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With all the corruption going on does Lungu except people to throw roses at his feet?

Feature Politics With all the corruption going on does Lungu except people to throw...

UPND has said they have received threats from PF asking them to apologize for the reception that was accorded to President Lungu when he visited Monze.UPND says there is nothing wrong with citizens expressing their disappointment towards failed leadership in a peaceful manner. They said the PF government has ruled this country using intimidation, oppression and suppression. The people of Zambia have not been a chance to speak or protest against bad governance.With all the corruption and bad governance does President Lungu expect citizens to be throwing roses at his feet wherever he goes they asked.

Below is a Full press release


We have received some threats from Patriotic Front (PF) toy soldiers asking UPND to apologise for the reception that President Changwa received in Monze. Some PF goons are giving us 48hrs to apologise or else they will react. Apologize for what? PF cadres must not push their lack too far. We are daring them to react now, 48hrs is much let them react even after 2hrs because we are not scared and we are ready to meet them head on.

We believe there’s nothing wrong with citizens expressing their disappointment towards the failed leadership in a peaceful manner. What the free citizens of Monze expressed is the general feeling across the country towards the current government, it has nothing to do with UPND sponsoring people. When the MMD government lost touch with the people prior to the 2011 elections, we saw the people of Zambia flashing PF symbols towards the motorcade of the then President Rupiah Banda. Did the PF sponsor the citizens? Did the PF apologize on behalf of the people?

With all the corruption and bad governance what does President Lungu expect from the citizens. Does he surely expect people to be throwing roses at his feet wherever he goes. If the Presidential handlers are lying to Mr Lungu that things are okay in the country and people love him, then he is headed for bigger shocks. This is the time for self introspection for the PF government, not time for making empty threats.

Martin Luther King Jr once said “The oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. The yearning for freedom eventually manifest itself.”The PF government has ruled this country using intimidation, oppression and suppression. The people of Zambia have not been a chance to speak or protest against bad governance. The angered is building up in citizens. Soon tempers will start Poppin up like popcorns because citizens have been pushed in the corner and they have nowhere to go anymore except to push back. Recently we saw youths in Lusaka protesting in the bush because they are sick and tired of the PF government stepping on their freedom of expression. This is what happened in Monze, it was the protest of the oppressed people. People who can no longer be allowed to express themselves freely in their own country.

PF has failed and citizens are free express their displeasure in a peaceful manner. We as Party shall not succumb to intimidations from the outgoing government. We also want to put it on record that we have no money to pay the people Zambia to rise against PF, the citizens are being incited by hunger and arrogant, corrupt and greedy individuals in government.

We shall overcome our oppressors and one day freedom is coming to Zambia. God bless the beautiful of Zambia.



  1. If Lusambo wants to be a cadre let him resign as a minister and be a cadre. One can not be using public funds and media to be intimidating innocent civilians.


  3. This was anarch by UPND. Lungu is doing a lot for these unappreciative people of Monze. For your own information Lungu will win again in 2021.

  4. If your President hires image builders for 2 years just to help him win elections just know he’s a failed project. There’s no difference between PF and UPND. By the beginning of next year they’ll begin to embarrass and butchers each other.

  5. flag Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Agree with the statement.

    This is the problem when you have b00tlickers surrounding a president who now thinks he is a demigod or a dictator king. He wants to be Kim Jung Un where people throw themselves on the ground worshipping the Supreme Leader.

    What these cadres fail to understand is that Lungu is a servant of the people and the people are the bosses or masters (not the other way round). If the master is not happy with the shoddy work the servant is doing, the least they can do is boo him/her. The worst is to fire him with no pay.

    What a failed project this Zambia is! Instead of addressing the reasons why the people were booing, they are getting worked up over the boos books themselves. S!lly.

  6. UPND cadres were just barking like dogs at someone they don’t like or mistreat them.
    But that doesn’t mean PF have to go reopen their panga containers to go slaughter dogs. Dogs will make more noise, others will join in barking. PF have to approach with care they may be bitten.
    Sorry UPND you are not dogs, but wanted to let PF understand their language.

  7. Kalaba wa ku luapula it is surprising that the leadership in eastern province has not declared it a no go area but luapula northern muchinga i thot eestern should have been the first it shows the pipo in the east are wise the care for this land and also want good leadership that HH will provide 2021 PF kuya bebele

  8. Ba Sakal – HH will not win next year. I think between the two, there are a lot of Zambians who feel ECL is better. And let’s face it, ECL needs to sharpen his appointment skills, come down harder on erring subordinates and we are good. HH on the other hand has failed to put together a winning message amid all the mess by PF. Therefore, PF wins – sorry ba Sakala.

  9. Well PF is in trouble, this is just the beginning of the end. People are Fed up with thieves, criminals, fraudsters walking free while innocent lives getting tortured and arrested for standing up for their rights. Mr. President this has never happened to any President in Zambia before, u are the first. First it was the incident that led to HH’s arrest in Mongu, now Monze. There is no fire without smoke. Reflect on your leadership.

  10. PF will try to say that was sponsored as way to try and excuse themselves from the embarrassment and paint it on opposition but the truth is that such a large crowd of people can’t turn out of sponsorship if things were okay in the country, I think they just found an opportunity that didn’t require police permission to protest, so they made sure to protest in that manner. PF just surrender peacefully u have failed.

  11. Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa has fired Health Minister Obediah Moyo who has been charged with corruption over illegally awarding a multi-million-dollar contract for medical equipment.

    Moyo was arrested last month following an investigation by the country’s anti-graft commission. The 66-year-old has been freed on bail and is scheduled to appear in court on July 31.

    If convicted, the former hospital administrator faces a fine or up to 15 years in prison…..Your inept ngulu still has his minister in office,shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A statement on Tuesday by government spokesman Nick Mangwana said Moyo was removed from office for “conduct inappropriate for a government minister”.

  12. You can’t cover a wrong with citations or examples, it’s not about failed leadership but a way not to recognize him as Republican president. Yours is your privatization thief

  13. The conduct was treasonous and continues the behaviour of these, Tribalist Secessionists, making a mockery of the Head of the democratically elected Govt of the Republic of Zambia.

    Send the Army into these zones to occupy those provinces that threaten the stability of a United Zambia. We cannot stand by year after year being battered by failed presidential candidates like HH. They have started this provocation because they are losing large belts of their support zones. Govt must act decisively in quelching these little hissy fights started by the little girls and boys of UPND with mucus streaming down their noses for the enjoyment by flys.

  14. With over 75% of Heads of Defence, Security, Paraststal, Diplomatic Service, Civil Service at Director and Permanent Secretary level coming from only 4 of Zambia’s 10 provinces there will be little applause for ECL.

  15. Vote for the upeaded scoundrels at you own risk.
    The scambugs have not rested twisting facts and figures and information to suit their devious behavior.
    Listen to these an ashamed armageddon demagogues.
    No trace of maturity from this dead camp.
    It’s misinformation after falsification after underperformance and corruption.
    Nothing good comes out’a theses u5s. What waste of Human Resource!

  16. Zambians, brothers and sisters if you vote PF then it over foe you all and never complain ever again.
    Pf must go or zambia dies

  17. People will always disapprove of leadership by booing.People are not amused with Lungu’s leadership, Corruption, poor Management and Governance. People are angry and hungry and attribute this to Lungu’s mismanagement of the Economy. Country-wide booing of Lungu is confirmation of his unpopularity. If Lungu fails to rig the 2021 Elections he and PF will lose the Elections badly. The writing is on the wall.

  18. Boring article. A whole political party reduced to booing. Zambia does not have any credible opposition. 2021 will prove that yet again

  19. There are more corrupt people in the opposition, for example the leader of the main opposition party is a great corrupt character who plundered the wealthy of Zambia through privatization and still continue to keep the looted asserts, both abroad and in Zambia and people see it, it is not hidden from the public.
    On this issue he boasts if anyone would convict him he would build him a house, what a challenge yes indeed no one took him to court, now what is the difference between him and the president , no one has taken the president to court and no one has seen what the president has stolen as far as the situation is concerned the president is more cleaner than HH

  20. Where is Lazy bum Edgar going this weekend…the moron loves his working tours…really laughable!!

  21. How do normal Zambians jump off this runaway train transporting both sides to oblivion?!? Where is “when they go low, we go higher”? Christian nation, ati?!?

  22. flag Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    I recall very well the RED CARD and YELLOW CARD movements where the opposition and majority citizens of Lusaka and throughout the country ‘booed’ en masse by whistling, blowing their car horns, flashed red cards, etc against the government and president. That was proper booing and these numskulls are complaining about few villagers making few noises.

    The opposition should kickstart their 2021 campaign by building upon this and encourage the public to boo Lungu and his minions everywhere they go. They deserve to be pelted with eggs and human and cow manure.

  23. Those of our nation founders and multi-party movers still alive and are seeing what is going on in the country but remain silent disappoint me. Reasons for their silence are better known to themselves but for all its worth the silence is not helping anyone and I could as well sum it up as them being fearful of perks they could be clandestinely receiving vanishing! However the issue is whether they are in support of what Zambians are enduring or they are for love of country and ideals that led them get involved to achieve their goals!

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