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President Lungu impressed with the progress report on the Kafue – Mazabuka road

Economy President Lungu impressed with the progress report on the Kafue...

President Edgar Lungu says he is impressed with the progress report on the Kafue – Mazabuka road earmarked for completion by October 2020.

The President says there has been tremendous progress on the construction of the road which is equally important to the growth of Zambia’s economy.

He says his government was called all sorts of names because Kafue-Mazabuka road had been in a deplorable state for many years but they listened and committed to work on it.

President Lungu said Kafue-Mazabuka road like many other roads is crucial to building the wealth of Zambia as a links to other Southern African countries.

He said the road is also a gateway to the country’s tourist capital, Livingstone.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has reiterated that his Government does not believe in selective development.

He said the government is driven by a higher ideal, to serve and improve people’s livelihoods in more tangible ways – without leaving anyone behind.

President Lungu says it is for this reason that his Government is implementing innovative, people-centred development programmes such as the Enhanced Smallholder Livestock Investment Programme through the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock.

He said the programme targets 180,000 female and male smallholder livestock-keeping households (cattle, goats, pigs and village chicken).

Further, the President said approximately 900,000 farms and 28,000 households will benefit, among many other direct and indirect beneficiaries countrywide, including the final consumer.

“The supreme criterion for my Government’s development strategy is every Zambian citizen and taking the desired development to them”, he said.


  1. Let no one call this development. We are simply replacing wht used to be there. Development is whn u move from a lower to a higher state.

  2. I agree with you @Nemwine these are repairs and maintenance not developments.

    He wants to show us that he is working and developing yet the road was overdue for repairs and i remember in 2017 passing through this road and it was hell.

    He must just pack and go he is useless.

    PF must go!

    • This worst useless president on a earth is impressed with everything, that’s just how dull and useless this scatter teeth dull president is, I remember him being impressed with Lumumba road, this chap is useless and incompetent like never seen before

  3. Its 2020 and we are still resurfacing roads and calling it development….the amount of money this govt has wasted on this road through corruption and single sourcing to his corrupt friends to patch up this road over the years is an unbelievable. This reckless bum sees nothing wrong…I guess his handlers are still recovering from the booing the got over the weekend.

  4. The same applies to roadworks on Mpika- Nakonde stretch. It’s not development. It’s maintenance.

  5. I wonder if that’s a picture taken to depict roadworks or the actual road. I always wonder why we build our roads so narrow with potential hazards on the sides. It looks like our engineers are still hanging on to very outdated road-building textbooks.

  6. This behavior must end guys! you wreck people’s vehicles for 4 years and in the year before and directly going into elections you start fixing infrastructure!? Why so? Do we still have a population that is so gullible or do politicians enter offices where templates on manipulation are available with proven research findings? You can see when someone starts asking like this that you are losing it. Good luck for 2021.

  7. If Edgar Lungu’s already impressed with the quality of roadworks, hw does any engineer from Road Development Agency question any imperfections on it? I don’t know why our politicians don’t want to learn even simple lessons. Weren’t we told the same about Lumumba rd which is being worked on again? Is it too much to keep a stiff upper lip and let experts report to u? Is it unpresidential to respect professional limits?

  8. Well said, @Nemwine. You see our politicians do not know how to behave like strategists. They almost want to comment on the material composition of a road surface as if they have done the science themselves. It is sad. It also shows they either have abandoned good speechwriters or they have decided to do away with the decorum befitting their standing.

  9. Pot holes are not good for vehicles. Maintenance of infrastructure is critical to national development.

  10. Utuneso – Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa has fired Health Minister Obediah Moyo who has been charged with corruption over illegally awarding a multi-million-dollar contract for medical equipment.
    Moyo was arrested last month following an investigation by the country’s anti-graft commission. The 66-year-old has been freed on bail and is scheduled to appear in court on July 31.
    If convicted, the former hospital administrator faces a fine or up to 15 years in prison.
    A statement on Tuesday by government spokesman Nick Mangwana said Moyo was removed from office for “conduct inappropriate for a government minister”.
    Moyo is facing charges of corruption and criminal abuse of his office over his role in a deal with a United Arab Emirates-based company to supply personal…

  11. Continue
    supply personal protective equipment and COVID-19 test kits.
    After Zimbabwe’s opposition condemned the deal, which saw the medical supplies being sold at inflated prices, the government cancelled all contracts with the company, according to local media reports.
    The case has received a great deal of attention in a country facing a deepening economic crisis that has seen nurses and doctors demand more pay and adequate protective gear to help cope with the coronavirus pandemic.
    To date, Zimbabwe has registered 787 coronavirus cases and nine related deaths.


  13. Can you imagine how much money has gone in these thugs pockets from this repair project being referred to as development ?

  14. Yes deplorable state for the last four years but now 2021 is near then suddenly we have listened to the people.


    Please note, Ba LT, that ECL’s team have confessed they picture in this article is for a project in Nigeria.

    Please do a repost.

  16. I think you all know that Lungu is the most intelligent person in PF and most popular countrywide. Let him do all the talking and we should all be in owe!! At least so thinks Lusambo and Kaizer who have not seen much of the inside of the classroom. They also lead a party of like minded people. Before you argue I will throw a few names at you: Mwila Davies, Sikazwe,

  17. Neglect of maintenance on all gateway major roads reflects on the economy performance as flow of goods is interrupted due to access hurdles carriers experience. There are roads whose existence to residents in a region is but a spillover side benefit for the road constructed is not in the first place meant for the people but the target is that of enhancing the national economy. Therefore the rehabilitation/resurfacing of the Kafue – Mazabuka road is no development project for the people of Southern province but national in that it will now facilitate smooth speedier transportation of goods coming from the southern Africa region into the country!

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