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Ward by elections being induced by the PF are a drain not only on the national coffers

Headlines Ward by elections being induced by the PF are a drain not...

UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka says the ward by elections being induced by the PF are a drain not only on the national coffers but political parties as well.

Mr Katuka says the monthly ward by elections are not pleasing to opposition political parties.

He is saddened that Zambia is now holding by elections every month caused by PF appetite to deceive Zambians that they are still popular.

Mr Katuka has challenged the PF to stop buying UPND Councilors in order to stop causing the by elections.

He said the country only has a few months to go before the general elections and the PF can afford to wait until then to prove their popularity.

Mr Katuka said Zambians are tired of the by elections which are contributing to the high poverty levels in the country.

He challenged President Edgar Lungu to show social shame and stop the by elections which if allowed to continue will deplete the national coffers.

Mr Katuka said the money being spent on by elections should have been channelled to other sectors such as education, health and water and sanitation.

Meanwhile, UPND Lufwanyama Ward Councillor Rodgers Simwemba who recently resigned to join the Patriotic Front has rescinded his decision.

Mr Simwemba announced at a media briefing that he has handed a letter to the Council Chairperson for Lufwanyama indicating his decision.

The UPND Councilor has confirmed he was promised a job in the health sector upon completion of his Clinical medicine course by the PF to resign his position.

Mr Simwemba said he decided to rescind his decision because he does not want to be in the opposition together with the PF next year as he knows that PF are headed for a loss next year.

He said the PF are promising a luxurious life for those that will accept to resign which is hard for most councillors
to resist.

And UPND Chairperson for Elections Gary Nkombo says the UPND now has evidence to prove that the ruling party is inducing opposition councillors to resign in order to cause by elections.

Mr Nkombo said Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji, Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo and Zambia DNA spokesperson Spuki Mulemwa who is being used by the Vice President Inonge Wina have all gone on rampage inducing UPND Councilors to resign.

He said from North Western and Western Provinces, the trio has now shifted to the Lamba Land on the Copperbelt with five Councilors having resigned so far.

Mr Nkombo has commended Mr Simwemba for rescinding his decision and has warned the PF never to threaten him for anything.

He said the UPND will not condone any form of intimidation on the Coincilor who has a democratic right to belong to a party of his choice.

Mr Nkombo has also warned UPND Councilors on the Copperbelt and Central Province not to entertain any thought of resigning to join the PF in order to prevent by elections.


  1. Zambia has been in elections in llamo last 10 years, and I know it because I was hired to join LT for campaign. Now am one of the top minds cleaning up the PF. Next to go is Lusambo. Lusambo ni nkulungwe, walya umwaka umo….

  2. The best the opposition can do is to stop participating in these induced by-elections and wait for general elections next year, if that is the case.

  3. It’s the old method which mwanawasa ‘used to increase the number of mmd mps in parliament.

    Chiluba’ mmd had lost popularity because of endemic corruption and his third term quest.
    In the general elections southern province was lost to upnd, central province and copperbelt went to general miyanda’s Heritage party.

    Mwanawasa targeted Heritage party mps, first they were appointed as deputy minsters in the mwanawasa government and they resigned from heritage party and by elections were held.

    Winning a by election in a opposition stronghold does not signal your party is popular No….. Continued

  4. First in a by election all resources are focused on one area, manpower, financial, logistics, cadres and intimidation of the opposition by the ruling party cadres
    And there is also voter fatigue.

    In comes Sata he had the mwanawasa script most mmd mps got deputy minister positions in the PF government, those who refused had their seats annulled through the courts. And pf won those seats in by elections.

    But it was a different picture in the general elections, there is no concentration of manpower, resources in one constituency, each one goes back to his constituency to fight his or her own fight. And many cases those MP’s lost to their former party.

    In my personal opinion it’s not something to really worry about. The regret with PF is the abolishment of deputy ministerial…

  5. Deputy minister positions.
    They would have appointed independent MP’s, willing opposition mps to deputy ministers. And Bill 10 would have passed in parliament in that scenario.
    That’s my personal opinion

  6. Agreed…..tooooo many elections in Zambia.

    Looks like the country is always in campain mode vis development mode….

    If lungu and his ruling party were not so useless and corrupt , things would not be like this…

    Mean while lungu was inspecting and pontaring directives to finish houses that started 5 years ago in southern province , while his friend next door in Tanzania is seeing a high speed rail line being built and his country reaching middle income country status……

  7. Just say you have failed than every time coming up with excuses you *****s. You keep finding excuses whenever something does not go your way.. How pathetic

  8. It just goes to show the calibre of upnd councillors and mps. They are so cheap in principles that they can be bought for a bag of mealie meal. Even you Katuka, you have shown signs that you can accept a token from the clever pf. Just sought out your camp bwana, you cannot blame this on your opponents for using their brains.

  9. Thats why we need a clause in the constitution which says whenever an MP or councillor resigns then the party should appoint one as a replacement until the next elections. This will stop money being wasted for both holding by elections as well as campaigns.

  10. This is upnd trying to convince themselves they are doing fine and are headed for victory. They are losing grip of their strongholds and now are trying to convince their donkeys that PF are buying members. Upnd are in a leadership crisis with CK strongly being considered as vp. This is a party that doesn’t do ward, local or provincial internal elections but leaders are handpicked by the demigod himself.

    • Bill 10 has no provision for by elections. We should therefore lobby our mps to vote for bill 10.itd the only way to avoid by elections. As for now, there’s nothing we can fo except boycotting.

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