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Parliament likely to adjourn today


The Zambian Parliament is likely to prematurely close for business today due to Covid-19 which has hit the National Assembly building.

So far, a number of Members of Parliament have contracted Covid-19 with Mwansabombwe MP Rodgers Mwewa succumbing to the disease.

Yesterday, the Standing Orders Committee of Parliament resolved to adjourn the House sine die today.

Clerk of the National Assembly Cecilia Mbewe has revealed that even today’s sitting will be done virtually as no MP is expected to be on Parliament grounds.

According to the Order Paper for today, Vice President Inonge Wina is expected to move a motion for the adjournment of the House in accordance with Standing Order 33 (1) of the National Assembly of Zambia Standing Orders, 2016, and in view of the Coronavirus.

And Electoral Expert Macdonald Chipenzi said the expected premature adjournment of Parliament means that Bill 10 is now dead and buried.

“It is with great excitement and joy to learn that the Standing Order Committee of Parliament has just resolved to adjourn the House sine die. This follows the covid-19 fatal attack on the members of the House and the institution in General leaving a trail of fatalities on the members of parliament and staff,” Mr Chipenzi wrote.

“This is as it should be and a sign of responsible leadership by the Committee and its presiding Officers. This means that Bill 10 is dusted and its funeral procession ending officially,” he said.

“It was a long, frustrating and ragged path and journey indeed for both the pro and Anti Bill 10 stakeholders. As it is often said, when God is with you, who can be against you? No weapon or billboards formed against you will prosper.”

“Bravo the Standing Order Committee of Parliament, the Speaker of the National Assembly and Managment at the Assembly and Anti Bill MPs and stakeholders. We have fought a good battle and ran our race dedicatedly.”

Mr Chipenzi said it is now time to resort to normal businesses without the aches, frustrations, stresses and fears from Bill 10.

“To our pro Bill 10 colleagues, democracy is democracy. The majority have won including Covid-19. You can now bring down your Billboards or replace the messages with other pertinent issues like COVID-19 fight. We will meet again over another controversial issue in future as these are never in short supply. Bill 10 is now over.”


  1. Psychopaths like Chipenzi celebrating the deaths of MPs.
    “it is with great excitement…”
    how could we allow this UPND partisan monkey to head FODEP.

    Any way Parley thanks for listening to our concerns.

  2. That is the way to go. We cannot risk losing more MPs from this invisible disease.
    Saving lives is more important than passing laws. As for the dead Bill 10 may its Soul Rest in Peace. As they say God has mysterious ways to solve National issues. We thank the Standing Committee’s wisdom to Adjourn Parliament sine die tosave lives from Covid-19. To ensure that these MPs are not infected they should all be tested and those infected quarantine b4 they are allowed to return to their constituencies.God bless u all!

  3. The parliament was not suppose to be advised to close the parliament, but that is they responsibility to do that.Andrew ntewewe what are you going to do with those billboards? Hope kanabesa has not fainted over this adjournment of parliament because bill 10 it won’t go through.This crop of mps for upnd and independent mps are very careful,they are not like crops Ben tetemashimba, Austin lyato,greyford Monde,bindundu, mukumbuta mulowa, Geoffrey lungwangwa,kasoso teddy , Richwell siamunane ,Jonas shakafusa ,shumina , Steven masumba, Richard kapita , Nakachinda and Richard taima not forgetting Dawson kafwaya these guys are very useless people whom you can not trust.God he is power finally have knocked out bill 10 without voting in parliament sole William.Government wasted money meaning they…

  4. u kudos your writting is full of nonsense and hate.please,i beg to differ rodgers mwewa had diabetes not covid 19.the problem when u seat and start drinking chibuku and always paiting black pictures on hh that is so bad and,as u claim to be a mr.nice i just have to be a candid with u. u are a very bad hearted person and so heartless.u are a pretender.and u are the same chaps if God was to take hh u would be speaking good things.and above all kz again the people of zambia hate u with a passion and are just awaiting for pf to go. they will come and hunt for u to the point that u will want people to sympathize with u but no one will ever feel sorry for u .please as at now amend and apologies the wrong things u have done to the people.state house is protecting u for now but not for too…

  5. Nobody contracted covid-19 from Rodgers.
    Idyots stop blaming Rodgers Mwewa as if he is the one who brought covid-19 to parliament. Even Dora got it too.
    Mwebana bambwaa imwe tamulosha no kulosha.
    We told you to close the fvcking Bill-10 center. Whoever is supporting Bill-10 killed Rodgers.
    Close the thing!!!

  6. KZ where are u? Are u aware that if Parliament Adjourns sine die today that is the end of the Road for Bill 10? U see in life the unexpected will always happen. With Bill 10 dead and buried PF will need to change strategy for 2021 Elections. Since Lungu’s eligibility will be petitioned it is wise for PF to nominate a suitable Presidential Candidate. The writing is on the wall.

  7. PF should declare one Month of National Mourning for Bill 10. They spent Millions and time in promoting Bill 10 but without success. Now that Bill 10 is dead and buried ,is PF going to draft another Constitutional Amendment Bill to replace Bill 10? That is only possible in February 2021 and with Elections on August 12, 2021 there is not enough time ro so this.I will not be surprised if Lungu and PF start scheming to postpone the August 2021. PF is between a Hard Rock and the Deep Blue Sea. Which way Lungu and PF? Time will tell!???.

  8. COVID-19 is real bane. Let us respect those who have contracted it those whom we have lost. Next, it could be you. But this is the time to repent, apologize for the wrongs, and make amends. GOD is on earth taking care of things we failed to resolve and do even when he gave us wisdom and eanough time too.

  9. The PF realized that bribing 2 more members from the opposition camp is a tall order.
    With Divine intervention or mismanagement of the covid-19 pandemic , bill 10 is done and dusted

  10. @ kudos, no one is celebrating the death of anyone. Sine die does not mean that someone has died. Mr Kudos let me explain it you like a four year old, sine die means adjournment without any date of resumption.
    I hope you will find this refreshing.

  11. Nature always has a way of ending and setting matters straight. Patriotic Front (PF) also democratically lost the 2016 referendum. In life one can not win everything.
    But if the loss of Bill 10 means challenging a presidential candidate (Edgar Lungs), what can surely prevent ME from petitioning another individual (Hakainde Hichilema) through same courts? Kindly choose the ballot and not the barrister as we ascend to presidency slots.

  12. Chipenzi is naive. PF cannot give up on their cherished Bill 10 just like thar. They will probably sneak in and re-table the Notorious Bill 10 via Zoom and the process will be rigged to get a 2/3 majority vote. Just wait and see another PF trick to get Bill 10 enacted into law b4 Parliament adjourns sine die. PF have invested a lot into this Bill and at all costs will have the Bill passed. PF haven’t got the Physical Numbers to pass this Bill but will use technology to rig the process and pass this Bill into law virtually. PF dont want Opposition and Independent MPs to be seen walking out of Parliament. PF will use technological warfare to pass Bill 10 into law.The writing is on the wall.

  13. It is not sneaking in the Bill, but using available gadgets and resources to continue with the business of the House. Other people have effectively utilised Zoom before for meetings, voting and assemblies. Dont be scared of losing. Life offers a win, a loss and a draw in all competitions.

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