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UPND is the most violet political party in Zambia’s democratic history-Siliya

Feature Politics UPND is the most violet political party in Zambia’s democratic history-Siliya

The PF Government has described the UPND as the most violent political party in the history of Zambia’s multi-party politics.

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya says the UPND has failed at every opportunity to condemn violence as evidenced by their Leader Hakainde Hichilema’s silence on the Monze Incident.

Ms. Siliya has since condemned the behavior of UPND cadres who booed President Edgar Lungu on his visit to Monze to launch newly built housing units for the Zambia Correctional Service.

She has since urged the security wings not to spare anyone that will be found harassing citizens for going to or passing through the Southern Province.

Ms Siliya has wondered why the UPND saw something wrong with President Lungu’s visit to Monze and decided to send cadres to jeer at him.

She said in a statement that despite Zambia being a democracy and Citizens have the right to freedom of expression and protest, this must be done in a respectful manner.

Below is Ms. Siliya’s full statement


    • Why has she not named those Zambians that have been denied access to southern province? Or maybe she is just downloading all this as a campaign against the people of southern province, if they can download roads for southern province, what can stop them from downloading hate speech on the good people of southern province. If she wants to see how southern province is a melting pot for all Zambians let her visit Zambia sugar, the fishing camps, by the way our MP for Livingstone is a Mr Jere from the east were she comes from, the DC for mazabuka, heads of govt Dept’s in mazburg, just because of one booooooo and one bush protest, tivutike manje.

  1. The mistake our politicians make and a very big mistake is that they try to persuade eye witnesses believe in what they did not see. Imagine some1 trying to convince you that you always use your neighbors toilet when you dont even know the people leaving there. I have seen it with leaders so often. Dont we have development agendas. I remember Sata talking bottom road, police torn uniforms, no toilets, more money in pockets, eastern northern province road connection etc. No one learnt from Our Heroes.

  2. Yes, Voetsek is the correct reaction to CliDoras’ stupid conclusion! Let me hear her assessment when Chagwa faces the same hostility is the Copperbelt and Kasama! All these foolish Kumawan do is tribalize things, kunya hule iwe!

  3. Cheap politics. Wasting air time on nonsensical press statements. Get a life we have bigger fish to fry.

  4. Who killed an innocent citizen in Luanshya during the Roan by-election? Who killed Lawrence Banda in Kaoma in broad daylight? If booing is a crime, arrest those who booed Edgar Lungu. After all PF controlls everything.

  5. Ba PF you talk like you are talking to kids. Everybody knows that PF is a party cadres. You have forgotten that you guys almost killed Mrs Mwanawasa and Nalumango.
    You send cadres to Monge to pretend to be UPND cadres to boo Lungu. I know you trying to come up with a scandal. You are the most violent and useless government Zambia has ever had. And I’m sure tamulelala from fear of losing in 2021

  6. PF has been violent all the way. When other people defend themselves they start complaining like little kids. This coming election will be fire for fire. You have failed to control coronavirus infection, instead you ares spreading it everywhere by your president who is moving everywhere. You stop opposition parties from mobilising and interacting with the community. You do not want HH to use radio stations in the country. You will feel the explosion when you suppress people with dictatorship.You have emptied the coffers through stealing. UPND has been attacked almost everyday. You have short memories you *****s, you nearly brought down the helicopter which HH was using to campaign. The only thing you are sacred of HH is the money you have stolen.

  7. Which citizens are afraid to go through Southern province? This is being irresponsible. Only thieves can not go to southern province. Nobody has threatened anyone from Southern province. It is PF who have been threatening UPND members and not allowing HH to visit some provinces especially Northern and Muchinga provinces. UPND please can someone reply to Dora’s lies, we do not want her to go unchallenged. Do not leave these liars to get away with cheating people. What is wrong about booing a non performing president?

  8. I really dont get how Dora Siliya – with no shame – can claim UPND is the most violent party. The booing of President Lungu in Southern Province was an exhibition of the the frustration of the Zambian people. Now PF want to use this as an excuse to ban HH from the Copperbelt.

  9. So says the party that was gassing it’s own citizens leading to mass murder of 50 innocent people by irate mobs while lungu watched for almost a month…….

  10. I am now 69 years old. I have never seen a Zambian government that wastes so much time on unproductive issues. The issues they spend precious time on and want to vigorously promote are so unbelievable you wonder what the real motivation is. Please don’t breed hatred in this country. It is not necessary. We want peaceful co-existence. Can we hear you promoting peace instead of amplifying issues loaded with blame on some of your own citizens. You want us to hate our own in-laws, nieces, aunties, uncles, grand children, a sebele, etc. How are we going to live like this where you want to know tribe before you can discuss? This is NOT how we grew up during our time. It doesn’t have to be like this just for the love of power or hate for an individual. Learn to love. When you hate another…

  11. U can do anything to dirty the image of HH the truth is that Zambians we are feed up with pf ever since 2016 our lives are nolonger the same.

  12. Does this minister have any trace of morality ? How can a mere expression of political belief be construed to be violence? Any fool knows that a violent party is one symbolised by a fist and has armed its carders to the core! We know that party is pfools! Which party sent militias to traing in sudan? Pfools! Which party presided pver the deaths of a university student, lawrence banda, obed and many more oppsition cadres? Its pfools! Which party hacked people for demostrating peacelly on cairo road? Which party was calling for breaking of bones when youths wanted to demostrate? Which party leader threatened chaos if concourt rules against his eligibility…..evidence is overwealmingly pointing to pfools!


  14. They have started it, we will see how they will campaign in PF strongholds. We shall make sure we retaliate in the strongest terms possible. They want the presidency and know too well that they can only have it if they get votes from PF strongholds but we will see how they will campaign. Ati mumbwe aitile impashi shabwela shamububa. Those who live in glass houses must not throw stones.

  15. immoral ladies make some much noise..what morality does she have ayi..just keep quiet and work

  16. Yes everyone knows that hh is desperate to get power at any costs even if it means shedding blood. Hh has made many promises to many foreign entities including the gay Brentwood organisation and is desperate to return favours. This is the only reason he want to be president. Remember this is a crooked business man who made billions on the back of poor Zambian who lost jobs during privatisation. It should not surprise you that he presides over a violent disrespectful party which will never rule this country. We were in opposition at some point but we had respect and even when we lost we never petitioned results like that useless a.n.u.s HH

  17. The most brutal political party was UNIP by far.What we are witnessing is no where near the brutality of unip cadres , markets, bus stations…..etc.
    Without unip card you can not buy anything or board a bus.
    The booing is the sign that the time is out for PF which KK also experienced in 1991.

  18. The caller on radio from Chililabombwe said if the President comes here we will do the same. Booing is respectful, it is just a sign of displeasure, we see it daily at soccer matches when a player is not playing well and needs to be substituted, fans just boo, it is a signal, and by the way the Monze booers comprised all political parties including some objective PF caders

  19. Strange people these PF people, you are under performing and you want people to cheer you, very strange characters

  20. PF must just wait. They have not seen anything yet. Going forward the foolish dictator will find it impossible to visit any part of the country without being booed, apart from shiwangandu only. Monze was just a rehearsal, the real drama is yet to come in a few months time.

  21. When it comes to violence I think everyone knows PF has the thug machinery, I have no sympathy for your corrupt leader and trust me it’s nothing tribal

  22. Costa put this Dola in her rightful place, well done Costa you handled her well. What an embarrassment to have such people as our leaders.

  23. You have now started downloading other countries roads developments purporting that they are being done in Zambia. You are now a downloading government. Next you will download Chinese roads and say Lusaka-Ndola Dual Carriage way being done in Zambia. Hehehehehe PF Downloader. Just open Prime TV. And pay retirees.

  24. flag Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Really? What an irresponsible statement! Negro please, spare us the nonsense.

    UPND being the most violent, since when? What planet is she living on, just making stuff up and think anyone can believe it. She is obviously appealing to her kind and their thugs.

    PF would take that title easily. And when did booing equate to violence? Booing is a non violence and peaceful expression of protesting.
    Right now Lungu and his minions deserve to be booed every single day of the week! I think Zambians needs to adopt this as their slogan going into 2021.

  25. If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are oppressed and loving the people doing the oppressing..

    Malcolm X

  26. You lie…that’s not true master thieves you have run out of things to say…You are going to jail next year be prepared.
    PF Must Go

  27. If late Mwanawasa could be booed what more Lungu? Because Mwanawasa did far far better for this country than Lungu. Ba Dora just keep enjoying the loot but next year yena mufwilefye mwaya

  28. Am I missing something? UPND uses the colours red and yellow; VIOLET as the heading says is an entirely different colour!

  29. Action is required. UPND are not a political party and their hold on some provinces in Zambia has to be broken.

    1). We need the judiciary to escalate urgently the Test Case in courts that challenges whether UPND and other parties that have not held convention are legal or whether in fact they should be deregistered as they cannot demostrate democratic principles.
    2). We need the security force to be in occupation of these provinces because these unacceptable incidents have occured in the past. It’s unsettling to citizens and hightens tension in the country which is leading to violence.
    3). The President of the republic of Zambia cannot be booed and made a fool of in any part of the country, he is number one, and the image of the office of the president must not be undermined.

  30. Dora Siliya is now the new minister of propaganda. UPND the most violent party? That’s a lie. Everyone knows PF is the most violent party. PF has nothing to offer the Zambian people, except corruption and violence. And we are sick and tired of that. You don’t have to be a UPND member to see that PF is corrupt and violent. Bakabwalala imwe. You’re all going to prison next year where you belong. PF must go!!!!

  31. Minister of propaganda, Dora Siliya. PF is the most violent party and not UPND. Thuggish Lusambo has been threatening UPND, telling them not to go to the copperbelt. What he doesn’t realize is that even people on the copperbelt are sick and tired of corrupt PF and can’t wait to have you thrown out of office next year. And we’ll make sure you go to prison for all the corruption you’ve inflicted on the Zambian people.

  32. A minister takes thugs to court and it gives in to thugs . This Minister is like the Minsister of information under Saddam who used to make false pronouncements .He has failed to address pictures on Jonathan posted on his pages about the cheap substandard roads he is building country wide .

  33. A minister takes thugs to court and it gives in to thieves and she calls UPND the most violent party in Zambia . This Minister is like the Minsister of information under Saddam who used to make false pronouncements .She has failed to address pictures which Jonathan posted on his pages about the cheap substandard roads he is building country wide .

  34. So the headline states that the Opposition is violet , last i looked HH and his follows were brown skinned not the colour violet, maybe LT writers could learn to spell with spell check and learn the national language English, It’s violent not violet but maybe we soon will be talking,reading and typing in our new official language Mandarin Chinese.

  35. That’s why they shut any media that shows any constructive objective journalism – so that they remain with useless mouth pieces that never challenge them. There are no proper press conferences where they can be held to account, including from their GREAT LEADER. They are thus free to spew lies and diatribes to the gullible with no shame. The caliber of leaders in this PF govt. is embarrassing to say the least. If Dora and her cohort can lie like this in broad daylight, you wonder what they do in the cover of darkness

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