Disaster Management Unit starts the assessment of the state of red locusts in affected districts

This is in reference to reports that five people have died of hunger in Shangombo district of Western province
DMMU National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe

The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit has commenced an assessment of the state of red locusts in affected districts in Western Province.

DMMU National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe says the International Red Locusts Organization of Ndola have been engaged to carry out the assessments and have since covered three districts namely Sesheke, Mwandi and Kaoma.

Mr Kabwe said once the assessments are concluded, group and aerial spraying will be conducted.

He says the red locusts are dangerous to the country’s food security and President Edgar Lungu is concerned about the situation.

Mr Kabwe has assured those affected that government is addressing the situation.

He adds that about 3, 800 hectares have been sprayed in Kazungula District of Southern Province.

And Mr Kabwe has described the hunger situation in Lunga as an emergency.

He says the hunger situation which has affected over 60, 000 households is due to the floods experienced in the area.

Mr Kabwe said government is already providing relief support and emergency cash transfers with the support from cooperating partners in order to ensure no one dies of hunger.


  1. How this becomes a disaster management issue is beyond me. It’s the food shortage resulting from a locust invasion that becomes the responsibility of DMMU. Control of locusts is beyond this department.

  2. MWENSO NIMFWA, SAYS HH…as Mufulira taxi drivers, residents beat up unruly PF cadres
    By Charles Tembo in Mufulira]
    UMWENSO ninfwa, Zambia chalo chesu bonse, says UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.
    Meanwhile, taxi drivers and members of the public in Mufulira on Friday went on rampage and beat up PF cadres who had stormed Mafken FM radio in an attempt to disrupt a radio program which featured Hichilema.
    Hichilema said this on Friday afternoon when he featured on Mafken FM radio in Mufulira and Radio Icengelo.
    He said there was no need to be scared of any threats because the police have to arrest criminals threatening others.
    “Zambia is one people who are a family, fighting for the common good. Mwenso ninfwa (fear is a sign of death), Zambia chalo chesu bonse (country for all of us)…

  3. Red Locust, Makanta, is source for high protein. It is a delicacy for Bembas. Let’s have the locals in the affected areas harvest the Locust, prepare it to the liking of the Bembas, package it, and sell it to them. Also we can use it as a protein additive to the chicken feed mash for sell to those in the business of raising chickens. We must stop poisoning the Locust with chemicals. We are not sure of how biodegradable the chemical is. If this chemical finds itself in our water ways, we shall just create another problem of poisoning other species. Let’s do the right thing which is economical.

  4. I’m persuaded by this argument. Why not catch all the locusts, preserve them and sell them as food for those raising chickens and as relish for those who eat them? We can even use them as manure. Great idea my man.

  5. @eyes, we have to eradicate them effectively. Unfortunately, the spraying us necessary. Locusts are a grave danger to agriculture. The swarms swell so fast that it become impossible to deal with the devastating damage they leave behind. But that is good thinking about eating them….they eat our food, we eat them!!

  6. Planning ahead rather than waiting until you are bitten by a lion. This is what we like in pf government. As a farmer you would expect HH to be more vocal about this issue which has affected parts of Africa. However, unsurprisingly, the small boy is preoccupied with campaigns on his Facebook like a teenager. He is the president of the republic of Facebook

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