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Miles Sampa undaunted by criticism

Feature Lifestyle Miles Sampa undaunted by criticism

Miles Sampa
Miles Sampa

Zambians have come to know Miles Sampa as a man of eccentric behaviour and controversial remarks. This is Part One of Kennedy Gondwe’s eyebrow-raising interview with the Mayor of Lusaka.

Part two: Miles Sampa, the outspoken and controversial Mayor of Lusaka, opens up on his personal and political life after inviting Studio Ken cameras into his bedroom!


  1. There is no news about this arrogant but useful *****.

    He can be used to implementing bylaw rules for fir councils and i have seen him to be very effective anyway.

    But PF must go!

  2. Kennedy gondwe , disappointing interview ,

    Zambians don’t want to listen to personal stories …..

    Why not ask Sampa how he has improved Lusaka , what is he doing about thugs controlling bus stops and markets , what is been done about garbage collection ????

    What is wrong with Zambian journalists and their personality worship mentality ???

    Pleas concentrate on things that affect people’s lives

  3. Fair play to him. As for me personally to the contrary I prefer my private life remaining private. Kudos to him. Kz

  4. This childish chap all he does is film around on Facebook of himself receiving donations which then gives out oblivious to his main job as a mayor but the kids call it hardworking as they haven’t seen a Mayor of City in another country. I guess that how leadership benchmarks has been reduced in Zambia given that the President is absolutely useless.

  5. Kaizer your life is not private, every one know you bought your side chick a range rover.

  6. @Tarino, Miles Sampa is actually the most loved of all PF right now and if stands as Lusaka Central MP he can win as an independent.

  7. Very ill advised interview. Proudly talking about having 5babies! That’s stupidity n it shows lack of seriousness, lack of committment n ultimately no leadership qualities.

    There is no way he would have made MD for a bank this Moran!

  8. Mwamba

    It’s not sampas fault he is telling persona stories , it the the interviewer who is hopeless as if he is interviewing for MTVs cribs.

    I for one think miles Sampa is better than a lot of past mayors, eccentric, but he does do some work, unlike most of PF ministers.

    Even that chibuku stant , I supported that as it was a strong Zambian brand he was supporting.

  9. Patriotic Zambian – As I have stated Miles looks good because the leadership standards are very low in Zambia at the moment…most ministers in Cabinet can not manage a school tuck shop.

  10. @Tarino ha ha ha ha!!!!! That is actually very true, the leadership is so mediocre that any small amount of work looks good.

  11. Patriotic Zambian – In Zambia all you need is just to appear on social media makes fooool out of yourself.

  12. Obviously this was for entertainment. Nothing wrong with trying to break barriers between leadership and the people. Unusual to bring people into an untidy bedroom but hey…. he’s divorced so maybe not coping well.

    In a nutshell. Sampa is impetuous, a maverick and maybe the mayorship needs a people person. He is opening his world to people.

    It’s just not our culture this bedroom interview stance.

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