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Davies Mwila pays glowing tribute to late Mwansabombwe Member of Parliament Rodgers Mwewa


Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila has paid glowing tribute to late Mwansabombwe Member of Parliament Rodgers Mwewa for his loyalty to the Party and working hard for the people of Mwansabombwe.

Speaking when he visited the funeral house, Mr Mwila said the late Parliamentarian had a heart for the Party and the people in his constituency.

Mr Mwila said the late MP’s works were evident by the development projects he initiated in Mwansabombwe Constituency.

“Rodgers took development to Mwansabombwe. He shall be missed by Mwansabombwe Constituency and Luapula Province as a whole. He has left a huge vacuum. Replacing Rodgers will not be any easy task because very few are as loyal and committed as Rodgers was. May his soul rest in peace”, the Secretary-General said.

Mr Mwila who was accompanied by PF Media Director Sunday Chanda was received at the funeral House by Luapula Provincial Chairman and Minister Nixon Chilangwa, Pambashe MP and Tourism Minister Ronald Chitotela, Mwense MP and General Education Minister David Mabumba, among other Parliamentarians and senior Party officials.

And President Edgar Lungu said that the late Mwansabombwe PF member of parliament Rodgers Mwewa added value to the party and parliament.

In his message of condolence to Mwewa’s family, President Lungu further described him as a helper who cared for children in need.

Mwewa was also the proprietor of Fountain of Hope orphanage in Lusaka’s Kamwala area, a home to hundreds of former street children.

“Hon Mwewa brought immense value to parliament just as he did to the Patriotic Front. I am also aware that he was a benefactor to more than 300 children at his Fountain of Hope orphanage in Kamwala. His demise is, therefore, not just a great loss to the family but to the entire nation,” said President Lungu in a statement released by his special assistant for press and public relations Isaac Chipampe.

And President Lungu has wished Professor Lupando Munkonge well as he mourns his son and former Lukashya Independent member of parliament, Mwenya, who died last week.

“Hon Munkonge was a hard working member of parliament and despite being an independent MP, he worked very well with the Patriotic Front, a party I am privileged to lead,” said President Lungu.

The late Rodgers Mwewa died on 18th July 2020 at Levy Mwanawasa Teaching Hospital in Lusaka.


  1. This unfortunate death has touched me. Very touching and emotional statement by our wise secretary general. we shall overcome and we will win the next election in honour of our dear departed. Amen

  2. They are already talking about tells Rodgers.
    Hope they bury him in Luapula not in their Lusaka. There is not even space left in Lusaka, maybe they squeeze him the Embassy park shrines.
    We know the other guy Munkonge will receive a decent traditional funeral in his village.

  3. At least the people should be reminded to wear a mask. We do not want to lose any more lives. Lets defeat Corona virus. It is our common enemy.

  4. People of Lusaka hear oooooh! The ventilators at Levy Hospital were not working! VENTLATORS!!!!! Note the “s” as in many, all were not working! Then CFB had to ‘surrender’ the MP to Levy Hospital who had the equipment CFB seems doesn’t but sadly the equipment was not working!!!! Finally UTH but with all these delays the MP succumbed! Lots leaves to be desired on health handling generally! There are many questions arising and even wonder the worth that a hard earned Kwacha spent in subscriptions to many of the private hospital gains if critical equipment lacks and one still has to end up at UTH which most run away from because it is believed that care is not really good!

  5. The Govt should adhere to Ministry of Health Covid 19 Guidelines to eradicate this disease. After detecting Covid-19 infections at Parliament the Building should have been closed, testing and tracing should have been done on all Mps and Parliamentary Staff. All those infected should have been quarantined. To eradicate this disease the Govt should respect the advice of Health Scientists.To avoid further infections Parliament should be closed sine die.

  6. Bushe aba baf!kala twabafumishe kwisa? These fools just want to steal. Ba Zambia please let’s get real leader to lead us

  7. His avoidable death is all due to PF government spending little on ventilators and overall healthcare.

  8. It appears this MP had a heart for the people, most members of parliament are focused on building lodges, expensive homes and government contracts. He founded an orphanage!
    May his soul rest in piece.
    My angry concern now, MPs have tested positive for covid, and we have not tested all of them. We have five MPs attending the funeral, as well as Mwila who is obviously moving with crews all the time, and tomorrow he will be holding meetings.
    Please isolate and social distance.
    The lunacy of our constitution, we have to go for two more by elections. As opposed to simply having intra party elections to replace the deceased.

  9. ….and Parliament motel being a slaughter house kaya mwandi. Corona has spread beacuse all the slay queens frequenting that lace for a quick are exposed to the virus, then they spread it to other choppers.

  10. May your soul rest in peace my young brother as we mourn with your family and the Munkonge’s family.

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