure that we aspire for universal health coverage is our target. Health for everyone, health for all is the target that Government has set,” he added.

“Investing in health systems recognises the need to address the fundamental coke known us the supply chain of medicines and medical supplies.”

The new board of directors will comprise of Ms. Kakulubelwa Mulalelo (Chairperson), Mr. James Kapesa (Vice Chairperson), Mr. Mulenga Mulenba (Member) Mr. Zubir Dasu (Member), Mr. Marlon Banda (Member ),Mrs. Lizzy Mukwasa (Member )Mrs. Mwenya Bwalya (Member ) and Mr. Aven Muvwende (Member)


  1. Is this a joke? The biggest thief in Zambian health industry telling Directors of MS to clamp down on pilfering…really laughable…this is why our incept President should have put him on leave or suspension.

  2. Not only is he suspected of corruption but he is also incompetent. People are freely stealing medicine, he has just admitted to it.
    State House, are you still standing by your man?

  3. Typical of thieves language to hoodwink and cover up their thefts. Who can believe what Dr Chilufya Chitalu says when he who is at the core of theft allegations, arrested by ACC released and shielded by statehouse. This is the dilemma PF will have to lie to Zambians in 2021 elections as a party that fights corruption. Zambians have extremely suffered at the disguise of innocence until proven in courts of law. Which courts of law, who has ever been prosecuted of corruption going on in the nation. Its a joke, Zambians have a choice to make. Confidence in justice has been eroded in PF government.

  4. Chilufya has lost weight instantly, is it because of covid-19 he suffered or corruption allegations?

  5. Minister who is on Police bond telling people who are not Bond?? …….. story leaves a sour after taste.

  6. A thief pretending to be innocent and yet deep down his heart he knows he stole. What a shame to this Chilufya Chitalu and his kabova president.

    PF must go!

  7. The reason I’ve decided to take part in voting is to kick out this gang of naked thieves.

    PF must go!

  8. This is very funny indeed. What has PF taken us for? Our leaders are the thieves and try to make innocent citizens look like thieves. First of all this Chilufya guy needs to be suspended but he still in office like he has no pending case. What message are we sending to our donors? It’s such leadership that makes Africans look like perpetual beggers when we have a rich continent. 2021 Kuya Bebele

  9. State House will still stand by this thief because they have to support their fellow thief.

  10. ARVs worth millions of Dollars have been lost at MS during your tenure as Minister and no one has gone to prison. Can you decentralize the procurement process? The current setup promotes grand corruption. You have built empty medical hubs that aren’t serving any public interest except that of the players. Can you learn to consult, we can advise you for free on how to run an efficient system. Michael Sata who wasn’t even a medical doctor still remains among the best Ministers in that Ministry.

  11. Timely advice. To the illiterate and ignorant diasporans above, please point me to any evidence that dr chilufya is a convicted thief. The amount of hate coming out from the like of tarino makes me think he wanted dr chilufya job. Please you can’t hold such a post with your ignorance and anger. You are a faeces wiping doctor there in diaspora. Hahaha

  12. Kikiki!!! This is the very reason why such people should not be in the office when they are being summoned to answer charges of theft and corruption. Can these Directors take him seriously when he himself is being interrogated over theft and corruption charges. Just what did we do to wrong to “deserve” this kind of leaders. Very hard to digest – I wish he sent someone else there!!!! Yaaba!!!
    Who is to blame?
    What a disaster!!!!

  13. You will not hear a word from the inept corrupt coward theif in statehouse……

    Lungu should have gone before cameras and microphones to defend his position of not letting chilufya go on leave …….

    But the crook lungu pretends like he has not heard the clamour for a press conference from him…..disgusting theif.

    By the way lungu , we have not forgotten how you oversaw the gassing of our people leading to mass murder of more than 50 innocent civilians were killed…….one day soon , you won’t be able to hide in statehouse.

    Kawalala ewee….


  14. The job of of a gangster boss is to protect his gang members at all times, and by any means necessary. Gangster in chief Lungu understands that rule. That’s why he protects such slimy bandits like this guy Chilufya from getting prosecuted. They’re all thieves. They belong to the same gang. How do you expect Edgar Al Capone Lungu to suspend Chilufya and cause him to be vulnerable to prosecution? And now this thief Chilufya is playing innocent, advising others not to steal, thus trying to hoodwink unsuspecting Zambians. Zambians are not fooools though, as they can easily see through this clown Chilufya’s hypocrisy and BS. PF bandits, you’re all going to prison next year.

  15. A schooler once said ‘When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in society ,over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authourizes it and a moral code that glorifies it .’
    This is exactly what we are experiencing in Zambia .

  16. Mr. Thief Minister you are mad..If you don’t go to jail this year you are going to jail next year.
    All those properties in Mansa belongs to the people of Zambia.
    You are a thief and you are not in any position to be telling people anything.
    Under normal circumstances you should have been fired a long time ago.
    PF must go.

  17. Tanzania has now officially entered the middle income bracket joining Kenya in the category but ifwe kuwayawaya fye. We need a Magufuli kind of leader in Zed n HH ticks that box.

  18. The say when a person stays near a toilet that stinks at first he will dispise the stench of urine and feacal matter coming out of the toilet. As time goes by he get used to it and he will no longer dislike the smell of from that toilet . Just because smell yabelela .. same as mu Zambia corruption,stealing,loadsheeding and many more have became a normal thing now.The leaders who are employed by the people in govt are now Masters instead of being servants for the people who put them in office.

  19. Just shut your beak and we may even be tempted to think that you are wise. As it stands you should be saying that to yourself, dishonourable Chilufya.

  20. Mr. President for once fire this minister,what are you scared of??? The school he built,who financed it, the houses and properties he owns, review his salary against his properties!!! Fire him or Zambians will fire you out in 2021

  21. Lungu is acting neglegently by not firing this man Chilufya Chitalu . By the time the case strarts ,there will be no evidence left at the Ministry of health thanks to Lungu and his friends .

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