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Malawi’s former Malawi Electoral Commissioner Chair cleared to exit Malawi for UK through Zambia

General News Malawi's former Malawi Electoral Commissioner Chair cleared to exit Malawi for...

Department of Immigration in Mchinji says former Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah has now been cleared to leave the country for Zambia, from where she is supposed to connect to United Kingdom (UK).

According to the Department’s spokesperson in Mchinji, Madalitso Banda, Ansah, who is also Judge of the Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal, has been cleared on Tuesday.

Immigration officials at the Malawi-Zambia border in Mchinji on Monday stopped Former Ansah from leaving the country—a move she said was a case of ‘persecution’.

However, judiciary registrar Agnes Patemba told the media that Ansah wanted to leave the country without notifying the office of the Chief Justice which is a normal practice.

Ansah wanted to leave the country through the border and thereafter travel to the United Kingdom.

She arrived at the border in a Malawi Government vehicle, Toyota VX Land Cruiser registration number MG 236 AK, but officers told her they needed clearance before allowing her out.

Ansah was the MEC chairperson when the commission conducted the 2019 Tripartite Elections.

Following the polls, Malawians took to the streets demanding her resignation, saying the polls were marred with irregularities.

She, however, defied calls to resign even after the Constitutional nullified the results of the 2019 Presidential Elections.

On May 8, the Supreme Court upheld the lower court’s decision and Ansah later resigned. She is expected to retire this year as a Supreme Court Judge but is currently on leave pending retirement.


  1. She can be a good source of information on the rigging that took place. Rigging an election should be a a punishable offence.

    • The story is so half baked. It doesn’t tell us why she wants to go to the UK just so soon after these controversial elections. Why she has to use Zambia to fly to the UK, Why officers need clearance for her to exit the country etc etc

  2. Rigging elections or being an accomplice in the rigging process should be punished by death.

  3. @Spaka, which election was rigged in Zambia? You failed to produce evidence like the Malawians did and you want sane people to believe your ranting

  4. Why use Zambia as an exit route? I miss the 90s University students political conscious. I remember the Chakufa Chihana. Viva!!! The student populace would monitor such elements and vivula against their presence in the country. As those are affront to good tenets of democracy.

  5. She is not going to UK. UK is not allowing visitors from sh!thole countries like Malawi. She is in Zambia as a guest of Edgar Lungu.

  6. Unfortunately there will be no exit for Essau Chulu at any neighboring country. He must be arrested immediately PF is kicked.

    PF must go!

  7. Chairman of ECZ ,Justice Essau Chulu should learn from Dr Ansah’s experience. Lelo chilipaine mailo chilipaiwe! The “Lubwato” Ship is sinking and Justice Chulu better jump off the ship and run for dear life. The fact that Justice Jane Ansah former Chairman of Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) is fleeing for UK via Zambia is a good omen for Chulu which should send a chilling message to Justice Chulu. Even the Bible says to everything there is a season to cry,to be happy, to arrive,to leave etc. Chulu should listen to these words of wisdom.

  8. Freedom of movement. We need to be civilised in Africa. Just because you win an election does not mean going after your predecessors. Anyway karibu to our sister from Malawi.

  9. But muli fipuba. Malawians has always travelled by road to Lusaka to catch a flight to London, it is cheaper than going to South Africa.

  10. Justice Jane Ansah gives a free lesson to Zambia which simply means that, Elections in 2021 in Zambia will never be free,fair and credible with Justice Essau Chulu as Chairman of ECZ. If we want undisputed Elections next year ECZ has to be reconstituted. Justice Essau Chulu must leave ECZ if Zambia is to avoid a violent and disputed Elections in 2021. Justice Chulu should reflect on this or else he should start preparing to flee Zambia next August 2021. The writing is on the wall.

  11. Shu shu shu

    For a candidate who used all grz machinery and having just spent billions on infrastructure, still had to use extreme violence which only saw lungu win by a disputed 100,000 votes …….. there was definitely rigging , that is why lungu was in a rush to implement the 14 lapse rule on the UPND petition despite the fact that will result in ruling over a spilt country…….

    We asked last time and ask again , if PF were confident that lungu won , what harm would hearing a petition against that win do if that hearing will result in National reconciliation and a united country behind the elected president ???

  12. Sufficient what we have said before, unfolding events currently being witnessed in Zambia is clear testimony of “MENE, MENE, TEKEL UPHARSIN”.
    Take heed!

  13. There are many professionals in Zambia who were haunted by the Chiluba regime to the point that it was a therapeutic option to take a holiday out of ones own country. Mr; Chipimo (senior) relocated to Mporokoso, Chief Inyambo Yeta relocated to Sesheke, RB found a safe home at a farm in Chipata – to mention a few prominent Zambians. Many professional Zambians will share and sympathize with the plight that the Malawian Judge, Dr. Ansah has experienced in her country. She is human too. Besides, Zambia is well placed as a connecting point for flights destined for Europe, the Americas Australia and Asia. It is high time Zambians learnt to be honest with peoples’ lives.

  14. @Nostradamus ichipuba is you, why is Justice Jane Ansah desparate to travel while COVID-19 is still in full swing and risking her life. Is she worried about her properties, bank a/c’s. Let’s wait and see, there is a “smelly rat” here.
    And KZ keep on saying karibu to COVID-19.


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