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Kamanga Defends Streamlining FAZ Exco Allowances Claims

Sports Feature Sports Kamanga Defends Streamlining FAZ Exco Allowances Claims

FAZ President Andrew Kamanga has revealed that he became unpopular for restricting the abuse of sitting allowances.

Kamanga said millions of Kwacha have been saved after curtailing on the number of claims for sitting allowance made FAZ executive committee members especially as official club guests during league matches.

“We are now going getting into areas of ensuring that the governance framework is enhanced so that we continue on the path of transparency because all the money that is coming into football are being deployed into football and I must confess, the biggest challenge I have had is ensuring that there is financial discipline in FAZ,” Kamanga said.

“I will give you an example winning elections in 2016; we had all sorts of situations. Here is a scenario, someone is in the FAZ executive committee but his expectations are different.

“You go into a new executive, here is member who says he was watching Nkana on Saturday, he was watching Kitwe United on Sunday and you know as exco we are entitled to sitting allowance which is K3000. So here is this member who says last week I watched two games and I should be given K6000.

“This is where it becomes interesting, this is one person getting K6000 in a month that is K24,000, in a year K280,000, multiply by the nine members it is K2.7 million.

“Where will FAZ get K2.7 million to pay exco members in a year? You tell them that we cannot afford that, we can only meet once a month and that bill for the whole year is K270,000.

“Suddenly I’m a bad guy because people are not getting what they were not expecting. I must apologise for creating enemies for doing the right thing.”


  1. Simple, ask them to generate that K6000 over a week end, my foot. They will have no idea where to start from. THIEVES.

  2. That is how PF are used of doing things…..

    That is why only PF members want AK out of FAZ……they have smelt a soup train somewhere

  3. When is FAZ elections so we stop reading about money money money money
    Zambia is more interested in new gem players, you can’t have a national team without a goalkeeper. You can’t play with only 3 players, Patson, Mwepu and Fashion.

  4. Yeah noztradamus FAZ should be talking about trophies they have brought to the nation. We don’t go to football grounds to read finances and accounts. Who supports a football team for having good accounts? Otherwise you will have empty stadiums with good accounts.

  5. The acc should emproy you, you are managed to seal the loopholes but the football fans should fire you at the next agm. You have failed even to quarify the nation team to afcon.

  6. Andrew stop fooling us that you have served millions of Kwacha at FAZ. In the first place the revenue base at FAZ has drastically dwindled during your tenure of office serve for FIFA annual grant for which we expect report at AGM.
    FAZ is broke hence there is no money for those allowances you are talking about. National Team today plays to empty stadia especially on the Copperbelt. People want a winning National Team to revive the support base the team used to enjoy during the KALU era,you are lucky that we have a caring FAZ Patron, the Republican President who sometimes pays for the general public to watch the National Team games.
    Zambians from all walks of life used to don FAZ football replica jerseys ORIGINAL or FAKE but not anymore. The FAZ FOOTBALL COLOURS BECAME A SYMBOL OR…

  7. “Continued”
    Zambians from all walks of life used to don FAZ football replica jerseys ORIGINAL or FAKE but not anymore. The FAZ FOOTBALL COLOURS BECAME A SYMBOL OR IDENTITY for MOST ZAMBIANS even when one was abroad. Andrew you have failed us.

  8. “Continue
    FAZ replica jerseys became a symbol of identity for almost all ZAMBIAN locally even when one was abroad. TAXIS , BUSES, PRIVATE VEHICLES USED TO MOUNT FAZ AND OR REPUBLICAN COLOURS OR MINI FLAGS. ICHMWELA CHALIPWA – NOT ANY MORE.
    Andrew stop bragging about Finances which are not there. We want to watch CONTINENTAL FOOTBALL at QUARTER TO FINAL STAGES.
    Andrew and your ETHICS team, you have failed us.

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