Tuesday, June 25, 2024

This is a moment of reflection for all, Zambia has never lost two MPs at Once-Nevers Mumba


New Hope MMD President Dr Nevers Mumba has described as a tragedy the death of Lukashya Independent Member of Parliament Mwenya Munkonge and Mwansabombwe PF Member of Parliament Rodgers Mwewa.

Dr Mumba says this is a moment of reflection for all Zambians as it has never happened in the history of Zambia to lose two MPs at once.

He says the COVID-19 pandemic is more deadlier than thought and unless government does something about it, more lives will be lost.

Dr Mumba says the positivity rate of Zambia is higher than the United States of America at 15% compared to 9% in the USA.

He has urged Zambians to follow the prescribed health guidelines such as washing hands, observing social distancing and masking up because the COVID-19 pandemic is real and is claiming lives.

Dr Mumba has also urged Churches to consider going back to online Ministry to allow people to stay home.

He said it is also commendable that Bars and Night Clubs did not reopen as they would have again been forced to close by the surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths.

Dr Mumba has reiterated the need for government to lockdown the country to restrict the spread of the pandemic.

He said the reopening of international airports should also have waited to ensure that Zambians are protected from the pandemic.

Dr Mumba said although it is understandable that government was concerned about the economic situation, with the spike in cases, measures need to be put in place that will save lives.

He said by choosing profits over life, government has allowed the spike in Coronavirus cases and deaths as they were foretold that the pandemic would be at its pick during this period until August.

Dr Mumba has warned that any delay to mobilise stakeholders in reversing the inroads made by the pandemic will be catastrophic for Zambia.

He has advised the government that the economic reparcation of the pandemic on the people are already visible hence government must take measures to avert the challenges on the poor.

He said the poor will be the most hit and some of the money government is giving to the Bank of Zambia should be given directly to the poor to easy their lives.

Dr Mumba said a way must be found in which to help the people and not only big businesses but every Zambian who will in the next three months feel the pinch of the deteriorating economy.

He said there is no money in the economy and the poor cannot continue to pay bills and taxes as before.


  1. That is life. When the poor die enmass it’s statistics. When just one popular person dies it’s tragedy! Government has issued health guidelines to follow. But some opposition leaders have come out saying govt is inflating figures of Covid-19 cases. Kanshi finshi mufwaya. You confuse the people, but again you want govt to do something. Can’t you just stand with govt for once for the good of all.

  2. I have never insulted Pastor Mumba and shall never. Mumba is a crook, but he will never go to hell.
    Edgar is not a crook, but he will definitely go to hell.
    Reflect on what I just wrote… That’s what I teach, wisdom.

  3. People die every day. Its likr saying two people have never died on the same day . Do not bring your silly superstitions here iwe mumba

  4. People die every day. Its likr saying two people have never died on the same day . Do not bring your silly superstitions here iwe mumba. Kz

  5. People die every day. Its likr saying two people have never died on the same day . Do not bring your silly superstitions here iwe mumba. Kz nostradamus have you sobered up

  6. Blame it on useless Lusaka times website. Be thank ful you are getting three of my comments for the price of one

  7. KZ that is good that you tested negative for COVID-19. What about that other virus, kaja kamene kapezeka muchani umu?

  8. @1 flag Mwansambula kulima, at comment 1, you’re right. He keeps flip floping like we are children Dr Mumba can patronise and cheat out of sweets!

    Dr Mumba needs to stop this hypocrisy, and join in a United fight against covid19.

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