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Road Development Agency (RDA) Board Chairperson Challenges Engineers to build roads that stand the test of Time


Road Development Agency (RDA) Board Chairperson Samuel Mukupa has urged engineers in the road sector to come up with road designs that will stand the test of time.

Mr. Mukupa said this when he visited the RDA Lusaka Regional office where he was briefed on the progress made on selected road projects.

He said it is important to carry out quality rehabilitation and construction of roads so that the Zambian people get value for their money.

And Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) Board Chairperson Cornelius Chipoma wondered why roads being rehabilitated do not last long, saying there is need for researchers and engineers to carry out a study on the matter.

And National Road Fund Agency -NRFA- Board Chairperson Christabel Banda noted that despite limited resources, there is need for road sector agencies to maximise the monies available for quality road works.

Meanwhile, RDA Lusaka Province Regional Manager Pandeki Chabala disclosed that the agency has from January to June been given 1.5 million Kwacha to carry out emergency works on selected roads.

Mr. Chabala said of the monies received, 1.2 million kwacha was channeled to maintenance works on the Great East road.


  1. Zambian engineering. First they cry for contracts then it turns out they can’t even build bridges that stand.

  2. OK RDA, how about you paying attention to specifications and only funding roads that “stand the test of time”? Challenge that! Also, how about awarding contracts and supervising firms properly without political favor?

    Do you really need to “wonder about” and spend even more money to study that?

  3. Engineers in Zambia insist on using asphalt roads. When President Lungu commissioned the Dangote Cement plant he called RDA to start constructing concrete roads. He said government has traditionally relied on costly bitumen for the construction of roads. All the road materials are locally available and would result in huge savings in forex. In Nigeria Dangote is popularizing the use of concrete roads and said: “A concrete road lasts longer than asphalt roads and does not have potholes. It does not require frequent maintenance as do asphalt roads. It saves fuel for motorists and protects tyres from wear and tear. “It is part of the Group’s determination to support government and Nigerians to grow the economy and facilitate ease of doing business.”

  4. Most Zambian engineers can’t remember a sh!t about what they learnt at UNZA. They only study for exam not the fvcking roads. Let 1 of “engineers” estimate distance from ZRA HQ to Main Post Office on same Cairo Rd.
    Mwalaufwa ati : 5 km.
    But if you ask a Chinese, he will take a device and walk the distance, although answer is in chinese the answer is accurate.

  5. What is RDA Engineers there for…do you not inspect the works? If you are giving contracts to Stephen Kampyongo’s brother or Vincent Mwale’s proxy company how do you expect them to stand the test of time

  6. The solution is simple. Very very simple. “How does one come from Campaign cadre in 2016 to the Chairperson of RDA”? No engineering experience or qualifications other than that of being a PF complaining cadre since 2016. Its obvious that he ll also, in return, award hardworking fellow cadres with tenders. Cos no cadre on this planet values Education or Qualifications.

  7. Let me give u a practical example- do u see the way Intercity and all other bus stops look? Now, thats exactly how the RDA & Zesco are today,”fully congested with Cadres”

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