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KBF’s Sentiments on HH Hypocritical

Columns KBF's Sentiments on HH Hypocritical

By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

Yesterday, I listened to comrade Kelvin Bwalya Fine (KBF), address a number of national issues on the Hot Seat program at Hot FM.

I must say, I have an ounce of respect for Mr. Fube because this is a man I have sat with in his office and have had an opportunity to interact with. He is a brilliant thinker.

Yet in public leadership, being an exquisite thinker alone is not and will never be enough; especially when this quality is overshadowed by a lack of foresight, and underpinned by both duplicity and hypocrisy of character. This erodes public trust in any individual seeking public office, and when one is short on public trust, they remain with zero political capital.

Comrade KBF was asked to share his thoughts on whether or not he would be open to work with others (HH) in an alliance, and his thoughts were nothing short of pompous, self-assuring and presumptuous.

As a gentleman I know he is, all KBF should have said was he was focused on pursuing his own personal ambitions to become Republican President and not willing to subject himself to the leadership of another.

That would have been sound and perfectly acceptable, because as politicians, we all thrive on ambition.

Mr. Fube was, however, quick to refer to “third party” sources who had previously failed to work with Mr. Hichilema but could not demonstrate good judgement by only taking these discredited third parties for their word only. The individuals whose judgement Mr. Fube courts to form an opinion on HH are bonafide political prostitutes, opportunists and flipfloppers who have been known to switch sides for personal benefits. These individuals cannot possibly be trusted to give an objective view of a political competitor when their primary preoccupation is survival – no Sir.

And if we are to take KBF on his word, both MCS (God keep him) and Edgar Lungu are “better” in their thinking, planning and perception of problems and solving them. This is the only thing that explains why and how KBF was happy to prop up and defend the candidatures and presidency of the two men.

If KBF wants to argue that he is a better thinker and planner than both MCS and indeed the diabolical ECL, then he owes Zambians an apology for the mess the country has found itself in today. Our social and economic problems are a direct consequence of the failed leadership of the Patriotic Front (PF) and the presidencies of both MCS and ECL, both of which he helped create and fervently protected and defended – until he decided he too wanted to be president.

I have personally welcomed the candidature of KBF because it adds to the temple of public debate, but the lack of consistency of judgement and his appetite for double standards, the same thing he accused ECL of on the issue of Chitotela and Chitalu Chilufya, should make the public look deeply into the underlying character of the man – is he honest and consistent enough to be trusted with the highest office in the land?

I think not.

Zambia and Zambians, much more than ever, need servants and not political opportunists and assassins.

Mr. Hakainde Hichilema has not been in opposition all this while because it is or has been nice being in opposition, but because of his dedication to serving this country and its people. Those who joined politics for privilege and self-service have been crisscrossing the political arena out of convenience – Mr. Hichilema has held his ground, and the public have learnt to trust and rely on his consistency of leadership and judgement and the numbers bear witness.


  1. Kikikikikikijukija
    …overshadowed by a lack of foresight, and underpinned by both duplicity and hypocrisy of character. This erodes public trust in any individual seeking public office, and when one is short on public trust, they remain with zero political capital…
    This is crazy, you just described a upndead god.
    So what the hell are ranting about bigot.
    H² and KBF possess the same character. You insult one, you insult both. One discredits the other, thy discredit themselves.
    Yak! What a trash of an article. Dope! Anthony ka weed.

    • Excellent analysis Anthony, KBF is clearly comparable to FDD Nawakwi, self serving, pompous and without focus. He doesn’t know why he entered the presidential race

  2. No no no no Anthony you are messing up UPND like that childish Larry Mwetwa costed HH elections. Take a pose Anthony.
    You can’t go to relieve PF. KBF is PF problem, don’t grab problems from them.

  3. Whoops! I forgot to say thanks Anthony for upholding our opinion on that 5th time election disfigured weirdo and scoundrel; and his bunch of do nothing house underperformers.

  4. Anthony Bwalya you say politician thrive on ambition. what ambition is that- lying , cheating the people for political gains? Instead of talking of corruption and covid , you guys throw nonsensical stuff to us. to make us believe one is betetr than the other. Well we dont buy it man. your scating attack on KBF is only discrediting you and HH even more. So PF has problems that they will attend themselves. They attend to Covid for now, thats good for us. This is democracy not a business plan.

  5. I think you are right here only a fool can disagree with you.This HH has been very consistent under very difficult& dangerous opposition politics.Sata suffered here and there but HH has really suffered, spending time in the most notorious prison in the country, he has suffered attacks all the time he is in the Bemba speaking regions of the country not from ordinary people but organised thugs by PF and yet he is never petty to discuss individuals even those that despise & insult him.The tribe he comes from has eqully suffered insults and descrimination for voting for him when other tribes do exactly that.

  6. It’s not true that all those that have been vice Presidents to HH are opportunists. Here the rule of probability does not tally because at least HH would have found one of these vice Presidents useful to him but surely all of the five to be bad honestly? Let’s be serious. There must be something seriously wrong with HH in the way he manages political affairs.

  7. Well said Bwalya these leaders are always condemning each other, they cant even pay attention to the suffering of retirees who have stayed for so many years without being paid. Let someone tell the government to pay retirees.

  8. says who that you are any better, for that matter all are lying thieves, only pulling down anyone who does any semblance of good for us pipo, all bull crap that HH has not won because he has “dedication to serving this country”. nonsense just to fill up pages, We are not *****s to believe, we see what you do, What did you and HH do when you guys speak blasphemy against women and and when you break up radio stations. all are same so let the ones who are working , work.

  9. All other tribes support those who come from among them as long as they are serious politicians worth a coin.MMD was very popular in the whole country but later mostly in Bemba land because of the chiluba factor a Bemba speaker later Pf took over surport in Bemba areas because of Sata the Bemba speaker and Edgar is just now enjoying that surport because of that sata hangover and being a Mbuya as well because there is no serious consistent Bemba politician for Bembas to switch to yet.

  10. Tribalism is deeply entrenched in the upnd. As usual habwalya has come out in force to defend his tribal demigod, who has stood in over 4 elections, losing all of them. Would I be wrong to call hh a loser ?

  11. the Easterners on the other hand also vote for those who come from the province.Unip lingered long there because of the kaunda & Tilyenji hangovers.Even during a serious national revolution to anchor in MMD the Easterners voted for Kaunda.Later FDD a party that was only a few months old led by christone Tembo won in eastern a lot in eastern province when at that time in 2001 the in fashion opposition was UPND led by Mazoka and if eastern province had not voted for a few months old FDD and supported UPND then that small margin election would have gone the UPND way.
    Similarly 2011 Rupiah wins eastern but looses presidency and barely 3 yrs in a presidenial by election Lungu the son of eastern wins there . This exemplifies clearly that every body votes their province mate but Tongas are…

  12. This exemplifies clearly that every body votes their province mate but Tongas are daily demonized.They at least have voted for a Bemba speaking president before in 1991 and 1996 when they gave chiluba 100% of the votes.For now
    It seems to be a Bembas speakers and Easterners alliance Vs Tongas, Lozi, Luvale, Lunda, lenje soli and kaonde coalition. The Bemba have more numbers for now and so are winning.In land mass the 4 Bembas speaking provinces actually only equal to North Western and Western provinces but these 2 provinces are spacely populated but with Economic boom currently happening this will lead to population boom .In the next 20 to 50 yrs tables may change.
    But surely Africans why is tribe such a curse on us? and saving government politicians are using it to scare their…

  13. Anthony Bwalya… start by being honest to yourself. If people trusted HH as you put it. He would have been in power. How can Zambians trust a leader who has failed to denounce..

    The Mantra which is … ONLY A TONGA CAN LEAD UPND…

    I quote you !!

    Mr. Hichilema has held his ground, and the public have learnt to TRUST and rely on his consistency of leadership and judgement and the numbers bear witness.

    The weakest opponent to beat was Lungu from the start after Sata died. Now Lungu has grown. HH lacks Political Forsight and Political Judgement, Political Calculations…..


  14. HH is a very difficult person to work with. Right now he is stuck and finding it hard to pick a VP Running Mate. He used and mistreated Dr. Banda. Then he went into marriage of inconvenience with GBM which anyone with common sence knew it would end badly. GBM is a waste of space politically. GBM does not hide it. He is in politics to make money.

    HH is scared to pick a Tonga or Lozi. So where does he go to pick a VP, when he needs votes from Munchinga, Northern and Eastern.

    Therefore, stop wasting energy convincing people to vote for HH.

    Athonny Bwalya…Be brave and start advising HH to have Political Forsight. The worst enemy to HH’s political ambitions has always been HH himself. He needs to reprogram the man in the mirror.

  15. “……Our social and economic problems are a direct consequence of the failed leadership of the Patriotic Front (PF) and the presidencies of both MCS and ECL, both of which he helped create and fervently protected and defended….”

    Same can be said of the PF zelot rats above……..who can waiste time reading their posts ????
    They have supported and continue to support a miserably failed lungu and his GRZ…..

    Zambians are suffering with all indicators going South , except their bank balances.

    So……..just looking at the usual scoundrels above and some others who are yet to get out if bed , you know them, is a total waiste of your time.

  16. Unfortunately most Zambians think they can thrive on deceit. KBF gave a honest analysis of who Hichilema is. Even the much talked about alliance isn’t an alliance but a call to support Hichilema. Just rewind to what happened in 2006 under UDF. Then the PF – UPND pact and how it collapsed. Yet a young politician like Anthony elects to ignore all that and defends HH as if he knows him better than those that have worked with him at the highest level? Zambia won’t go anywhere as long as we have such kind of people seeking public office. It doesn’t cost anything to be truthful

  17. You can’t criticize hetch hetch without his worshipers attacking you. Question was simple . Mr KBF can you work with HH and his answer was equally simple. NO. Musiyeni. No KBF wabanyoko

  18. A journalist and member of a political party too! How can one expect neutral and unbiased reporting by this person? The basic journalistic ethic demands one must be neutral, apolitical, non partisan. Otherwise the very principle of journalism is defeated.

  19. What else can be expected from a sworn follower of a political party? It is upto the people of Zambia to decide how much importance should be given to this. The voters are wise enough to decide what is good for them and what is bad

  20. What’s wrong if KBF has political ambitions? It is better to have multiple choices than having just two. If he is worthy voters will elect him, otherwise he will go home like HH has gone for five times and now will go home the sixth time.

  21. This Fube is a damn f**king thieving *****! Very tribalistic Katangese too. Being Luapula you bet he is like Kateule Kalumba also practicing witchcraft. Ba tubulu, nyeleni fye mumenshi alah!

  22. No wonder the country is in a mess. Looking at the comment by Kaiser Zulu compared to the majority of points by other contributors, all I can do is cry my beloved Zambia.

  23. Mmmm Bwalya ranting as he always does for some Kwachas from HH. Leave KBF alone, why do you want him to support HH? HH can’t be second to any.he wants the number one position in any alliance. KBF is saying no to such baseless and dull alliance where only one person’s views matter. Stop smoking weed Anthony Bwalya.

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