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Venture into business in order to secure a bright future, Former Finance Minister Tells Youths

Margaret Mwanakatwe at the Youth Events in Her Constituency
Margaret Mwanakatwe at the Youth Events in Her Constituency

Lusaka Central Member of Parliament Hon Margaret Mwanakatwe has encouraged youths in her constituency to venture into business in order to secure a bright future.

Hon Mwanakatwe says a lot of people are entering into business because they have seen the value of doing business rather than depending on white color jobs.

The Lawmaker said this when she met youths at Church of God, at a meeting organized by four churches from Bauleni.

About two hundred youths attended the meeting and engaged their MP on issues affecting them.

Pastor Mzyeche Kalombola from Central African Christian Church made a presentation on behalf of the youths that they want empowerment in sectors such as agriculture, transport, aquaculture and block making.

Hon Mwanakatwe promised to deliver these empowerments to the youths in Bauleni very soon.

“Are these the things I can fail to deliver to you? I will give you what you have requested me and very soon, and I repeat, very soon you will see these things delivered to you. Yesterday I was empowering women from State House area with chickens and feed, what can stop me from empowering you the energetic youths,” she stated.

“Let me encourage all of you gathered here that let’s try to do business. There is money in aquaculture, agriculture, livestock farming, the list is endless. All I can assure you is that I will be here to support you youths. All we need to do is to meet like this and discuss the way forward. So I promise to continue engaging you as we develop Bauleni together.”

Hon Mwanakatwe challenged the youths to be innovative and work hard for them to make it in life.

And Kalumbila Multipurpose Cooperative Society LTD Chairman General Kennedy Chilekwa Mambwe, who was backed by his Chief Executive Officer Collins Mthwalo Zulu, said the cooperative has a total of 24 mines and twelve farms specifically for youths.

He encouraged the youths to be innovative and work hard in order to partner with fellow youths in creating wealth.

Margaret Mwanakatwe addressing the Youths at the Youth Events in Her Constituency
Margaret Mwanakatwe addressing the Youths at the Youth Events in Her Constituency
Margaret Mwanakatwe addressing the Youths at the Youth Events in Her Constituency
Margaret Mwanakatwe addressing the Youths at the Youth Events in Her Constituency

Some of the Youths that Attended the Event
Some of the Youths that Attended the Event


  1. These campaign approach, were you lie to people just to get votes must stop. For 9 years you have been in govt you, as minister of finance, have done nothing for the youth. Your government has done nothing for them. Govt has no plans for youth. Nothing. Today be cause of coming elections, you are boasting that you can’t fail shinga shinga. You have failed for 9 years. PF are visionless.

  2. You have only empowered uneducated, visionless kaizer. Without Lungu’s uluse he would be nothing. After Lungu is kicked out he will be going to jail.

  3. Twende the article is about youth empowerment rather than KZ. Stop behaving like a disgruntled youth who is so lazy to read. The hon MP is speaking sense. The problem with mostly the privileged youth who have attained higher education is that they think they are too good for certain jobs and certain businesses. They have an inflated sense of importance. And don’t understand that you need to start from somewhere. For example I came from a very poor background whereby as a family we sometimes went without meals and had to beg at one point. I sold mangoes to earn money for food while attending school. I am now serving my government in a senior role while running my own businesses too. If I can do it, why can’t you ba youth. Kz

  4. Dont mind this drunkard Aunty Maggie, its okay for her and her fellow cadres to urge you to venture into business because she can go to CEEC get a loan and not payback…she lamentably failed at finance and was reduced to an absolute drunkard stupor instead of talking about jobs she created she wants you to all be in business. Just get all the loans the handout and vote them out.

  5. Iwee KZ Twende is 100% right, they hv empowered u to bootlick them instead for the youth. The “minister” severed this nation ad did nothing, she ad friends hs looted the nation treasury ad never did they up with plans to aid the youth ad today she comes with stories, we a tired of yo stories. Jst enjoy yo loot now b4 u a caged madam.

  6. KZ you reacted to my comment. And you have given your back ground in the process. OK. For starters am not a youth. Am past jobs. Am in business also. I was just trying to get your attention, as a man who could have the president’s ear. Now that you yourself are from such a background surely, just like is the case to majority Zambians, people would expect that you in privileged positions can advise govt to come up with DELIBERATE PROGRAMS to empower the many Zambians that are trying hard to better their lives. How, you might ask? I continue down

  7. KZ I continue: Deliberate policies.
    1. In Farming: govt through Ministry if Agriculture, can create a mentorship program for small scale farmers & upstarts. Mentorship backed by a revolving loan scheme. How? You get experienced farmers so that they spare hands on time to teach Zambians how its done, practically. On their farms. Zambia has commercial farmers. These white people. As their way of giving back, they can spare time. Other countries like Israel & Egypt have a very good extension officer program were they first start with irrigation systems down to crop production. I know you may argue about our own extebtion officers. But our challenge is that our extension officers maybe from straight from school or don’t have hands on experience or are themselves in need of empowerment to…

  8. KZ, I continue on farming empowerment.
    The next VERY IMPORTANT ASPECT IS FINANCE. We hear the President tell Zambians to take farming seriously. He does sound sincere. But when we look on the ground, people want to, but APA kuma ukupoko. You with that back ground you gave should know this. So govt, thru the ministery could come up with a fund.
    You will be surprised what people can do with K20 pin, K50 pin loans. To ensure that monies go to intended uses govt can have an approach were cash is not given to people but paid to suppliers for the goods they need on the farms. This can be supervised through that mentorship. And these monies should be paid back under sift terms. That way the fund replenishes to enable others. These need streamlining. But its such programs that are lacking. And…

  9. KZ, i can similarly elaborate on Small Scale Enterprises (SMEs)
    Similar, deliberate programs where govt is hands on. I can write a book, because i have seen govts that have done this & they do this. But then you, you have issues with diaspora & diasporans. Some of us have been to the diaspora & are back & we can tell you how things are done different. Its takes small monies to get people working & they are not angry with govt. You will be surprised that the price of 20 of those Range Rovers you are driving, if given to productive people can change lives of people equivalent to a town like Kabwe, which is decaying

  10. A schooler Federic Bastiat once said ‘When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in society ,over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authourizes it and a moral code that glorifies it .’
    This is exactly what we are experiencing in Zambia .These thugs need to stop Kanswata who was just a poor miner in Chililabombwe now a mansion builder in Lusaka .

  11. Takes money to make money, most of these youth are broke and to start a businesses you need working capitol and no bank will lend you the money as you have no assets, so instead talk from this useless person , set up a fund from funds PF has stolen to help these youth.

  12. @Twende, KZ has nothing to offer to Zambia or PF regime – he is an exposed person with a string of criminal records, currently shielded by state house. KZ writes on this site to glorify sufferings of Zambians enduring hardship. Kaiser boasts and backs corruption that he is part of, and redicules all Zambians in diaspora, as you say its a shame, his corruptly acquired assets would have developed many towns in Zambia.

  13. @Twende why waste your time communicating to a fake KZ account. That’s just some diasporan in the UK who has nothing better to do than shamelessly masquerade as KZ.

  14. Twende thank you for your elaborate comments. I have copied them and will review them in detail. I will subsequently submit them to our policy team. This is what we want. We want people to tell us how they think we can help them as that facilitates development and achievement of everyone’s aspirations. One thing I would add twende is that please also try at first port to contact official relevant government departments with your views as here they might get lost with all the trolling comments from sad diasporans as you will have noticed from the above comments. Thank you for taking time to Express your views and I hope you have a blessed day. Kaizar Z.

  15. It’s good Hon Mwanakatwe has taken some time to do service to Youths and citizens, assisting with practical help and ideas.

    The wisdom in her message must resonant in the minds of the Youths. All around the world the young struggle to find their way. It’s not easy even in richer Western countries. It’s about life and God’s plan for life on Earth. In the Bible God’s Paradise promises us, life with no sickness, death or sorrows. We shall each have our own homes no one shall live in other people’s homes (renting). But intriguingly, it states clearly, that we shall have Work, satisfying Work! Work was created for man so it’s a sin for govts not to set up economies that empower ALL. So our Earth life is a practice for better things to come. Strive, Thrive. Don’t cause…

  16. Work was created for man so it’s a sin for govts not to set up economies that empower ALL. So our Earth life is a practice for better things to come. Strive, Thrive. Don’t cause destruction of your country for the benefit of old men to obtain power.

    Take initiative to use the Internet/Social Media for other things other than maligning your govt with insults. Instagram, eBay, Amazon, to sell your creative efforts, Bangles, tie dye T Shirts……African Printed fabrics, your own art work. Gather a group, Make film media of your collaborations, post it so others can see your talents. BE CREATIVE God said in Genesis, one of the abilities we should have is to create…just like him. Unleash that Talent in you. Think the impossible and hone it into possibility. God Bless Youths!

  17. Starting a business is not as easy as just giving the youths money to start the business. Soon or later if they don’t understand the concept of being in a business or running a business they will be back at where they started if not worse due to debt. If you really want to empower the youths create a program at which the aspiring youths who want to venture into business can show or prove they are ready for the task that lies ahead. There is a fine line between being in business and being a businesswoman or man.

  18. What business when existing businesses are failing. High dollar with high cost of doing business like high zesco tariffs etc and low spending power of consumers which youth would be so dull as to venture into starting a business in such an environment.

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