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Covid-19 Deaths Swell in Zambia, 18 die in the last 11 days

Headlines Covid-19 Deaths Swell in Zambia, 18 die in the last 11 days

Zambia has recorded 324 new COVID-19 cases with 18 deaths in the last 11 days, says Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya.

At a media briefing today, Dr Chilufya said the death toll now stands at 42, 24 of which were brought in dead.

He also declared Lusaka as the new COVID-19 hotspot.

Dr Chilufya said in the same 11 days, 153 people have recovered bringing the total to 1412.

He said Lusaka is back again as the hotspot, thus people are encouraged to not lose guard on preventive measures.


  1. When is this thief going to jail? I’m just asking the judge who will handle his case doesn’t mess up. Otherwise he will be held responsible for the stolen money if this case results in a nolle

  2. People died because minister spent too much time answering questions from law enforcement officials.

  3. From nowhere ati 18 deaths.

    What is really going on here?

    It appears there must be a lot more deaths not being reported. And our government has given up this fight. Most governments actually have.

  4. BROUGHT IN DEAD?? Hahahaha haha so who certified them as having died of COVID-19 at home mu komboni?

    But the love of Money can make you do upuba. How much money does this man want to have? Riches come by hard work not continuous stealing.

  5. Fake fake fake….please stop with your nonsense…this has to stop…this bandit busy stealing makaka…and he is supposed to be in jail what is he doing outside

  6. Had China not promised to write off debt to the worst Covid-19 hit African countries, our mortality rate could have been lower. The strategy seems to certify all BID as Covid-19 related deaths. Its less messier than having to deal with suspected Covid-19 patients merry making in Isolation centres.

  7. China Origin Viral Infection Disease aka Covid 19. Stop the Chinese from coming into Zambia .

  8. “Zambia has recorded 324 new COVID-19 cases with 18 deaths in the last 11 days”

    What is the problem with these numbers? 1. Testing. 2. Deaths.

    1. The rt-PCR test is highly sensitive, and positive tests are false positives 47% to 80% of the time.

    2. Deaths are often not tested at all, and are diagnosed by a clinical definition or case diagnosis. You had a cough? Covid-19.

    If anyone remembers the 1980s and the clinical definition of HIV/AIDS. Sweating. Weight loss. etc. This his how they (Fauci, Piot) pumped up the HIV/AIDS numbers in the 1980s and 1990s. Elisa P24 HIV was also highly sensitive and tested false positive for over 60 known other conditions. Now they are doing the same with Sars-Cov-2. The grift is just bigger this time. However it is a con. Sars-Cov-2, a mild…

  9. Sars-Cov-2, a mild flu or nothing to most, has gone with flu season.

    Do not get ‘the vaccine’. Repeat: Do Not Get The Vaccine.

    In Kenya, there was a growth hormone in the vaccines that made women abort. They want to use vaccines for population control. Bill Gates, his father, his grandfather were big into eugenics. They’re obsessed with it. They are part of the elite who think that there are too many people in the world.

    Also, vaccines are generally unsafe. They are incubated in monkey tissues or chicken eggs, and pick up the viruses of those animals. Then all of a sudden, there are epidemics of Simian Vacuolating Virus 40 (Oral Polio Vaccine), Simian Immune Deficiency Syndrome Virus (HIV, Merck’s Hep B vaccine), Zika, Ebola, all simian viruses. And then the bird flu…

  10. And then the bird flu. ‘From ducks in China’. In the words of Merck’s lead vaccine researcher Prof. Dr. Maurice Hilleman, “Vaccines are the bargain basement technology of the 20th century.” Also, vaccine producers have so little faith in the safety of their own product, that they wanted blanket immunity from liability for prosecution in the USA. (PREP Act)

  11. You send a filthy crook to make such announcements and expect take such seriously….really laughable…now you want covid-19 relief aid from China you crooks now every death will be recorded as Corona.

  12. He is back with cooked figures. When he was not announcing we never had this figures,now that is back he will make sure that the figure rises. Anyway what can you expect from bapopwe , bukukuli munshibile nsala.

  13. This is not surprising and is the effect of relaxation of the lockdown. It is happening world wide where countries are seeing localised outbreaks. It is what the world is calling a second outbreak. Welcome to the new normal. Nothing political here.

  14. 18 BIDs and you just give us a summarised report. This sounds very serious and people would surely want to have some detail, like which parts of Lusaka did these deaths occur? why the sudden lethargy? come on…

  15. Too much money stolen could also lead to an increase in the number of cases .This mans body language suggests something .At least it is not those pathetic hand gestures of being humble .

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