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China will consider cancelling interests on Zambia’s debt, says Chinese Ambassador

Economy China will consider cancelling interests on Zambia’s debt, says Chinese Ambassador

Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie says China will consider cancelling interests on Zambia’s debt to that country that was supposed to mature by the end of 2020.

Mr. Li says China will also extend the debt repayment period for Zambia.

He says this is to allow Zambia recover from the current economic challenges which have been caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Mr. LI said this when President Edgar Lungu commissioned houses for Police offices in Mazabuka.

He also said Zambia will be one of the first Countries to benefit from the Covid-19 vaccine once it is found by China.

And speaking at the same function President Lungu urged youths and the people of Southern Province to uphold peace.

President Lungu said people should not listen to those who are asking them to engage in acts of violence.

He said those involved will face the full wrath of the law as their actions will also deter development in the area.

The Head of State said police officers will remain vigilant and deal with troublemakers.

Meanwhile, Hundreds of Mazabuka residents thronged the streets to catch a glimpse of President Lungu.

The residents cheered the head of state motorcade as it passed through the central business district to go where he was launching the housing project for police officers.

And Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo said officers who maintain law and order deserve to be motivated.


  1. All this after Tarino and his mob tore apart our Chinese partners over Sampa’s dramatics. Vintu vina ungaseke mwe.

  2. People were celebrating thinking the whole debt would be cancelled.

    It is only the interest that would get deferred.

    Read the small print.

    The fact is we can never afford to pay back the loans, unless these monies are recovered from the people that stole it.

  3. Lets talk above, exactly. This shows that our relationship with China is that of a partnership. Meanwhile upnd and its majority diasporan would want you to ignore and hate China because they get funding from western LGBTQ Organisations. The opposition went to paint china negatively for the wrong doing of a few Chinese people as if there are no zambian who do err. Every society has bad eggs but does not mean the entire society is thr same. I would rather we give China priority over the UK because China gives us that type of priority too

  4. They were happy to sign grossly inflated loans for infrastructure when we told them not to the usual end result is failure to payback…what a shame I see no reason for these empty tins to continue in govt.

  5. They were happy to sign grossly inflated loans for infrastructure when we told them not to the usual end result is failure to payback…what a shame I see no reason for these emptytins to continue in govt.

  6. They were happy to sign grossly inflated loans for infrastructure when we told them not to the usual end result is failure to payback

  7. My view is that China is behaving in this manner exactly because of pressure from those opposed to its aggressive economic moves in Africa. It has been forced to behave, otherwise if it was given a free hand and do as it pleases, it can take over Africa. Look at what it is doing to Hong Kong

  8. Begging of patronage now selling Zambian values and souls for the sake of poverty – KZ begin to speak Mandarin, to indigenous, Chinese disguising infestors will be reversed.

  9. Ofcourse the Chinese can do this,

    after all they know how corrupt and hopless lungu and PF are……….

    they will make up that money in a few years while lungu will remain begging and selling zambia for as long as he is in office……

  10. Are there any people who know the history of hegemony among nations starting from say the Roman empire, the Netherlands, Spain, Britain and the slowly emerging one of China? There are vital lessons to learn.

  11. I should hv mentioned the one being threatened, the USA hegemony after the fallen one, the British one.

  12. Kaizar ZuIu the UK you are referring to wouldn’t allow you near any sensitive institution including the President given your record. No wonder you find comfort in dealing with the Chinese in our “bedroom” exploiting our resources and your unpatriotic triats, lack of accountability makes you salivate all the way to the bank.
    Time is flying, I hear Mulugusi Textiles is about to be reopened, haha, why now. How much are the Chinese pumping into the PF 2021 campaign, I guess it’s not of public interest to you.

  13. An ignorant African who has does not know who he is( e.g. diasporans above) will support a society that kneels on the neck of a fellow black man until murder and one that systematically discriminates against him over the Chinese who are in fact open to partnerships and willing to learn African culture.

  14. Look at the unprincipled Impostor just last week the Punchinello was dancing when British Ambassador visited Bowman today its Britain he is spitting at where he is based …anyway as an impostor you can be anything!!

  15. Tarino just like the pathetic upnd mps who run away from parliament, you have found it easier to allege that I am an imposter than respond to the issues raised. I don’t need to satisfy your insecure mind as to being KZ because I know who i am. I do not hide behind a fake name such as tarino,to spread hate and faeces all over this site. The only thing I am guilty of is redirecting my IP to a fake British one for security purposes. It seems you will never get that in your thick skull because it would mean then you would need to respond to my substantive comments- something that you cannot manage to do as a pea brained mangwam

  16. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth. But the line about Zambians being one of the first beneficiaries of the Chinese Covid-19 vaccine is a bit alarming! Does the deal hinge on us being used as guinea pigs?

  17. Just cancel the debts! After all we have given you more than you deserve of our land, Mukula, Minerals, etc! If you are “All weather friends,” you will do more than that!

  18. This KZ or his clone is really an ignorant human being, just his hate for people from the diaspora says a lot about his self loathing. Surely you know your so called friendship is just bussiness, the Chinese gain influence and resources, you can pilfer and steal the Chinese money with no oversight. If you want to talk about the blackman killed by a policeman, can you see the difference? Black, white and other decent human beings are all protesting because it is wrong, fullstop. What about the Zambians killed by the police? Is it ok because its Zambian on Zambian? Cant you see the difference? Regardless of their shortfalls the western world you are so fond of criticising have got a bit of heart, hence the free money you get and steal meant for sanitation and health. The diasporians you…

  19. Pluralist you are a typical coon. So to you the Chinese gain influence and resources but the western world has a good heart for us ? You are a living version of uncle ruckus

  20. Kaiser Zulu you are worse than those who kneel on the necks of blacks. How do you justify this “Natuka chita ka cikala…kalemona kwati ni ka President nako. In fact Ba (kakoma) Kankanja is very weak if I didn’t direct him upto now that ka cikala would still be enjoying the comfort of his house,” Kaiser Zulu was heard bragging before Kampyongo interjected,
    “Awe kachepa sana. We are in charge …we are serious operatives. In fact kulefwayika fye kafwile mu jele. Ni mweba Amos you are too soft this should have been done immediately we came from Mongu,” said Kampyongo.

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