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Western Province sees reduction in mealie meal prices

Rural News Western Province sees reduction in mealie meal prices

Western Province has benefited from the reduction in mealie meal prices, following the country’s maize bumper harvest for the 2019/2020 farming season.

In Mongu, a 25-kilogram bag of breakfast mealie meal, whose retail price had gone up to 180 Kwacha is now selling between 118 and 130 Kwacha.

ZANIS reports that roller meal is selling at between 90 and 125 Kwacha from the previous 155 Kwacha.

The Western Chamber of Commerce and Industry has since appealed to the business community to be considerate when fixing of prices for products.

Regional Coordinator Fred Mulozi says the business community should consider the fact that products like mealie meal when highly priced can have a negative impact on the economy.

Mr. Mulozi further appealed to institutions such as the Zambia National Farmers Union to be giving guidelines when it comes to pricing in the agri-business.

He however welcomed the reduction in the prices of mealie meal prices across the province and has since thanked all the sectors involved in dealing with the staple food for the move.


  1. If I should just hear ati puuuuum from a diasporan or upnd monkey. This is good development. Ala 2021 pamaka fye

  2. Puuuuum @KZ…..we all know PF is vote buying..recent visits to Western Province…now all of a sudden mealie meal goes down coz of the farming season…kwena, when people are in power they think people are stupid.


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