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Lukashya Member of Parliament Mwenya Munkonge has died


Lukashya Member of Parliament Mwenya Munkonge has died. Mr Munkonge who was an Independent Member of parliament died at Levy Mwanawasa University Teaching Hospital in the early hours of today, Saturday.

Hon. Munkonge has been admitted to Levy Mwanawasa Hospital since Monday and died this morning.

Uncle to the deceased Geoffrey Mwamba who is also PF Deputy Mobilization Chairman confirmed the death to ZNBC News. Mr. Mwamba said funeral arrangements will be communicated at a later stage.

And PF Secretary General Davies Mwila described Mr. Munkonge as hard working. He told ZNBC that Mr. Mukonge made meaningful contributions in Parliament. Mr. Mwila said the PF and the people on Zambia will miss Mr. Munkonge’s positive contributions to parliament.

In Northern Province, Provincial Minister Chungu Bwalya expressed sadness at the death of Lukashya Constituency Member of Parliament Mwenya Munkonge. Mr. Bwalya said the death of Mr. Munkonge is not only a loss to the people of Lukashya but to the province as a whole.

He described Mr. Munkonge as a gallant and dedicated lawmaker who put the welfare of his people first. Mr. Bwalya who is also Patriotic Front Northern Province Chairperson described Mr. Munkonge as a man who was committed to duty as evidenced by his exemplary works in the constituency.

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu has said that he is saddened with the death of Lukashya Member of Parliament Mwenya Mukonge. President Lungu said that Mr. Mukonge was a dedicated Member of Parliament who worked hard to improve the lives of the people in his constituency, adding that despite being an Independent Member of Parliament, Mr. Mukonge worked well with the ruling PF.

The Head of state said that his thoughts are with the family and the people of Lukashya.


  1. Sad for the family. May they be comforted.
    If he succumbed to a disease of public health concern it is important in the fight against such diseases to divulge so that the fight can be helped. People are saying that they do not believe there is a dangerous disease because they have not seen anyone die.

  2. PF will be morning and salivating for the Lukasha vacancy to prop up their numbers for Bill 10. Just wondering why matenda tibisa koma malilo sitibisa.
    Parliament must be closed and all Parliament workers screened and quarantined for 14 days! MOH should show leadership on this because we don’t want to lose more MPs for PF to take advantage of to prop up numbers for Bill 10 shaa!

  3. Being admitted in Levy Hospital is a death sentence …useless hospital…now you will see the lazy thing in State House jump up and start campaigning again as that what he only knows and more guaranteed numbers for his evil Bill 10. This is why they wont close parliament when its contaminated with covid.

  4. Died from Covid-19. The cause of death is not mentioned in the article. This is deliberately meant to trivialise Covid-19 by PF. They are spreading the disease throughout the country. These MPs will finish with this cold weather

    I tell you HH has a lot of money”
    I am 100% sure that its HH who convinced the Rwandan Rebel Leader Maj Nsabimana Sankara Calliixte to frame President Lungu with funding of his rebel group so that he can be kicked out of State House, Former UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said.
    Speaking in Lusaka this morning, GBM said HH is the only Zambian who has more than enough money and influence across the world and there is no doubt he can maximise the same influence to frame President Lungu with serious cases so that he can be kicked out of State House.
    “I refuse to believe that Mr Hakainde is clean in this matter. I know the man, he has a lot of money and influence across the world…

  6. Interesting, so what are the remaining numbers of pro Bill 10 mps?Foolishness will disseminate pf,close parliament please…you will end up dying you f…ls

  7. RIP great man. You contributed alot to the nation and for that we are forever thankful.

    What is unsurprising, is the usual diasporans who show a lack of respect following the death of someone. Very unzambian to start discussing the cause of the death of someone even before he has been laid down to rest. It shows how out of touch most evil diasporans are. They have lost their hearts there abroad due to being treated like animals . Their hearts have hardened.

  8. Our hearts go to the Mukonge family at the loss of their father, uncle, son and colleague to many – Mhsrp.
    Surprisingly, late MP is getting kudos from some parties that did not even want to adopt him as their aspiring candidate. Lets be truthful to what is said about the loss of a hard working man.

  9. Death is death no matter how one dies of. My heartfelt condolences to the family.

    I know PF is showering crocodile tears.

  10. Really sad to read about the passing of Mwenya, such a good and hard working man he was. He will be missed by many of us. MHSRIP and sincere condolences to the family.

  11. May the two honourable Members of Parliament rest in Rodgers Mwewa and Mwenya Munkonge rest in peace. There’s a time for politicking and a time to mourn regardless of who has died. You UPND cadres must learn to understand that. When one my icons and founder of UPND Anderson Mazoka died, the entire nation mourned not just tongas. Humanity simply means that because we all feel the same pain when a loved one dies. Muli bapuba bonse imwe. May the two MPs rest in peace.

  12. It’s sad when death takes away from the nation and family their loved one but exaggerating the condolence message makes a mockery of mourning! Politics is in the mix though trying to mask greed surrounding capture of an extra seat PF are strategically campaigning already eulogizing the independent MP! MHSRIP

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