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Booing is not a Crime, if it is, legalise it, Jack Mwiimbu responds to Monze Incident

Headlines Booing is not a Crime, if it is, legalise it, Jack...

Monze Central UPND Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu has challenged government to legalize booing if it is a crime for people of Monze to ‘boo’ President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Mwiimbu has told Radio Chikuni that people of Monze did not commit any crime by ‘booing’ President Lungu as there is no provision in the Republican Constitution that criminalizes booing.

Mr. Mwiimbu says he too has been booed before by the very people of Monze during some meetings and visits to the constituency, and President Lungu is not the first to have such an encounter.

He says if the Patriotic Front want to blame anyone over this, they should blame Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale who called on people to turn up in numbers to receive President Lungu when the UPND had advised them to stay at home because of Covid 19.

He has charged that it is strange that the Patriotic Front wants to blow this matter out of proportion, a sign that they have no better message to convince people to retain power in 2021.

And Mr. Mwiimbu says Members of Parliament in Monze will not apologize over the booing incident.


  1. This is petty by PF now, i remember in Ndola PF did the same to RB, now that it has been done to you abracadabra its a crime, Ba Chagwa stop surrounding yourself with bootlickers and improve the economy, wake up and face reality.

  2. You cannot stop people from expressing their feelings. As Mwiimbu says, he also has been booed by those same people. The best is to promise to look into their grievances and such leadership would gain respect because that is what people want. Not threatening. Why do you want people to be afraid?

  3. PF have a short memory. I remember that PF supporters at one time lined the road in Lusaka when Mwanawasa was passing with his Motorcade with heads of cabbage in their hands flashing them at the President. No one was arrested and the MMD did not take offence. I remember him saying that he was not cabbage but steak in response to the PF persistence in calling him cabbage.

  4. PF are making a big issue out of this just to satisfy their appittite for blood and violence , how many times have opposition leaders been subjected to PF sponsored crowd violence ????

    PF , you are just big corrupt theiving cry babies , with you ka kawalala God lungu who thinks they own Zambia…..

  5. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Don’t complain when it happens to you.

  6. Booing is not illegal. It’s not a crime.
    We are allowing ourselves to be distracted by a few disgruntled people who don’t appreciate development. Forget the childish UPND Under 5 cadres and stop crying about booing.

  7. There is nothing in the Penal Code that states that booing is a criminal offence….. Unless words or action were meant to defame the President. Then Defaming the President is a crime under the Penal code. The State through the DPP must show that the President was defamed in the Court of law not in Mr Lusambo’s thinking……..
    My advice is that the law is there to guide… The DPP is very competent to institute criminal proceeding against the accused.. The Police can effect arrest. I can categorically state that the DPP will enter a nolle… My opinion is that this is a non statrter…. let is rest…..

  8. Ulemu is our tradition which boarders between suppressing others and domination. When you mix our culture with the european way of doing things called politics, you find that the old guard don’t like this and get very defensive and yet you get the same people insulting our chiefs and expect to get away with it. You can’t have it all your way. When you put your hat in the political arena, expect abuse. Even the father of this young nation KK did not escape this. Ba Kateka, take it on the chin and move on. Don’t listen to the bootlickers trying to create confusion in your name.

  9. These are the kind of people that we entrust our nation with. Jack Mwiimbu and we expect our country to prosper. How does booing the head of State that over 50% of Zambians voted for win HH and UPND respect and votes? UPND is very good at campaigning itself and when lose they start crying.

  10. Is Zambia becoming a theocracy or what? Why is everyone in leadership wearing their hearts on their sleeves? Lighten up a mambala. After all pakuba mwenze kuba mweka; us we are just reacting to the shortage of resources that your careless governance style has created. Limbani! Mwenze kufuna ncito iyi mweka! My Bemba cousin told me that he who enters into a thicket ni kulimba, ayi Mulenga?

  11. even Trump and Johnson they have been booed before…. All want is need here the state house should carry investigation to know y did the pipo booed the president, and then do what pipo want.

  12. PF has very short memory no wonder they are making a lot of confusions, remember PF when they were in opposition they booed Lupia Banda, ask Lupia Banda today how PF behaved, they don’t have anything to talk about, let them pay retirees at Public Service Pensions Fund retitrees have waited for so long without payments instead of cry babies they did the same to MMD. Don’t apologize UPND you are in the right track you will form Government in 2021 no doubt on this one. It will be like in 1991, people want change. WE WANT CHANGE, WE WANT CHANGE, WE WANT CHANGE, WE WANT CHANGE. WE WANT CHANGE, WE WANT CHANGE, WE WANT CHANGE, WE WANT CHANGE.

  13. PF cadres have a short memory, not so long ago, they used to call someone CABBAGE AND ANOTHER ONE WAS CALLED NYAMA SOYA.

  14. Being booed is an indication of a serious downfall.
    What pipo are feeling is the same countrywide.
    Booing can happen anywhere including CB.

  15. Mmmm this man Mwiimbu is very dull chap. Does he know what he is calling upon HH and UPND in the PF strong holds? Any way, dont cry when HH and UPND are subjected to the same treatment in the PF strong holds. Thats why I can not vote for UPND and HH ..they have such nauseating levels of intolerance. No wonder they consider any person who supports any other party than UPND as an enemy. Very dull and backward Mwiimbu.

  16. In a Dictatorship Government like the one in Zambia everything / anything is a crime. What else can you expect

  17. Mwiimbu is very dull and these are who are misleading upAndOWN leadership.You will cry the loudest one day when you resume leadership.From his observation he is saying that other districts should do the same.Reasoning is needed here, not thirsty for power mwimbuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  18. President [email protected] should be very careful with (Ch.ende Lusamb0).
    Mugabe NEVER condemned violent caderism conducted in his name, as it benefitted him. In the end like a big Lilomba, that same caderism returned, ousted & ate him alive.
    It was the same virulent & staunch Cadres like Joseph Chinotimba leader of the Zim war veterans association & Zim’s own B0wman Lusamb0 whos recorded on film @ Parliament jumping up & down clapping like a demented t3st!cle, when Mugabe was “Forced” to resign. This same Chinotimba, would have eaten you alive, if you suggested Mugabe resigns, a week earlier!

  19. Either the reporters can’t explain what the man said or he was speaking nonsense:
    Monze Central UPND Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu has challenged government to legalize booing if it is a crime for people of Monze to ‘boo’ President Edgar Lungu

  20. flag Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    This is the problem when you have b00tlickers surrounding a president who now thinks he is a demigod or a dictator king. He wants to be Kim Jung Un where people throw themselves on the ground worshipping the Supreme Leader.

    What these cadres fail to understand is that Lungu is a servant of the people and the people are the bosses or masters (not the other way round). If the master is not happy with the shoddy work the servant is doing, the least they can do is boo him/her. The worst is to fire him with no pay.

    What a failed project this Zambia is! Instead of addressing the reasons why the people were booing, they are getting worked up over the boos books themselves. S!lly.

  21. In countries where civilization has been well entrenched, persons trained as Lawyers are expected to be endowed with level-headed mindsets. Lawyers are persons should have such legal minds equipped to analyzing issues critically and offer Courts of Law with credible evidence that persuade judges to arrival at fair trials. It is shocking that Hon. Mwiimbu openly supported his supporters to behave wildly in his Monze Constituency. His silence would have been more befitting for his profession as a Lawyer. This is a wake-up call for Schools of Law at Unza and UNILUS to seriously review curricula that will in future instill respectable status to graduates of Law degrees.

  22. Booing is not illegal but stupid. And for an opposition party to champion such behavior is very poor reasoning. You have made your bed and now sleep in it. All you are doing is just showing the rest of the country who you are.

  23. Nothing good can come from Mwiimbu. You scambugs are setting a wrong precedence.
    “Chaona unzako chapita mailo chiri pali iwe.”
    It’s fine, booing is not a crime.
    May you be booed for not making it to plot 1 in 5 attempts.
    May you be booked for your tribal inclination.
    It’s just that ECL has a good heart, had he done what CKinsultor expected him to do. These booers would not have seen development.
    See these kwindis? They will disrespect the hand that help feed ’em.
    Shallow mind Mwiimbu cannot be a leader of sanity.

  24. Tongas and their dull president Hichilema have dug their own grave. Its all over for them! Bye bye polio!

  25. What is wrong with The Minister of Southern Province Hon Edify Hamukale inviting people to receive the President if social distance was adhered to? Mr Mwiimbu has just found a clever way of justifying booing of president Lungu. This is the problem with lawyers they can twist law interpretations to suit their safety. Mwiimbu cherishes violence let him deny it

  26. UPND leaders should be advised that if their supporters are dotted in all provinces of Zambia, certainly the booing of the Republican President in Monze may endanger the safety of their supporters elsewhere. The uncivilized culture UPND cadres displayed in Monze will develop self-inflicted FEAR in the hearts of their leaders as they traverse in other parts of Zambia. It is our prayer that PF leaders will not resort to vengeful actions but rather educate their supporters to offer a spirit of LOVE towards the presumed supporters of UPND who have for many years lived in peace in Eastern, Luapula, Muchinga and Northern Provinces in particular. The writing is on the wall that PF is a genuine Mother of the disputed “biblical baby” called Zambia.

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