Monday, June 24, 2024

PF Attacks on the Police Threat to National Security-UPND


United Party for National Development(UPND) has condemned what it described as a movie-style attack on Lusaka Central Police Station by known, unruly Patriotic Front cadres.

According to the statement released to the media by the party, the incident came barely a month after the Inspector General of Police (IG), Kakoma Kanganja told the nation that the PF regime has made the work of the police easy as they are working with the PF very well.

The party said that it was a source of worry and concern to UPND that the PF, which has made the work of the police extremely unbearable through interfering in their operations and ordering them to effect arrests on opposition political figures could go a step further by invading police stations.

“As a security wing of Government, entrusted with the task of maintaining law and order; preserving and safeguarding property, we expected the ruling PF to not only make the work of the men in uniform easier, but to desist from any form of intimidation against them, ” the statement said.

The party assured men and women in uniform of a reformed Police in which the Executive will exert no undue political influence and pressure on the work of the Police once it assumed power, adding that, upon assumption to public office, the party will ensure the highest levels of professionalism and a return of order for the police to regain public confidence and respect.

“We will ensure individual police officers independence and improved access to social amenities such as education sponsorship for specialized training and quality health services; decent accommodation not the one made out of card boxes, ” the party said.

“We shall not allow police officers to be beaten by cadres. We shall also introduce more incentives for the police in order to motivate them, ” concluded the statement.


    • Where are those political parties that donated murky mealie meal during covid updates (musoma, Chanda and spuki) its moments like this that make them rush to znbc for walking in interviews and demand for apologies from people. Where is the Zambian DNA?

  1. Too much indiscipline in the country. This is as result ruling PF government interfering with law enforcement agencies.

    The police has been infiltrated by PF cadres and there is no distinction who has powers and not.

    All this is because of Edgar Lungu.

    PF must go!

  2. But Ba PF kutumpa sana, Kampyongo has tried his best to build houses for ZP, but his own PF thugs turn around beating beneficiaries.
    Kampyongo should just defect to UPND, they will like him, they will forgive him for letting his village stone helicopter.

  3. The attack on Lusaka central police station by Jay Jay Banda is part of national values and principles. That’s why Godfridah Sumaili will not condemn it. In fact no one from PF has condemned it but mere booing in Monze has attracted very strong condemnation.

  4. Ugly man, who told you it was pf. Did they have pf written on their forehead? Kolokombwa iwe. If disgruntled youth attack police we should be thinking on ways to ensure this never happens. The police were caught sleeping

  5. But what is the reason for having the so called Cadres in Zambia. What is their duty/function??? There is really something wrong here. In other Countries you hear of Party members (those carrying party cards) and Citizens who do not belong to any Political Party but are elegible to vote

    Why all this rubbish sure

  6. !mbecile Kaizer, it was your Chipata PF district Youth Chairman who led the attack. Hope that answers your question. Cheers.

  7. This is a funny country where everything has collapsed, with a few disgruntled remnants still trying to justify the unjustifiable

  8. Evidence ,evidence,evidence!!!!. Are these characters indeed partisans of PF in disguise or genuine PF card carrying members?
    In any case,lawlessness against the executive and its arms, whether in Monze or in Lundazi,Lusaka etc is a national concern for all citizens and not only a threat to one party stronghold region.

  9. People , ……

    Lungu and pf have a hudge wage bill to pay those unemployed PF thugs they use to harrangue the opposition, …..

    Bus stops and markets cater for pay of established pf gangs , When other gangs don’t get paid they run riot ……..

    You wait and see , good thing IMF and other donners don’t want to give lungu money which will be used to pay these thugs….

  10. One day I asked cadres why they were so verbally and physically violent instead of winning new members by promoting their party’s manifesto; their leader retorted saying, “We are the visible power of our party, our job is to promote the party by pumping fear into its opponents, and to cow them into submission and subjection to our leader by any means possible. and our bosses pay or promotes us whenever errands of violence are successfully carried out. ifyo fya ma manifesto fila chelwa!”. Then I understood why some political leaders could praise their cadres for burning houses belonging to their political competitors.
    Now am told Lusaka Central Police has nowhere to report the fact that they were battered by PF thugs. They have the medical reports showing that actual bodily harm was…

  11. PF has killed the symbol of law and order – our men and women in uniform. That uniform signifies custodianship of law and order and should be respected. Thugs turned into cadres rate themselves higher than police, and by implication have taken over the custodianship of law and order, coz that’s PF’s way of governing – ukubuta. But thank God it will all end in 11 months!!!!

  12. @Lipkwa your man katuka has croc skin.No doubt about it .Cant you see those cacti like plant looking fins or croc scales on katukas face resembling a chisanguka that catches people on the lakes.They scales also resemble more or less like gumugumu( Rainbow Lizard or” Agama Lizard ) This man can win ugly contest with flying colours) Tulabipa ,but uyu Frog skin is in advanced ugliness .They dont look like the grey black “post Ambi black skin discolourisation that people used to have those that wanted to turn into coloured or white people in the 60’s .Any way Bally HH will sponsor him abroad for plastic surgery .Long live UPND

  13. There should be no such thing as cadres. We have police to keep law and order in this nation as the bible teaches. PF was birthed by a very angry aggressive old man and this gave birth to all this violence in PF and now others who need to defend themselves. MMD was birthed by a gogly man and peace prevailed when MMD was in power. PF must go,

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