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Damiano Ready to Dialogue With FAZ

Sports Feature Sports Damiano Ready to Dialogue With FAZ

Banned football administrator Damiano Mutale has indicated that he is ready to dialogue with FAZ president Andrew Kamanga over FIFA’s threat to ban Zambia due to third party interference in the running of football affairs.

The controversial ex -FAZ member Mutale filed an injunction in court against FAZ in March over the legality of the 2020 FAZ electoral process.

However, FIFA has in a letter dated June 30, advised all parties to ensure the injunction that halted the FAZ elections be withdrawn from courts.

“FIFA has not addressed the letter to me. The letter has been addressed to Andrew Kamanga so it is up to him to call for a meeting,” Mutale said from the Copperbelt.

“Kamanga has changed the constitution and they also do not want other people to contest elections. All these issues are centered on Kamanga,” said the Director of Mufulira’s Damiano Academy.

“Withdrawing the court case is not a problem what we want is for Kamanga to call us for a meeting so that we can sort out issues. We are ready to sit down and dialogue,”

In a letter to FAZ dated June 30, 2020, FIFA warned that all concerned parties must withdraw the case and situation normalized from ten days of the date or Zambia will be banned after July 10 from all international engagements.


  1. He is right, it is Kamanga and his ego spearheading FiFA ban.
    Zambia is full of surbotages, everywhere, including Mufulira.

  2. That man Mutale is banned and has no locus standi to file an injunction. whose interest is he serving? Let FAZ ‘s lawyer file application to dismiss the application. The injunction can not stand on its own. there must be an originating process first and accompanied by an injunction….. FAZ must be proactive and able to cite modus operandi in which FAZ act such as non government interference, dispute resolution mechanism and forum to commence proceeding. The High Court of Zambia is the wrong forum .Anthony Kasolo can help

  3. We should not allow such people like Damyanoo to get anywhere near footbal administration. Him and Kaloo are not good administrators of football and have not interest of football at heart. No wonder what used to MIGHTY Mufurila wanderers is what it is today!! A Useless Club and I am sure the spirit of Samuel Zoom Ndhlovu is not at peace.

  4. My brother Damiano has never been near to administration of Mufulira wanderers, his club has been Damiano academy where they were coniving with Kalu to feature all his players in under 20 hence we never went far then

  5. What dialogue. You were found wanting and have been banned by FAZ not kamanga. So you decide to take FAZ to court so its up to you whether you want to proceed with the case or not. FAZ has nothing to do with you. In your foolishness you forgot FAZ answers to FIFA not the court so now that FIFA wants to ban zambia and you have seen the backlash now you want to dialogue.

  6. Damiano, just do it in honor of Patson and Mwepu. Just imagine they were your nephews and someone shuts their deserved national team.
    Guyz fimo muletontonkanyako outside your public enermies. We know both of you and Kamanga. But we also know the kids making society HAPPY from their sensational play.

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