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Copperbelt Province has received 80 percent of its Fertilizer Allocation


Copperbelt Province has received 80 percent of its total 32-thousand 5-hundred and 50 Metric tonnes fertilizer allocation under the Farmer Input Support Programme, FISP.

Provincial Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe has expressed hope that the supplier, Nyimba Investments, will complete delivering fertilizer to the province within the next two weeks.

Speaking when Nyimba Investment Head of Sales and Marketing Willings Mulendema paid a courtesy call at his office in Ndola, Mr. Nundwe applauded the company for efficiency in fertilizer supply to the province.

Mr. Nundwe said President Edgar Lungu has paid premium commitment on issues of agriculture because he wants the sector to develop, as it is critical to the country’s economic development.

He said the early delivery of inputs to the Copperbelt is important, because the province is undergoing a shift from mining to agriculture.

Mr. Nundwe says last year’s early supply of fertilizer to the Copperbelt helped the province to increase maize yields and came out number four in the country.

And Mr. Mulendema said Nyimba Investments has completed the importation of its total contractual tonnage of fertilizer under FISP, and that the company is now concentrating on delivering to its contracted regions.

He said the company is supplying fertilizer to all the 10 districts on the Copperbelt and has already delivered 80 percent of the total required.

Mr. Mulendema said the company will complete delivering the remaining 20 percent in the next weeks.


  1. No guessing what will happen to the remaining 20%.

    Look at how covid donations ended up being sold on Facebook by minister Chilufya’s daughter and other PF cadres.

    We are dealing with natural-born thieves.

  2. Great development. Indigo you are not entitled to an opinion when you have never sent a single thing, not even salt, for the poor relatives you left here before you ran away to diaspora

  3. PF is in panic mode, running around like head-less chicken. No amount of work will reverse the disaster and misery that you have caused in the past years. If i were in your position i would reserve the remaining year in asking for forgiveness otherwise you guys are going straight to jail. Smell the coffee for once. This is free advise.

  4. Bumper harvest which never translates into mealie meal price going down to less than 100kwacha for a 25 kg bag. In MMD days mealie meal was K30, even if there is expected adjustment due to inflationary pressures, not these amounts which the non working PF has subjected us to.

  5. MWENSO NIMFWA, SAYS HH…as Mufulira taxi drivers, residents beat up unruly PF cadres
    By Charles Tembo in Mufulira]
    UMWENSO ninfwa, Zambia chalo chesu bonse, says UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.
    Meanwhile, taxi drivers and members of the public in Mufulira on Friday went on rampage and beat up PF cadres who had stormed Mafken FM radio in an attempt to disrupt a radio program which featured Hichilema.
    Hichilema said this on Friday afternoon when he featured on Mafken FM radio in Mufulira and Radio Icengelo.
    He said there was no need to be scared of any threats because the police have to arrest criminals threatening others.
    “Zambia is one people who are a family, fighting for the common good. Mwenso ninfwa (fear is a sign of death), Zambia chalo chesu bonse (country for all of us)…

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