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Mulungushi Textiles has become an Election political token to excite the people of Kabwe-HH

General News Mulungushi Textiles has become an Election political token to excite...

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema says Mulungushi Textiles has become a political token that has been used to excite the people of Kabwe with promises of reopening, during times of elections.

Mr Hichilema says unfortunately, the corrupt and visionless PF government have no capacity to make the company function in a sustainable way.

He says there have been numerous ‘interested investors’ that the PF have courted who have not lived up to their commitment.

“There is a reason for this and also a reason why it was closed in the first place”, he said.

Mr Hichilema added that no one has analysed whether or not the business model is effective and whether it is truly viable under current market conditions.

He has noted that instead of giving people false hope, the PF must be honest about its viability by having a detailed analysis done in order to establish how much capital is required, the expertise needed and the business fundamentals that can make the company sustainable and profitable so it never closes again.

Mr Hichilema said once this is done, government can make a decisions around recapitalisation, management and whether the company need to pivot the business model to make it more suited towards high impact and positive Net Present Value.

He said the UPND will fix Mulungushi textile once in government.


  1. True. A business case needs to be established. Not just mere political talk. And its interesting how it has only come up now, 4 years after the last promise. The only worry is that our Kabwe youth will fall for this again and walk away sulking.

  2. “……make a decisions around recapitalisation, management and whether the company need to pivot the business model to make it more suited towards high impact and positive Net Present Value…”

    You HH,
    Lungu will think you are talking about more nkongole for road contracts…..

    Don’t use such language with the PF.
    You will find bene lusambo thinking you mean free handouts……

  3. Oval headed twit!! You are failing to fix your party and you think you can magically fix anything in the country??? This guy thinks Zambians are dull. To fix Mulungushi, you need only 2 options-sell it or borrow more money to make it start running. GRZ just hasn’t found the right investor to partner with. How can people honestly vote for a twit who thinks all the wisdom belongs to him???


  5. Why is it that Mulungushi textiles only resurrects during election period and dies a few months after the winning of an election ?
    Its better if its resurrected it should remain so for many years and the government can be saying vote for us look at how much profit this company has made and look at how many people have been employed both directly and indirectly..

  6. Zambian citizen

    “….Mulungushi, you need only 2 options-sell it or borrow more money to make it start running….”

    That is PF mentality in a nutshell…..borrow or sell…….zero vision, heads full of sh.it.

    Mean while someone in lungus gang is chewing from contracts worth 10s of millions of dollars to supply ZAF , ZP and the army with imorted uniforms….

    Pathetic parasitic theives these PF rats…

  7. In the last general elections a Tanzanian company called METL (Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Ltd) owned by Tanzanian $billionaire Mohammed Dewji.
    MO as he is known, turned mulungushi textiles into a warehouse and distribution hub for products from his Tanzanian factories.

  8. Why is that HH comes out like he is the messiah who can fix anything that he purports PF can’t do. It’s not everything that PF will fail to do. HH can’t fix everything either.

  9. @ Zambian Citizen, you are creating an imagination in your head that all wisdom belongs to HH. Because he says sensible things that make you think is wise or because you are unable to understand his logical systematic thoughts. No single human being has the preserve of all wisdom.

  10. HH is not saying ,he has all the wisdom. Don’t forget he is a businessman who has built and maintained his business empire through hard work and sacrifice.
    Lets be realistic, Just before the elections in 2016,there was a ceremony of reopening the Textile.When did id close down if it was reopened?
    pf you have been in power for the last 10 years.What do you have to show for that period. Prove it to Zambians and you will be voted back.

  11. Bally, asking P.F Stone throwing mposa mabwe’z to do a feasibility study before launching any business is the same as asking “the [email protected] [email protected]” to go into the U.T.H surgery theatre & conduct successful operations on sick patients, -unfortunately, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!
    From their Alpha & Omega of Grand corruption, President [email protected], who lamentably failed to successfully run a Law firm, these G0on’z, speculators & chancers, are only ever successful when it comes to misappropriating funds that they NEVER worked for.
    Lastly, P.F.must vanish forever!

  12. HH, its UPND which is visionless, tribal and a dictatorship. If you want name calling and confusion, we shall not sit idol and watch you careless mouth insult us. You chaps in the UPND have chosen a confrontational approach. We won’t remain civil anymore. ECL won’t stop us anymore. We are tired of your vulgar approach from you and your MPs.

  13. This is how an effective president sounds like. Unlike the clueless guy we currently have in State house. HH needs to send clueless visionless PF a bill for this invaluable advice. Clueless Lungu and his PF need to pay for this advice. Wasted years these are indeed. Please Zambians, next time someone tells you that he has no vision BELIEVE HIM! This could’ve saved Zambia a headache, had we believed corrupt clueless Lungu when he clearly told us that he had no vision. A guy tells you that if you employ him as a bank manager he’ll steal all the money in the bank, you still employ him? Or you employ a guy to drive a public transportation bus, who clearly tells you that he has no driver’s license? And you get surprised when he runs the bus full of people into a ditch? Vote wisely next…

  14. They already got one leg out, everything comes to an end. No more ubomba mwibala, alya mwibala.

  15. Immediately I read the suggested option to sell my next thought was a question “Who would likely buy it?” If not some Chinese business entity or another alien/foreigner like the Tanzanian then who? A hastily put together consortium by Zambians with money amidst questions or rumor trading that the money is ill gotten making the rounds! Taking into account all pros and cons any potential Zambian would opt out. This then meets with reality that only some foreigner would bid and “the investor” would be awarded the factory. All in all defeating the unwritten policy of favoring Zambians for investments. Then should all fail international borrowing comes in contracted by PF to run as a state sponsored entity employing party cadres and still loss making!

  16. People should forget about Mulungushi for ever. The prime land were Mulungushi sits should be used to construct a new factory after demolition of Mulungushi. Unfortunately, this cabal that don’t mean well started with unprofitable ventures ( roads, toll gates, prisons and airports) in order to loot and enrich themselves. You can’t moth ball a plant for 10 years and when you wake up from your slamber and say Oh yeah let’s do Mulungushi again. All the equipment in Mulungushi is now obsolete. I think the people who made the equipment at Mulungushi are out of that business, but even if they were still in the same business the wouldn’t be making that type of equipment. It’s too old, too energy intensive and very inefficient. It would cost cheaper to construct a new factory than maintain…

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