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Zambia Dodges FIFA Ban

Sports Feature Sports Zambia Dodges FIFA Ban

The FIFA ban that was looming over Zambia today July, 10, 2020 has been averted after a tripartite agreement was reached.

FIFA had set July 10 as deadline for the court case against FAZ to be withdrawn by expelled member Damiano Mutale who was contesting legality of the constitutional process of the elective 2020 FAZ Annual General Meeting in March following the disqualification of certain candidates.

The process was halted in March following Mutale’s injunction just before the nation went into Covid-19 lockdown and provincial elections had been completed in six out of the ten provinces before culminating in the March 29 elective FAZ AGM for the President ,Vice President and Women’s Football representative.

Sports Minister Emmanuel Mulenga said during a press briefing on Friday that the three stakeholders in the impasse had held a high-level meeting on Thursday and the court case withdrawn by Mutale.

“The aggrieved party will withdraw the football case from the courts of law today the 10 July, 2020,” Mulenga said.

“FAZ will not proceed with elections until after the meeting to be chaired by FIFA to iron out outstanding electoral contested issues and three; the meeting which will be chaired by FIFA will be attended by both FAZ and the aggrieved stakeholders.

“The outcome of the meeting with FIFA shall be final and none of the parties shall seek redress from a third party.”

The announcement means Zambia will continue to participate in all FIFA and CAF national and club competitions that would have otherwise seen them particularly forfeit their 2021 Olympic Women’s Football Finals outing , plus 2022 FIFA World Cup and AFCON Qualifiers including COSAFA and friendly match obligations.

Zambian clubs would have also been banned from participation in the CAF Champions League and CAF Confederation Cup.


  1. All the diasporans and opposition who were praying for a ban so that they can blame pf, MWANYALA

    • @Kaizar, boyi don’t drink during the day please. It is your friend Lewis Moyo who is lawyer for Damiano. Lewis Moyo has never been abroad naiwe, is just. Your Lewis Moyo is the appointed liquidator of FAZ. Lewis Moyo is the co-lawyer of PF with kaChikkala ka Tutwa.
      This fight between Tutwa and Kamanga started way back over the Kabwe Warriors club leadership. Then when Kalusha was seen kicking ball at 2016 Dununa PF campaigns, the all fight turned into a gang war.
      Damiano is PF in Mufulira.
      Kamanga has not defected to PF yet.

    • Kaizer It’s you who embarrassed yourself at the stadium when you attempted to parade yourself before the cameras without being invited.
      We in the diaspora are hoping for the best for Zambia and unfortunately theirs people like you in Government. Until God deals with you and your colleagues, Zambia will continue to be in the doldrums.

    • If you think criticising and wishing the worst for your birth country is hoping for the best, then you must be a crazy donkey

  2. Seems AK is too clever for these PF crooks who are pushing for kalushya as payment for his dancing with lungu on stage in 2016

    …….he let FIFA do the talking , knowing he is on high ground.

  3. The announcement means Zambia will continue to waste money participating in FIFA and CAF national and club competitions that they have no hope of winning let alone qualifying for. Only the women s team deserve to play in the 2021 Olympic

  4. The events in mufulira prove one thing – HH and his useless party are violent. Why is it everywhere he goes violence is there and the smell of death. Some will say pf is violent, however our president was recently in southern where there was no violence even after HH paid his fellow devils to boo and incite violence. Upnd is losing in 2021 and will try to cause trouble, us as government will not allow this and to protect the country we will use all powers at our disposal. Kz

  5. Good move, let Fifa convene the meeting and fairly hear out all stakeholders. Then in conformity with Fifa regulations, make a ruling that will hopefully be transparent & clear to all.

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