Thursday, June 13, 2024

Manyele is new RDA Acting CEO


The Road Development Agency Board has appointed George Manyele as the Acting Director and Chief Executive Officer replacing Elias Mwape who served as CEO for the Agency from November 2016 to 3rd July 2020.

Announcing the development, RDA Board Chairperson Samuel Mukupa said Mr Manyele is a Civil Engineer with 19 years experience in multiple areas of construction in the road sector.

Mr Mukupa said in his career, Mr Manyele has shown a strong strategic and operating expertise as well as demonstrating a long standing commitment to environmental and social responsibility within the construction industry.

He said the Board will work closely with Mr Manyele to ensure a smooth transition and collectively agree to plan to further strengthen the business and deliver on the opportunities for growth that lie ahead as contained in the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan for the Agency.

Mr Mukupa said these changes represent further steps in reshaping and strengthening the Agency’s leadership team, with a balance of core skills and experience best suited to deliver sustainable road infrastructure development.

He on behalf of the Board thanked George Manyele for his commitment and professionalism in taking on the role as interim Chief Executive Officer of the RDA.


  1. Thieving civil engineers constructing sub standard roads and eating with PF bandits ba Pompwe imwe…useless engineers

  2. Congratulations.but inwe pf are doing a great job with infrastructure. Even I drive around in my new range rover I feel so proud

  3. They should have appointed a Chinese. Not these thieves. This weekend all PF thugs will gather at Manyele’s house.

  4. sadists ba mutasha kali kwisaya!If anything, apf has done what was supposed to be done by unip from 1964 to 1991 within 8years.Retrogressive people always criticise every thing withou being analytic.Otrhers apf has done alot.They brought home what those who had chances of travelling to other countris used to praise those countries about.What they forget is that for USA,UK SA to be where they are thier forefathers sacrificed for the deelopment.But here, a leader can even say that will people be eating the infrastructure apf embarked on development!Smhame, a national leader!No wonder they cannot come with developmental agenda because apf has done it, which they just want to be fixing!!!!Shame bane.Their agenda is corruption breakfast, corruption lunch and supper corruption, without even…

  5. Anso ni ka zina ako. ‘Manyele’. Imagine telling ka gelo ati say my name….anyway we hope he is not another playboy like the other one.

  6. Such appointments should attract congratulation messages. Boss Congratulations and you deserve it. They can only be one CEO at a time and this is your time.

  7. Congratulations George in your new appointment and good to know that one of us from Hillcrest Sugo 93, our intake, has taken up this huge responsibility. Thumbs up and God bless you in your new role.

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