Government needs Bill 10 to implement recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry into Voting Patterns and Electoral Violence


Minister of Justice Given Lubinda says government is eager to implement the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry into Voting Patterns and Electoral Violence.

Mr. Lubinda said government agrees with almost all recommendations made but that in order to reform some of the proposed amendments the outcome of constitutional Amendment bill number ten of 2019 will dictate what will happen going forward.

Mr Lubinda cited the Political Parties Bill and the Electoral process Act as some of the proposals whose outcome will be informed by the outcome of the bill.

Meanwhile, the Southern African Center for Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) said there is need to ensure that all the recommendations are observed by all stakeholders to ensure peaceful transition in general elections.

SACCORD Executive Director Boniface Cheembe said there is need to have respect among political leaders through practising issue-based politics.

And Patriotic Front -PF- Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri said the party leadership has guided its members not to retaliate to provocation.

And UPND Deputy Secretary General Administration Gertrude Imenda said in order to end political violence and intolerance it is important for President Edgar Lungu and UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to dialogue on the way forward.


    • It’s only in Zambia where we say your vote is your right and secret, but again when you vote you are question why you voted in a particular way? Why does that bother you when its my right and secret to vote in whatever way I feel? Is it necessary in Democratic nation to set up a commission to question people about their voting pattern? The only thing that commission was to handle is electoral violence. CHAPWA, KWASILA, KWAMANA.

  1. This is very timely advice. The issue of electoral violence is something that needs addressing. More so, as long as UPND is in existence. The levels of violence have risen with the increase in losses experienced by the UPND. This is as result of their desperation and frustration. This is then manifested in violent acts and subsequent claims of vote rigging and running to courts. I agree with the learned minister that Bill 10 needs to be implemented asap. We know it will pass through the house, this is why the under5 upnd are in panic mode. Aluta bill 10

    • That’s the problem with people like you…u can’t say the truth when you know where the problem is coming from you are the same people…

  2. @ the engineer, the only joke in this equation is the tribal party you support that keeps dodging parliament and runnng to court. They are wasting the court’s time the cowards. The MPS are paid to debate in parliament and have been entrusted to do so by the constituents they represent. If they have failed, then let them resign we hold by elections so that we wallop you and then have sensible people in those positions. Some of you need sense to be panel beaten into your empty brains

    Did ba Jon@ follow the law & hand over to the attorney general, when there was a dispute post 2016 elections, as was laid out by the law?
    Mpaka lelo you silly boy Given has NOT paid back a single red cent, as stipulated by the Supreme Court after you J0n@ advised you to illegally draw salaries once Parliament was dissolved
    I could go on & on, but don’t have time!
    Za Yell0, that’s why you were the first case study & !di0t to receive “special V.I.P treatment” from the P.F thug Cadre S.S.S legion aka Special Slap Squad. Waya sana.
    Lastly P.F.KUYABEBELE!

  4. Kanye west running for president in USA. Here even crisis the rapper can garner more votes than that tribal cow hh

  5. “……..proposed amendments the outcome of constitutional Amendment bill number ten of 2019 will dictate what will happen going forward…..”

    What lubinda is saying is PF will try to check cader violence only if bill 10 passes… bill 10 , no cease fire from the thugs….is what he is implying….

  6. We need the Report of findings on the voting patterns for us to understands and fully support the recommendations in the Bill 10. Please consider releasing that report as it may help us a lot otherwise we are really shooting in the dark here, Honorable Minister twapata.

  7. Bill 10 again…these morons wil never stop even if it means stopping everything else…they need it more!!

  8. With his face looking chocolate I don’t think Lubinda is normal.

    Bill 10 is dead and still talking about it.

    PF must go!

  9. That PF seems bent on enacting Bill 10 everyone must smell a rotting fish concealed somewhere! This Bill elapsed yet its sucking all the oxygen in the room! The President can stop the violence if he means well without Bill 10 and the hair picking from Bill 10 is partly lifting the veil from the face of the citizenry! Where is the report on voting patterns that earned some people allowances for an already predetermined prejudiced conclusion? Let the country serve the people from the Covid-19 to enable the country get back to the daily normal as people are more concerned about their daily bread and health! How each person decides to vote is her/his business!

  10. Ba UPND, why do you want HH to dialogue with President Lungu on the way forward? The way forward is elections. Why dialogue with only UPND, what’s so special about them? My advise, people, is start preparing for the elections, otherwise you will be singing the same song – I wuz robbed!! when we all have moved on.

  11. What has bill 10 got to do with a commission of inquiry into voting patterns? Sad as it may be, half of our provinces vote based on your tribe.
    And it is folly and lunacy of the highest order to state that enacting Bill 10 will address electoral violence.
    What are the police for? What are criminal laws for? Surely, these ought to be enough to prevent violence.
    It’s like saying we need B10 to curb murder, theft, and everything else during elections.

  12. The Report hasn’t been made public. What is the connection between the Recommendations of this Report and Bill 10? Why is Lubinda and PF so persistent with Bill 10? Is there no life and future for Zambia without Bill 10? Zambia should move on and allow the Dead Bill 10 to Rest in Peace.

  13. given y are u insisting on bill 10?didn’t expire?the problem is these crooks want to play on peoples mind. please look and reflect on what is happening in mali.i woudn’t want it happen in zambia.

  14. Next they will tel us that we need Bill 10 in order to have a constitution, have sex, drink beer, wear fashionable clothes, eat T-Bone at Grand Daddy’s, go to Church on Sundays, Listen to Pilato’s music while in bed, eat pizza at East Park, Allow snow to fall in October so that our hot season is cooled down, drink milk from elephants in order to grow as tall as ECL, have troublesome cadres from the PF locked up for good, have bank managers give us free cash on our front doors, own properties in Dubai! MWEBANTU MWE! UBUFI, too much.

  15. Talking for talk sake!!. Given must have been promised something if he delivered bill 10 otherwise even for a typical PF Minister, what he is saying has no logic at all. Which part of the voting patterns can bill 10 change & how can we see sense in what he is saying when he hasn’t released the results of the commission of inquiry in the voting patterns???

  16. Who is Mr Lungu not to be booed –Andrew Banda
    FORMER deputy high commissioner to India Andrew Banda has outlined failure of President Edgar Lungu and the PF that have precipitated booing.
    And Banda says UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has been assisting chiefs in Southern Province and other parts of the country for a long time but does not blow his own trumpet.
    Banda, a senior UPND member, was commenting on the booing of President Lungu in Monze and the resultant chorus of declaration of certain areas as no go zones for Hichilema.
    Banda said declaring the Northern circuit as a no go area for UPND and Hichilema following President Lungu’s jeering in Monze was utter nonsense.
    He wondered how the PF expected people to be cheering for President Lungu when he had “failed them in more areas…

  17. Its moronic to claim political violence in Zambia can me addressed by late Bill 10. Its naive too, that late Bill 10 will correct the voting pattern in Zambia.
    Voting is secret, its “Donchi Kubeba” so, all this claim of violence whose cause is well known and who has power to stop it is well known. Bring other lies Zambians need to know.

  18. Given Lubinda thinks ndise vikopo feeding us BS and beans.
    Which clause in Bill10 addresses the issue of electoral violence?

  19. “The issue of electoral violence is something that needs addressing. More so, as long as PF is in existence” in Zambia. Timely and good advice coming from Mumbi Phiri that PF must practice politics with dignity, not retaliating anyhow or telling blatant lies to implicate perceived enemies. And Bo Imenda is right to suggest that HH and ECL meet, jointly condemn violence and map the way forward. If we can have more prominent speaking the way these honorable ladies have spoken, slowly violence will vanish from the political arena! GIVEN LEE is not trustworthy!

  20. Good people don’t need any written law to guide their goodness. You haven’t done what was expected of you because you’re bad people. Which Law hasn’t the PF abrogated? This should be your last term as Kabwata MP, you’re better off preparing for your life after politics. Pray hard that Hichilema doesn’t win the next election

  21. No wonder upnd is afraid because they know what they did in southern province especially Dundumwenzi and the violence in Namwala.Soon they will caught they think it will just go like that never.Wina azalila hoooooooo hoooo mbooo bmooooooo mooo mooo mooo

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