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Kariba Hydro Plant Resumes full capacity after drought

Economy Kariba Hydro Plant Resumes full capacity after drought

The Kariba Dam, the main hydropower plant for Zambia and Zimbabwe is operating at near-full capacity for the first time since it was revamped two years ago.

The worst regional drought in four decades shuttered power generation at Kariba for more than a year and led to daily power cuts of as long as 18 hours in Zimbabwe and neighboring Zambia.

Both countries rely on the lake for about half of their power.

The facility, which was upgraded in March 2018 to expand output to 1,050 megawatts from 750 megawatts, is operating near peak capacity thanks to higher water inflows to Lake Kariba, the world’s largest man-made reservoir.

It was generating 902 megawatts of electricity on Friday, according to the Zimbabwe Power Co.

“There were significant inflows to the lake, which allowed us to run full throttle for the first time during this winter period,” Kenneth Maswera, ZPC’s acting manager, said by phone on Monday.

“There could be some reductions during the first week of September, but we are still within the stipulated guidelines for our allocations.”

Water levels at Kariba have risen five-fold and the reservoir’s capacity is 41%, up from as low as 8% earlier this year, according to the latest data from the Zambezi River Authority, which manages the Lake.


  1. We thank God. This is good. Diplot just because you have water does not translate to power for all. This is why we have been investing in increasing capacity of power generation. Remember that the population and demand is also increasing. This is why we are also investing in alternative solutions and asking people to be responsible with how they use power. There is so much waste when I visit households around the country.

  2. Waiting for 2021 to dupe the Zambians into voting for the PF by decreasing load shedding just before elections.
    Nada…we wont be cheated anymore.

  3. Am looking at diagram, that 90 meters pool is the problem, is storing water. Bury the pool, when water level go down, damp some soil. There pretty of mountains in Kariba…. Just 2 meters refill per year can solve problems.
    Anyway, it’s because that dam is ran by useless ZANU-PF.

  4. Because the election are closer…this government acts funny by thinking that people are foolish

  5. PF should have initiated a local solar power manufacturing industry in Zambia as we have been advising from 3 years ago.

    By 80 % of household would be off grid , small businesses would not have suffered power cuts.

    But every PF minister was into road contracts and too busy to look at such necessary developments

  6. Nature has brought out what we have all been saying. Cizagwa ciciteni ico! That is where the issue is not aya ma bwedebwede mukuti drought! Start repairing and resume your service to your people a mambala!

  7. Mr Zulu ,I think you did not understand the English sir, the reporter said Hydro plant which means power generation I believe Diplot is correct to ask why loadshedding is harsh since the plant is operating at almost full capacity after expansion

  8. The 10m depth of the foundation at the time of constructing was not enough. From this diagram, this structure is bare with nothing holding it. The force of water will surely uproot it

  9. PF will say it’s because of their management that Kariba is at full power, not because we had good rains. Which in sure PF will say the good rains was because of their good management.
    PF must go or Zambia dies

  10. Zambia’s problem is not a loadsheding problem but just a Pf leadership problem coupled by a highly inefficient Zesco management

  11. How can zesco fail to supply power to a small Zambian population?It’s management and
    Interference from government.
    Let them sell to an investor and
    See how they can transform it.

  12. From10 to 90m at the plunge, mnmm That’s deep. Where have our engineers been? Now to fill 80m is going to cost these countries a fortune

  13. Spaka – I stated this on LT when Sampa was dancing after getting that Eurobond…even just investing half of that in solar power it would have paid back.

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