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President Edgar Lungu is concerned with the surge in the number of COVID-19 cases-Health Minister


Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya says President Edgar Lungu is concerned with the surge in the number of COVID-19 cases triggered by cold weather and laxity in compliance to public health and social measures.

Speaking during the COVID-19 routine update at his office on Saturday Dr. Chilufya said Government was concerned that there has been an exponential rise in the number of cases and deaths especially BIDs.

“Government under the stewardship of President Edgar Lungu notes with concern the surging in the numbers of COVID-19 affecting our country and world over. The COVID-19 epidemiology in Zambia is changing rapidly. We have seen an exponential rise in the number of cases and indeed in the number of deaths furthermore the patients who have covid-19 in our facilities are now severely ill.” Said Dr. Chilufya.

He disclosed that from the tests that were conducted in the last 24 hours, 19 patients are critically ill and hooked to oxygen.

“As we speak today, we have 19 patients who are hooked to oxygen, the cold weather compounded by laxity in COVID-19 compliance to the public health and social measures have been factors that have been fuelling the pandemic.” He added.

Dr. Chilufya appealed to members of the public to adhere to public health and social measures adding that they should seek help whenever they feel sick.

“Our I would like to make an appeal to the public, to adhere to public health and social measures and to ensure that whenever they feel ill, they seek help quickly. This is important for us to stop the big number of people who are being brought in either critically ill or already dead. I further appeal to private hospitals to work closely with public institutions. To ensure that diagnosis is done quickly and people are linked to management of COVID-19 quickly.” He said.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Health has in the last 24 hours recorded 170 COVID-19 cases out of 1352 tests conducted bringing the cumulative figure to 2980.

“In the last 24 hours we have confirmed 170 COVID cases out of 1352 tests done. This brings the cumulative number of tests to 2980, 35 are contacts to known cases 61 were picked through the routine screening in our health facilities 46 were picked through routine community screening and 17 were truck drivers 11 were brought in dead as in, they are community mortalities.” Disclosed Dr. Chilufya.

He said 12 patients have been discharged, bringing the number of recoveries to 1462. But the minister also announced that the number of deaths has increased to 120.


  1. This is becoming a nightmare.

    As predicted by many sensible bloggers here, this virus is lethal in cold weather.

    The number of deaths being recorded is increasing too fast. I am afraid it will get worse, judging by current trends. I pray we do not end up like Brazil, USA or the UK.

    This government can not protect the public anymore. They are trying to save their own skins in 2021.

    • STEWARDSHIP :The sphere or responsibility of a steward (as in a manager or administrator), stewardship is often used to mean “the care, handling and management of resources.”


  2. I just hope many Zambians take COVID-19 seriously. At the momemt many are sdaying it is a conspiracy theory or blacks are immune to COVID-19. I hope people start taking it seriously as I feel SAD to see cases rising. COVID-19 is devastating. In the UK it has wrecked havoc and we are not still out of the woods even with a stellar Health Care System. Now in Zambia, it MAY be even more devastating if more and more people end up requiring Intensive Care, as the Health Care System may not cope. Look at Brazil, it started slowly with the President dismissing it as mere flu. Today, it’s only second to the US and the President himself fell victim to the dieases he dismissed. Respect Life Take COVID-19 seriously.

  3. Not to worry. Just a few more deaths, so what?

    We are winning this war, all thanks to our able president and incorruptible health minister. The country is lucky to have these gallant soldiers of humanity.

    That aside, I am attending a golf tournament tomorrow. Should I take my red Bentley or the white Rolls Royce? I think I will just take my G-wagon mwe.

  4. Those figures are ilegit coming from a man who is facing serious allegations of theft whose frame of mind is unstable. We need to hear from someone trustworthy so we can take it with concern it deserves. For instance, whose statement is it, Chitalu Chilufya or president Lungu whom Chitalu is pleasing to avoid being fired, detained or suspended to pave way for impartial prosecution of thefts by him. Currently Chitalu Chilufya loathes ACC, Zambian don’t like him because he has robbed them, he is a disgrace to his family as a thief. How then do you expect him to say truthfully that his statements are credible. Even if they were, because Zambians have lost confidence in him therefore, false.

  5. If only him and his colleague @ information ministry did not seem to trivialize this pandemic. It is now difficult to get people to understand the dangers of this virus no matter how large mortality figures you’re going to quote!

  6. Lockdown measures were weak initially. We were even relying on prostitutes for contact tracing. We were also told that the President was keeping a critical and analytical eye on the disease. Well here we are now

  7. Apparently they stole covid-19 resources thinking that the disease never existed and we shall see how the blame game ends..

    That’s PF government for you. And someone is busy drinking kachasu in state house.

    PF must go

  8. How can this moron Chilufya be focused on eradicating this pandemic when he has a corruption case…surely if that lazy halfwit in State House was serious he would have suspended him if he was concerned about covid-19. Meanwhile Bowman is busy doing rallies in CB.

  9. We were told that the president was keeping a ‘critical’ and ‘analytical’ eye on the pandemic. Meanwhile our borders were wide open and we had to rely on prostitutes for info on contact tracing.

  10. Both small and big buses have been carrying passengers at full capacity and at times overloading in full view of relevant authorities. Markets are always congested with most people without masks. In all these situations there is either no social distance or no masks. But when the same people go to church to worship God the owner of the universe, they are strictly required to mask and sit one meter apart or so. You can not successfully secure the public with inconsistent, selective and wrong preventive measures. Just as you have allowed congestion to continue in markets and public transport, let people gather freely and worship God.

  11. After mismanagement of covid funds as well as diverting the funds to pay PF suppliers and thieves, instead of putting up a spirited fight against the virus, they now want to start shifting the blame

  12. This is making me cry.

    The stats will get worse because people are not social distancing and masking. These two help in slowing infections. Washing hands regularly is also important as touching your face.

    I wish for Zambia that people will realise now that they are facing their own mortality. Don’t play with the seriousness of this virus. Please if you don’t need to go out in public, stay home as much as you can. No bars, cinemas, casinos. Wear masks, social distance. Set aside your extra love lives and stay with your family.

  13. If he was genuinely concerned, he would not have coerced churches and restaurants to open, he would have ensured that every one masks up, if he was genuinely concerned, he would not be having campaign meetings and allowing cadres on the streets with no permits or masks!!

    It’s all a smoke screen!

  14. One of the problems of most unthoughtful people is one of confusing belief and fact as to mean the same thing. If I believe that the devil exists, it’s not the same as knowing that the devil exists. If I believe that blacks hv resistance to covid-19, it doesn’t mean that it’s true that blacks hv resistance to the disease.

  15. Papa we know it’s a global issue. we are thankful for the good work you have done so far. Especially when compared to the death rates in Europe and places like UK where they died like chickens. Very sad

    • Ba mudala i don’t know why you like a boy who has never gone to school why sure its sad to have people like you in Government it seems you never get anything serious awe kuleni mu brain mwe

  16. A second MP has passed away short illness all pointing to covid..Lazy Lungu will not suspend Parliament because of Bill 10 …without it the Oaf has no chance next year

  17. That’s what happens when you can’t distinguish politics and corruption from administration and accountability. Chilufya shouldn’t have anything to do with the COVID19 Solidarity Fund. The President was supposed to appoint a Council of imminent persons to manage it and disburse funds for specific activities in a specific area under a strict and System. This money is Chilufua’s main focus, not combating COVID19

  18. Very hard to believe anything these guys say. Soon every death in Zambia will be
    associated with covid 19. We know they just want IMF to believe them and give them more money.
    Who goes and buys all those police vehicles when civil servants are not being paid? Are we preparing for war or what?

  19. May social distancing continue to be observed, stay home if it’s not necessary to go out. To those in the habit of going to slumber parties at their concubines houses stay safe with you families at home, otherwise you may end up being taken in as a BID.

  20. Lusambo is the answer to this, give him a good sjambok n you’ll see how the covid cases will dwindle. The man is a machine.

  21. How can Lungu be concerned when he sees it’s as an opportunity for him to campaign alone. He has been traveling around the country every 2 weeks campaigning and bribing opposition Counsellors to cause bye Elections and you say he is concerned. If he missed firing you on corruption, he should have fired you for causing chaos at court ferrying Cadres to intimidate the court. Wish Covid-19 had taken you and your boss. You arrogant fools. We know the nurse at Parliament died of COVID-19 just like the 2 MPs in a space of 2 days. Why spin to the public she didn’t die of COVID-19? There some things you can’t lie about. All evil commited in the darkness can not be covered up. If you continue lying you will soon be caught pants down. Remember your fellow Home affairs PS. Don’t play with God.

  22. Covid 19 is real but the biggest and dangerous problem is PF. How can you convince the public to trust you if you are not leading by example? You want people to believe that there is Covid 19 in Zambia but you are the leaders of all gatherings. You mislead, lie, steal etc. The same minister who crowded the court with unprotected cadres comes to tell people covid is real adhere. Is PF immune to this? PF knows exactly what they are doing, only God knows the real of number of people who are really infected as for the public Its not easy to believe liars exaggerating numbers to achieve a hidden agenda.

  23. One criminal (Chulufya) talking about another criminal (Lungu). Both of them are criminals who should be behind bars instead appearing in public like this, talking about “they’re concerned about the surge in numbers of COVID 19.” These two criminals are worse than COVID 19, having robbed the Zambian people blind, with no remorse. Come quickly 2021 so we can cage these criminals, or maybe COVID 19 can arrest them before we do. Lungu and his PF criminals must gooooo….to prison.

  24. Covid-19 will be Covid-21 next year and the victims will be Perpetual Fools mistyping Zambia as on date. All of them will be in intensive care units ( maximum prisons) and will die of beating by the public In general elections.

  25. Leadership bwana Minister implied or called upon your office to have stop the cadres who came to offer support to your during your court cases as all of them were not in masks or did they observe social distance later on law and order. Evidence is everywhere to be seen.

  26. Bwana Minister next time stop those cadres from parading at the court. They neither have masks or observe social distance. We thank you for the updates

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