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Parliament hail Students for contributing to works on youth

General News Parliament hail Students for contributing to works on youth

THE Zambian Parliament has hailed the Zambia National Students Union (ZANASU) for its significant contribution to the report on the report on “implementation of the Youth Development Fund (YDF)” adopted by the National Assembly on 26th June, 2020.

ZANASU has continued to remain a representative voice of students of higher learning in Zambia in the legislative process and decision-making by the Executive arm of the Zambian Government.

In a letter dated 8th July, 2020 addressed to ZANASU, Clerk of the National Assembly conveyed the gratitude from the Parliamentary Committee’s on Youth, Sport and Child Matters ZANASU’s submission which formed part of the basis for the adopted report.

The current leadership of ZANASU has raised the bar to ensure students of higher learning are recognised as forming a part of Zambia’s youthful population that is strategically positioned to shape the governance of the country.

ZANASU, an umbrella body of students and their Unions in Zambia, has patterned with Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Fund (SAIH) – a Norwegian solidarity organization of students and academics – and the Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC) to ensure students meaningfully engage in causes that advance academic freedoms and ensure young Zambians have access to quality education enabling them to contribute to a more just society.

In response to Parliament, ZANASU Vice President Steven Kanyakula has assured the National Assembly that “ZANASU shall continue to ensure that Zambian students, at home and abroad, continue to exercise and defend their right to raise their voice in national matters.”

“In pursuit of this task, ZANASU is working towards decentralizing by establishing provincial committees of students whom your Committees can interact with in your national duty to legislate,” read part of the letter.

The soft copy of the adopted Report can be accessed on www.parliament.gov.zm


  1. We always say youth are not those only noise makers on Facebook. Zambians had more young people like student movement who ve taken new approach in engaging authorities. Long time ago, they only talked BC now they talk national issues

  2. Sadly, these efforts aren’t recognised by Executive. They will need u when its campaign time. Zanasu must push for youth Representation in Parley. We need to see some student leaders in parley next year

  3. Momentous contribution by the Zambia National Students Union in the novel initiative by President Lungu, a step which will definitely encourage and motivate our youth to participate in revival of the economy and nation-building.

  4. With Edgar Lungu facing opposite direction and nothing shall change other just kicking him out.

    PF must go!

  5. A fund devised for the sole purpose of development of the youth is a testament towards President Lungu and PF’s commitment towards the cause, Lungu has proven through this that he means what he says and truly believes that the youth is a strong pillar of the society! #ZambianYouhDevelopmentFund

  6. This is a brilliant and a very forward-thinking move by President Edgar C Lungu, it will not only hone the personality and life-skills of our young brothers and sisters but will also provide them with enhanced, modern and quality education. After all, education is the most necessary quality required for a nation to soar higher and higher. #ZambianYouthSoarHigh

  7. President Lungu cares for youth but one cannot explain how youth fund was not allocated for years. But his Ministers are not in sync with reality coz they don’t understand youth affairs. Shockingly too, NYDC runs without board for ages. Just how. Anyway, hope zanasu will continue speaking on these national issues beyond just meal allowances associated with many public University unions

  8. We hope the youth can exhibit this maturity going forward.weknow majority are mature. However we have a tiny minority paid by pf who are still breastfeeding and very childish.

  9. A true reflection of the Lungu era when Zambia has climbed to the top of the ladder amidst all the developing countries in Africa on the basis of its indicators, top-class education, vast resources, robust and dynamic economic opportunities and a seamless network of connectivity and transportation! Just what all of us could ever ask for us, PF gave us all of it!

  10. Finally, Zambian students will have a quality learning experience with all the academic freedom. Quite contrary to what HH is trying to do with our youth, instead of stones and posters, PF gives our youth books and laptops. An educated Zambia is a free Zambia, free from anarchy, free from corruption, free from nepotism, free from UPND, free from HH! #PFForFreeZambia

  11. Students are aware too about thefts and corruption that makes their lives hard in colleges and universities. One minister said would ban all students representative union bodies. Students have experienced mistreatment and beatings from police and even death from police guns in campuses when they simply want to voice their concerns.

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