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Lusaka bars warned for breaking the Anti-Covid -19 restrictions

General News Lusaka bars warned for breaking the Anti-Covid -19 restrictions

Close to 50 bars in Lusaka have been warned for breaking the Anti-Covid -19 restrictions.

The bars have been conducting business in disregard of the Presidential decree that they should remain shut until the Covid-19 situation improves.

Among the 50 bars that have received a warning is Cappello Pub and Grill at Lewanika Mall in Woodlands whose license has been confiscated.

Cappello Pub and Grill management has also been summoned by the local authority for exculpation.

This follows night operations conducted during the long weekend by the State and Council Police.

And Lusaka City Council Public Relations Manager George Sichimba says restaurants and liquor stores were also found abrogating the Covid 19 measures.

Mr. SICHIMBA says authorities have observed that most liquor stores have taken advantage of the holiday to turn their premises into drinking spots.

He has warned that the local Authority working with the state Police will ensure the anti Covid-19 measures are followed during the long weekend through intensified patrols.


  1. You want bars to remain shut when the dull President is flying all over the country every weekend spreading the virus.

  2. I don’t understand the insistence to drink in a bar when you can get the same satisfaction drinking at home. If more people drank at home, we would have fewer car accidents.

  3. @Zennia if you are a MAN and banakudyesa , you are free to drink from home…why force others….. Bushe nikafa my accident ni problem yaNYOKO!!

  4. Can we all respect the president’s directive. We all want to go out and have a good time..however if you continue not complying you will delay the relaxation and opening of bars. I myself enjoy mingling with friends and family especially so in kafue but I understand that life is more important than one night of fun. If i can resist it why can’t you?

  5. Open the bars and restaurants please! Visit mtendere market, city market, town centre market, buseko market: they are worse off than CHICAGO’S, CAPPELLO, GRAND DADDY’S, KEG, CHEZ NTEMBA & PADDY BLUES put together! our waiters, waitresses and door bouncers have families to feed please. Enough of this song of ice and fire (G.O.T) nonsense. God has apparently spared Africa from the worst consequences of this horrid pandemic, let us appreciate and utilize our good luck. africa fye!!!

  6. Why is the focus so much on restaurants like Chicago’s, cappelo and not casinos, LCC should do the same, just opens bars, the UK inspite of having suffered a serious covid attack than Zambia has reopened bars, restaurants, hair salons and so far so good. We know you want to continue using covid for your various reasons but please allow bars to open

  7. Iwe kz are you not the one exchanging word’s with her Honor mayor of Lusaka girlfriend to Nchimunya. What are you telling us

  8. @BAR_LOVER – Have I touched a raw nerve in your gums?? Of course you can drink yourself to oblivion, on one is stopping you. Am only concerned for the innocent lives that might be lost encountering you driving in a drunken state. Be sensible!

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