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Electoral Commission of Zambia will not extend the 30-day Voter Registration

ECZ CEO Patrick Nshindano
ECZ CEO Patrick Nshindano

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) says it will not extend the 30-day voters registration exercise timeframe.

ECZ Chief Executive Officer Patrick Nshindano says this is because everything must be prepared and set towards the date that has already been enshrined in the Constitution for the 2021 General Elections in August.

Mr. Nshindano says the commission is currently undertaking training and setting up equipment that will capture the targeted NINE Million people.

Speaking to ZNBC News in Lusaka, Mr. Nshindano urged Zambian Citizens to turn up in numbers and register as voters.

Mr. Nshindano has urged various stakeholders to engage citizens on the importance of voting.


  1. In the meantime PF are accelerating NRC issuewances in their strong holds only and refugee camps ……

  2. Iwee Nshindono ad ba PF u think this country is in yo pocket. We know yo plans ad yo cartel wht u want to do, 30 days of vote registration is not enough to capture the whole country ad y a doing things as if this is the first election to be held? Zambia calo che su bonse. You subjecting the nation to be on a panic mode, 30 days is not enough ad with the issue of covid-19 issue how is this going to be possible. Ad in densely populated area few people will be registered as registration will be very slow by observing social distance. People will be frustrated due to long queues moving at snail pace, ad don’t expect thm to stand in queues for long hours whn they hv to be working or looking for survival in this hard times.
    Change ad let this elections be for all Zambians ad not few greedy…

  3. Upnd will soon cry about this and run to the same courts they criticize. I think let me enrol at ZIALE so that I become lawyer to represent UPND. can you imagine the money you can make out of these cry babies haha

  4. Good ECZ is coming up with fresh register. This is cause for UPND to be worried because that 1m+ voters in Southern Province is not real at all

  5. @chenda l call u a fool becos u not thinking of any good for this nation who are the people bt for yourself. Addition you’re a greed fool, ad if Zambia will multiple of people of yo type, we going nowhere as a nation. Think for a better Zambia for all not yourself.

  6. Definitely coming to vote and thanks for the heads up regarding voters verification; shall be there for that too.

  7. More time for UPND to petition results but not enough time to enable citizens rights to vote?
    Sad thing is opposition parties will be caught off guard because they are too slow for this game. I would urge the Youths to register in large numbers and hung PF and ECZ on their own “Electoral Gallows.” Whosoever diggeth the pit shall fall and burry in it!

  8. A callous strategy by the PF led government, as the Covid-19 pandemic is being used to curtail opposition parties from interacting with their followers and would be voters to share thoughts on national issues as regards governance or progress. With the collusion of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) together and the National Registration office on where and how to issue registration cards (NRC’s), all meant to discourage or disenfranchise a greater number of qualifying first time voter register enrollments and from participating in elections. These are obvious means of killing democracy and then when governments’ leaders change due to the peoples vote and decision for regime change many in administrations sweat and cry as leadership of institutions experience ‘cleansing’ or are…

  9. contd….. just purged! People the times are changing and that the youth once considered the silent respectful majority have lifted their voice just brings forth the reality that “New Management” does not mix with obsolete static management!

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