Sean Tembo opposed to calls for parliament to adjourn sine die due to the increasing COVID-19 cases among MPs

Opposition PeP leader Sean Tembo
Opposition PeP leader Sean Tembo

Patriots for Economic Progress Leader Sean Tembo has opposed calls for parliament to adjourn sine die due to the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases among Members of Parliament and Parliamentary staff

Mr Tembo says Parliament must not be shut down but should embrace technology such as Zoom so that Members of Parliament do not have to physically be at the National Assembly in order to transact Parliamentary business.

He said parliamentarians can do business from the comfort of their homes saying that is the approach that has been embraced by several progressive countries across the globe.

Mr Tembo said some of the opposition leaders advocating for the shutting down of Parliament believe that it is a solution of opportunity to defeating Bill 10 however this is a narrow and shallow view because the bigger picture is that shutting down a key institution such as Parliament creates a strong case for the declaration of a state of emergency and adjourning of the 2021 general elections.

He said there are several pieces of legislation related to the 2021 general elections, including for delimitation, that are intended to be tabled in Parliament before the 2021 general elections.

Mr Tembo said these Bills need to be given an opportunity to be considered by Parliament.

He said in as much as his party also strongly opposed to Bill 10, the best approach is to defeat it on the floor of Parliament as opposed to advocating for the shutting down of Parliament in the name of COVID-19 so that Bill 10 is not tabled.

Mr Tembo said although the narrow and shallow benefits of shutting down Parliament might appear to favor the opposition, the bigger picture does not.

Meanwhile, Mr Tembo has sent a message of condolences to the families of late Mwansabombwe PF MP Rodgers Mwewa and Lukashya Independent MP Mwenya Munkonge who both died on Saturday.


  1. I agree with tembo. The ones calling for ir to be shut are from that party which is scared of debating bill 10 because they are too dull. So they would rather take it to court where their dull lawyers can argue for them

  2. Sean Tembo just argues for the sake of arguments. I doubt if Sean Tembo is a Team Player. To instal Zoom infrastructure to every MP’s home will cost money and take some time. Meanwhile to contain the rate of Covid-19 infections at Parliament u need to close the Building, test all MPs,trace their contacts and quarantine the infected MPs. That is the only way to fight this invisible disease. The writing is on the wall.

  3. You cannot discuss Parliament matters from homes due to the nature and confidentiality of some of the topics that maybe under discussion. In addition, there is need for such discussions to be done under secure platforms and environment.

    In the meantime, parliament must be adjourned as a matter of urgency due to Covid-19.

    God bless Zambia.

  4. What security when we watch them debate on Parliament TV? Then we should even adjourn elections next year!

  5. Very good comment. I was anxious when I saw the headline but the content is spot on. Let’s make use of these technologies. After all most MPs don’t even say anything so their families will be able to witness firsthand how their breadwinners operate. Mukwasu tilitonse apa. A Bemba kusalilatu! Kungofuna kuvivala ati akatole matole… a kolwe anasiliza kale!

  6. @ Number 5, ALL matters in parlaiment in the public eye.
    They could even join a Facebook group and debate there!
    Whilst I agree that parliament needs to find means of working whilst covid still rages on, I am afraid Bill 10 will pass if its moved online, exiting parliament ensured some weak opposition MPs were not tempted by the envelopes we have been hearing about.
    MPs, are paid to make laws, they shouldn’t stop because of covid.

  7. Invest in technology OK but at same time this is time to review priorities seriously as we change the way we do business. We’ll soon run out of imports. No airlines, limited road transport (SA may lock down its land borders due to new spikes in covid infections) with our neglected rail infrastructure…. This is time for a national commander not a partisan one to mobilize our best human resources.

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